Obama’s and the Democrat’s War on the Military

It is no secret that the majorities of Democrat politicians, no matter what they say in public, hate the military and will do anything they can to gut it to give to those, most of whom have never sacrificed anything for their government. The last true Democrat I can remember truly supporting the military, speaking loudly against others in his party, like John Kerry, to support the military and keeping our country safe was Sam Nunn. This is NOT an endorsement of his daughter, Michelle Nunn who is running for office in Georgia, from what I have read she is the opposite of her father. Now I cannot find a Democrat to truly stand with our troops without it being a political stunt or a photo op for a campaign of some sort and their attack on the military over the past 40 years has been fierce. As the gutting of our military continues and the handing all entitlements to those who have no tendency of being a contributing member of society expands, our country is headed from being the Supreme World Superpower to a Third World Country; as Detroit was destroyed by the progressive liberal policies, so will be the fate of our country if things don’t change. Once President Obama took office the first thing he said was, “It’s all Bush’s fault” which may or may not be true but nothing has been done under his watch to fix it; in contrary everything done under his watch has made it worse.

The first line of business for the new Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to protect our nation and its people was to resend an order blocking terrorist from obtaining visas to come to the US; you see in the liberal mind, 911 was all our fault. Then we had Benghazi happen where multiple requests for more security after attacks on the US compounds were denied for political reasons and four Americans including a US Ambassador were murdered. The three other personnel were all prior military but as I said in the title; the Democrats have a war going on against the military especially Hilary. If you want an insight to how both Bill and Hilary feel about our military, read the book “Dereliction of Duty”, by Lieutenant Colonel Patterson and you will see how Bill and Hilary treated our military secrets and the men and women in our military.

For the first two years of his presidency, President Obama and the liberals owned all three law making area, the House, Senate, and the Presidency, the same people who past a monstrosity of a bill without ever reading. Since President Obama has taken office; our military has been cut by 27% while two wars were going in full swing. This was not only irresponsible but put our troops at greater risk in which the Afghanistan casualty rate has skyrocketed; 74% of all Afghanistan casualties are under him. He allowed China to have free rein at US Nuclear Labs, one day later the China launches offensive weapons in space to take out our military satellites and what does our president do; nothing. We also have Former U.S. Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy Seth Cropsey who told an audience at the Heritage Foundation that, “American sea power and global projection is in trouble.” If that wasn’t enough, he has staged photo op with the remains of our soldiers for political reasons. He has demoralized the military by removing on a whim the DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) policy without a mitigation strategy; we in the military for years knew there were gay people working next to us but we didn’t care. Now you will have a logistical nightmare for instance; if you have gay men and women in barracks to room together, are you going to allow a heterosexual male and female to room together; if you don’t it are sexual preference discrimination against heterosexuals. 

The VA debacle is the fault of all our presidents and senators back to the Vietnam War but President Bush did make efforts (not enough in my mind) to help the military using the VA. He knew there was a problem and in a letter to President Obama even stated as much but President Obama as all liberals, doesn’t care about the military so ignored it. After a few years it blew up in his face and he took weeks to comment on it. Jay Carney (The presidents lie dog) said the president told him he didn’t learn about the VA problems until he heard it on the news in 2014; but didn’t President Obama receive that letter from President Bush in 2008? Until it becomes political, no liberal wants to do anything to help the military or a vet and Hilary Clinton and President Obama are no different. President Obama said he would not tolerate this type treatment of veterans but hasn’t he for the last 6 years. By the way, if the government can’t take care of just over 21 million veterans in a government medical system without screwing it up; how are the going to take care of 314 million people under Obamacare? Now the Obama administration is declaring “All Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan” are now considered “Public Enemy Number One”. President Obama stated he wanted a “Civilian National Security Force” equal to the Military; Why? Could it be that his hatred, as is with most all liberals, toward the military is setting up a future agenda of disbanding the military especially since the military came out and said it wouldn’t disarm the public if given that order? 

I was in the military under five different presidents and have watched the same thing over and over; the Democratic presidents gut the military and the Republican presidents try and build them back up. As history has showed us, pulling out without establishing a strong foundation only gets people killed; can you say Vietnam and Iraq. How long did we stay in Germany and Japan after WWII. Oh, we are still there and we had the same problem there, just look up what happened in the Black Forest. We will be back in Iraq and that area because we didn't finish the job of showing them what freedom is. We will continue to loose people overseas and stateside as long as we call Jihad work place violence like at Fort Hood which was a slap in the face to all military and refuse to protect assets like Benghazi, demoralizing the military again be not letting the Quick Reactionary Force do what the were trained to do; saving people. Let me know if you feel the same way.

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