Islam and Their Belief Against All

When ever you first talk to a Muslim person they assure you the are a peaceful and honorable religion. I have Muslim friends who are true moderate Muslims and tell me the way most Muslims present themselves is a charade and not how they truly feel. They tell me that "Moderate Muslims" at the most is 15% of the Muslim population but fear speaking out because if caught by a person considering themselves to be a "True Believer" (their words, not mine) they will be murdered in an "Honor Killing". I told them, "You're in America, you have freedom of speech!" his reply was, "Honor killings go on more often here then the authorities know". Islam and the Muslim religion is a belief and many do not realize what their belief actually direct them to do. Our politically correct society and media has made it even worse because anytime you say anything against Islam and the Muslim religion they try and brand you a Islamophobic. This is to shut down the conversation because it would be a loosing debate for them with all the evidence at hand. To understand the Muslim religion you need to learn about it's history and what happened to cause the clash between the Muslim religion and all other religions.

Muhammad (whose name means "highly praised") was born in Mecca in 570 AD. His father died before his birth, and his mother died at when he was six. The young orphan was then raised by his uncle, a shepherd, at age 9 (some say 12), he joined his uncle on a caravan to Syria. At age 25, Muhammad was employed by Khadija, a wealthy Meccan widow 15 years his senior and they were married. All together Muhammad had 4 sexual slaves, had married 15 wives and divorced 4 of them: 2 before consummation, 1 after she looked at another male, and the last because she demanded it after he killed her father. His third wife, Aisha bint Abi Bakr, was married and the marriage was consummated when she was 6 years old. At the age of 40, Muhammad received the message from Allah. Fast forward to the 10 and 11 century, The Muslim armies were attacking all non-Muslims (including Christians and Jews) and murdering any and all people how would not convert to Islam. In 1095, armies of Christians from Europe responded to Pope Urban II’s plea to force the Muslim out of the Holy Land, hence the first Crusade started. Christians didn't attack the Muslims, the Muslims attacked the Christians and everyone else.

Since the Crusades, no Christian group on the bases of religion has attacked the Muslim people that wasn't in defense. Muslims bring up Israel's attack on them, Israel is not innocent but they attacks military structures and people who run Hezbollah and Hamas, on the other side of the coin you have Hezbollah and Hamas blowing up children on school busses and indiscriminately firing rockets into Israel; does this sound like a "peaceful and honorable religion?" Does kidnapping 300 Christian children sound like a "peaceful and honorable religion?" The worse part about it is the Nigerian Security Forces knew Boko Haram was coming hours before the 300 girls were kidnapped and did nothing; could it be because the government of Nigeria is Muslim? Have you noticed there isn't much outcry from the Muslim countries at the UN? This is the normal for the Islamic culture and the Muslim religion, just read "Slavery, Our Allies, and Ourselves", all the Muslim nations in the UN such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Pakistan, UAE, Qatar, and Malaysia openly have slaves today and some of them are on the "UN's Human Rights Commission." If you are an American, what can get you killed by a Islamist? Well if you are a Christian, feminist, Jewish, gay, Buddhist, lesbian, Hindu, transgender, Atheist, bisexual, just to name a few reasons they can commit an Honor Killing (Murder). Do you notice we are all pretty much in the same boat; and if you are a female you have no rights at all and we need to do genital mutilation because you shouldn't enjoy sex! Don't think "Honor Killings" don't happen here because they do; just read "Muslim’s Peaceful Religion, Atrocities, and Honor Killings" to see the truth; but how is this happening here?

When you have people like Hilary Clinton who in her first act as Secretary of State was to reverse a ban on Prof. Tariq Ramadan from entering the country, a man known by the FBI to contributed and be a money man for terrorist, and she did it for political reasons; we have a problem. When she once again refuses to label and fought to keep Boko Haram off the US terror list once again for political reasons; we have a problem.When you have Benghazi happen and now we all know the administration knew it was a terrorist attack within an hour and lied about it being a protest over a film. When you have President Obama, Jay Carney, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, David Axelrod, and many others in this administration lying about it to win the second term for President Obama; we have the biggest problem and all; and all of them should go to jail for being so inept at protecting American people and it's interest that they swore an oath to. They are are basically accomplices in the murder of four Americans. We currently have no less then 35 terrorist training camps in the US according to the FBI and our government won't send them packing! Why?

The truth of the matter is we are shooting our own selves in the foot. There are good moderate Muslims out there but they are not the majority and like it or not, Islam is a threat. Political correctness is killing us here, we are so afraid we might offend someone that we forget freedom doesn't mean freedom from being offended. One last note, you know how the Muslim leadership say they are "a peaceful and honorable religion" and you shouldn't say or draw anything to offends their prophet; this is how respectable they are of other religions.

I was going to insert some pictures of children which were beheaded (yes you heard me right) by this "Peaceful and Honorable" religion because of the Mohammad cartoon to show you how truly inhumane this peaceful religion is but decided against it. There were over 130 people killed because of the Mohammad cartoon. How many people do you think were killed by Christians and Jews because of the above Muslim artists drawings? Zero!

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