Terrorism: Why Islam is Taking the US

After 911 we should all be aware of the threat of terrorist and terrorism and fight it at every term to keep our homeland safe. Our Constitution which every president promises to uphold tells us we must "provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States Article 1, Sec 8"; this is the duty of every administration. So what has our current administration done?

One of the first acts of Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State was to reversed the decision refusing a visa to Prof. Tariq Ramadan, a known terrorist money man as reported by the NY Times. Is this keeping us safe? Hillary Clinton refused to list Boko Haram as a terrorist group because it wouldn't look good for the election. So let me get this right, politics to win an election is more important then protecting our people. I wonder how many Boko Haram terrorist have come to visit the US. As you know this group kidnapped around 300 little girls to sell them as sex slaves because by their leader's own words, "It is Allah's Will". What the news didn't tell you about the girls who were abducted by this group is everyone of them were Christian. As with Benghazi, Mrs. Clinton and this administration hasn't protected a soul for political reasons then asks "What difference does it make."

There has been several groups put on the US Terrorist Watch list up until December 2008, a couple of groups that should be on the list by the current administration should have been Boko Haram and The Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood who denounced violence in 1970 but in reality uses Hamas to do their dirty work; they supply Hamas, fund Hamas, train Hamas, and out right supports Hamas calling Hamas "Their role model". With all the facts out in the open about why Hillary Clinton didn't add Boko Haram to the watch list, why won't this administration designate The Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group like all our allies have? The reason isn't to win an election but may be because if this administration does list them as a terrorist organization, then President Obama's half brother, Malik Obama will then be considered a terrorist.

I ask you, "Why isn't our government protecting us?" At Fort Hood you have 13 people killed by someone stating they are a terrorist and our president calls it "Work Place Violence", I guess 911 was as well by those standards. It is because of political correctness, political ambition, and lack of true patriotism as shown by the current administration that we are under grave danger from terrorist. When the "First Lady" at a ceremony honoring the American flag says, "All this for a damn flag" and the president agrees; we are in trouble.

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