History Shows Liberals Bad for Our Military

First, when I say liberals, I’m not saying Democrats because you have liberals in both parties, that being said, you have some other problems on the conservative side as well.

In the 1930s we started to fall on bad times because of the liberal agenda, FDR was president and with every liberal act he tried we just fell further and further into a hole. The only thing that got us out of the hole of the Great Depression was WWII, some say FDR knew about the pending Japanese attack and did nothing. I don’t know if it was true, many liberals back then, unlike today, had class, honor, and dignity. One of FDR’s best friends was Sir Winston Churchill. He was a leader who along with FDR helped defeat evil and one of his quotes is my favorites.

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Sir Winston Churchill

In WWI we found out that we were not prepared for war, nothing had ever been seen like this war which was on every corner of the earth. After it ended, what a smart country would do is invest in its military to be prepared in case the next war was happening and stop any radicalism in its tracks, but this didn’t happen. In 1934 Hitler started showing his intent to take over the world by military force even though at the end of WWI, the Treaty of Versailles which Germany signed demanded Germany disarms. We could have squashed him but we followed the liberal mindset of talk will work. We could have prepared for the upcoming war but we let our military collapse into disarray by cutting it and not replacing obsolete equipment. Col. Billy Mitchell predicted exactly how the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor and was Court-Martialed for upsetting the elitist hierarchy. On December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked exactly like Billy Mitchell had predicted, we had to scramble to get ready for war and lost massive amounts of Americans due refusal to see the truth, not having the military adequately trained, and putting the military in obsolete equipment because FDR and his predecessor had cut the military. Why do I tell you this?

After WWII we partly learned our lesson but when Vietnam War happened, we let the liberal elitist once again be in charge with a new twist; politicians were telling the military how to fight. We should have had a line like every war before including Korea but no we went to FOBs (Forward Operating Bases); take the land from the enemy then give it back. We should have let our military go for broke but no, we told them they could attack the enemy’s strong holds. America’s deaths was staggering until President Nixon who just won the Presidential election let the military do their job and the war was over in short order;. You need to ask yourself a question; did we learn?

The answer is no, we didn’t help one of our allies and Iran which was westernized fell to the radical Islamist, in the process they captured 52 hostages and held them for 444 days. There was one failed rescue attempt which failed because a liberal president (President Carter) put a liberal bureaucrats in charge instead of a military leader which ended up getting 8 military members killed but to liberals, the military doesn’t matter. Once a non-liberal was in the president’s seat, the hostages were immediately released but we had lost one of our strongest allies in the region; but did we learn. We did learn for a short time and when Desert Storm happened we kicked but, we had the best equipment, best training, and the best morale the military ever had but the liberals in congress was raising hell so we stopped short. We only lost 146 people, we set a country wide perimeter, in short it was done right except we didn’t finish it; but did we keep it up or falter?

For the next 8 years the military was gutted again, equipment was obsolete, and the military was allowed to be murdered indiscriminately by radicals with no response from our president but once again, he was a liberal. By being complacent we allowed our enemy to attack us at home on 9/11, we shipped out the troops with obsolete equipment and many of us were killed. We lost 4,425 troops and we hadn’t learned. We didn’t have the proper equipment, we were fighting from FOBs again, but at least the politicians were not telling us what to do. The new president set out to get the best equipment we could but it was going to be hard to get up to speed after eight years of gutting the military. We were doing all we could to protect out military, well until 2006 when congress went liberal and in 2008 when we elected the liberal president. We have had more deaths in Afghanistan under President Obama due to him having micro managing and having liberal bureaucrats making military decisions instead of the military. None of these bureaucrats ever served their country just as President Obama never served his country and have no idea about the military. When our best military leaders stand up to them to try and save military lives, they are forced to retire.

We have not learned and the fate of our county depends on it, Radical Islam is our enemy yet our president will not even say the word. We have 300 Marines facing 30,000 ISIS/ISIL radicals and our president won’t even send in reinforcements. Will the American people have enough when they see our active duty US Marines being beheaded on YouTube? The FBI director say ISIS/ISIL is in 49 of our 50 states with active investigations on them, it’s partly because we won’t secure our borders and once again, liberal politicians turn a blind eye. What will the liberals do if they are in charge and ISIS/ISIL cuts off someone’s head in America? Radical Islam is attacking all who aren’t Muslim all across the world and our president says it is just random acts of violence. The liberals politicians have no idea how to fight and protect, just belittle and lie, the problem is many citizens who never check out the evidence believes their lies due to laziness or denial; when ISIS/ISIL comes knocking at our door, the liberal politicians will surrender.

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  1. Of course we all know by now liberal pinheads think we should sit and smoke the peace hooka with ISIS and have a big hug in with them becuase liberals inhaled stupid gas way too many times