Where are the Jobs?

We have lost much of our manufacturing base in the US which is where most of our jobs have gone and there are several reasons this has happened. Some of the reasons we have no control over but a lot of the reasons we do and the causes are touchy when it comes to the political environment; in short, many of our politicians care more about money, power, and control then they do about the well being of the American citizens. Let’s look at the causes and see if the bigger picture of why we are having these problems becomes clearer.

In America, the biggest hindrance is our politicians from both parties; they care more about being reelected, taking power from the states, and freedoms from “We the People.” Our lawmakers pass 9 thousand bills into law every year without resending any. When Congress passes job killing laws like Obamacare which will change the work week from 40 hours to 30 hours, it is not good for the economy and is even worse for the hard working person. Now the newly starting out person will have to find two places to work instead of the normal one, forty hour job; thanks politicians. The US Congress are the only ones by the US Constitution allowed to make laws but now let the EPA, IRS, BLM, and many others make laws, restrict us, and fine us for not complying. By doing this they can point the finger at someone else, it leaves no recourse to fight whatever these rogue agencies say you’re guilty. You have the IRS taking people’s and businesses’ money because the “think” they are doing something illegal; what ever happen to innocent until proven guilty? They have effectively put numerous people and businesses out of business without a legal leg to stand on. Over 90% of these people and businesses are found innocent but the IRS will still keep some of their money; I thought that was called robbery? The EPA shoves new requirements down company’s throats and when subpoenaed for the scientific data that supports the reasoning for these new regulations, they can’t find the data and say trust us. These two government entities are closing businesses left and right with no intervention from congress. The IRS taxing, the EPA regulations, and all the red tape from the liberals in Congress and in these two agencies has ran more companies and jobs out of the US then everything else combined. These same hypocritical politicians who say they are trying to help the environment drive SUVs, live in 20, 000 square foot houses, have private planes, and are crafting taxes to tax the millage you drive because gas taxes revenue s are dropping due to more efficient cars. These are the same politicians, who raised the debt 9 trillion dollars in 6 years, I’m sure our grand kids will be thanking us.

There are several countries out there that we will never be able to have the same low manufacturing cost because they basically have slave labor. When you look at an American flag, if you buy a 5 X 8 made in China it is $19 but the same one made in the US is $51, this is almost 63% higher. As I said earlier, a lot has to do with China and other countries having slave labor, but another part is items made in union controlled areas cost far more then in right to work states. Most small unions are trying to help the workers but the small unions are the only ones, the larger unions only care about money, power, and politics. They do not do what is best for the country and in many cases like Obamacare, cut their members throats by backing bad politicians and political party to get kick backs. I know a man who owned two companies which he had built from the ground up. He treated his employees very well and paid his employees substantially more than the average and all was great until a union came to town. The union promised they could get the employees even more money and benefits, the employer told the workers that the union would make the company uncompetitive and if the union was voted in, he would have to close the plant. This man who had treated his employees like gold was introduced to the greed of people and the unions. The union was voted in and by law the only choice he had was to accept the union, move his company to another state or country, or close his doors; he closed his doors. These employees who were treated like gold was introduced to what personal and unions greed gets you, unemployed. The unions which were needed at one time are now nothing more than greedy political operatives who are costing the US many jobs because the companies are sending all the orders overseas to be filled.

Another major problem is all the illegal alien labor we allow to cross the border every day; it takes all jobs away from Americans, especially the young Americans who are looking for jobs. Instead of having more job opportunities for the American people, the opportunities go to those who are not even US citizens with the black community being hit the hardest; it’s ironic, the black communities vote for the same liberals who take their jobs away; how is that working out for you? Many liberal places give illegals aliens “In State Tuition” rates or Free Tuition, but what about the poor Americans who can’t afford the tuition costs? Shouldn’t we take care of our own American citizens first? American tax money is spent on illegals more than it is spent on the poor of our own country and who do the poor mostly vote for; you guessed it, the liberals who are holding them down with entitlements. We not only have illegal aliens taking jobs and higher education opportunities from our poor which also effects the economy, but with the illegal population being 9.5% of the US population, it makes up 25% of the Federal prison population; that is 263% of what it should be by population. Of all the murders, 15-20% of murders in the US which is 210% of what it should be by population. Of the 33,000+DUI deaths, 6,600+ were caused by illegals aliens, which is 195% of what it should be by population. The liberal politicians and the illegal aliens are making an impact on our country; is it the one you want for your family?

The question you have to ask, especially the minority American citizens who is hit the hardest by the lack of jobs in the job market is, do you want to work and make something of yourself, be able to work your way out into a better level of living or do you want to remain in the chains of the entitlement system built by the liberals which was design to never let you out to flourish and be all you can. The liberal are the ones putting all these road blocks in the way of America and you. If you look at the recovery it no doing well, after President Reagan took over what liberal President Carter left, in three years we had the best economy we have ever had; even if the liberals try and blame President Bush for this, their policies should have worked to restore the economy 3 years ago. It hasn’t because the liberal theology always leads to disaster and it has been displayed again. A famous person once said, “The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results”, this is why liberals are insane.

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