History Shows Liberals Bad for Our Country

First, when I say liberals, I’m not saying Democrats because you have liberals in both parties, that being said, you have some other problems on the conservative side as well.

Why is everyone making such a big deal out of Brian Williams lying about being shot down in Iraq, Hilary said she was taking sniper fire in Bosnia which was a lie as well; both are glory hijackers, but you also have Bill Clinton saying he didn’t have sexual relations when he did. The truth is the liberals don’t believe the rules apply to them. If you want a good example, just look at Jesse Jackson threatening to file suit on behalf of a Little League team caught cheating, Jesse says it’s because they are black. If you want another good example, look at Al Sharpton, he owes millions in back taxes to the IRS, but if it was me or another common person, everything we have would have been seized but not him. The biggest problem with liberalism is when it becomes ingrained in an institution, as we have seen with the IRS and EPA, they will be used to target any groups who go against the liberal philosophy. When you get them in the school system, they will try and brain wash your children and at the universities they will tell you their opinion are the only ones that matter and if you go against them, you will be failed. What we call liberal today is actually leftist and in many case socialist, liberals are:

Liberal-of or relating to representational forms of government rather than aristocracies and monarchies.

The ones we call liberals today when you step back and take a look more like the below:

Aristocracies-any class or group considered to be superior, as through education, ability, wealth, or social prestige.

Liberals think they know better then you what is best for you, they trample on every right you as an Americans have, and the rules only apply to you, not them. Take a look at Al Sharpton or even a better look at Presidents Obama’s illegal relatives in the US, Zeituni Onyango and Onyango Obama, the latter of which was arrested for a DUI, failing three sobriety tests and blowing a 0.14, almost twice the legal limit yet he was released from jail with no charges. If that would have been any other common person like me, what would have happened? The rules don’t apply to liberals, if they did then Michelle Obama would have made private schools, or at least the one her children are in, follow her school food mandate, but no, she is another liberal hypocrite. Or you can look at R. C. Soles who was an anti-gun senator from North Carolina but shot a burglar in his home with his gun but again, he is a liberal. If you want to see arrogance at it best because liberals think they are better than anyone else, look at Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber who was caught awarding contracts to his fiancĂ©e or at Senator Feinstein who pushed for a billion dollar train project in California which was then awarded it to her husband.

Detroit Michigan was the model to follow for the perfect liberal city, its structure and foundation were laid in the late 1950s and because it followed the cancer of liberalism, it led to the destruction of a once beautiful city. No other group but liberals ran it so they have no other group to blame; the mayors and city council members who believing in their liberal entitlements did nothing but bleed Detroit dry with their liberal corruption and ran off most of the business due to their liberal over taxation. I only have one question to ask, will the people in these areas learn from this, or are we doomed to repeat history again? 

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