Union Crying About What is Their Fault

Over the past few years, the American people have really turned against unions. The question is why and will the unions learn before it’s too late for them. Many of the unions I do think are good unions and will make the adjustments to survive but many of the larger unions will I believe, die a long and horrible death, what they don’t see is it is all of their own doing. Their failure to protect the American citizen, greed, power, corruption, vigilantism, and the failure to protect the employers footing the bill from bad actors is what has got them into this debacle.

Do you remember Hurricane Hugo? When it hit Charleston SC it destroyed Charleston and left hundreds of thousands without power. Power companies from everywhere, including New Jersey and New York came down to South Carolina to help us get back on our feet. South Carolina is a non-union state but welcomed union and non-union workers alike to help our citizens get back to living, the extra money they would make from all the overtime didn’t matter to us, we were just grateful. Within three months everything for the most part was back to normal. Do you remember Super Storm Sandy? When New York and New Jersey was hit by Super Storm Sandy on 29 Oct 2012, the workers from South Carolina and several other non-union states went to return the favor to the New York and New Jersey people for letting us use their workers during Hugo. When our workers and equipment arrived in the area, they were told to either join the union or they couldn’t work; all I know of turned around. Over a year and a half had past and they were still trying to get everything fixed, do you think the unions cared about the New York and New Jersey people or making more money? Just so you understand, Super Storm Sandy was a Category 3 hurricane but hit New York and New Jersey as a Category 1 hurricane, Hugo hit Charleston as a Category 5. The New York and New Jersey people should not have had to suffer like they did, especially with winter coming but the citizens can thank the unions.

Yes the unions are greedy, and when you have a healthcare union like Service Employees International Union ripping off the common citizen trying to take care of their disable or dyeing family members for political reasons, it really puts a bad taste in the people’s mouth. They were forcing low-income people receiving state substitutes who were taking care of disable or dyeing family members to pay union dues, calling it "agency fees" calling them state employees. Luckily in a June Supreme Court decision, Harris vs Quinn, the justices ruled 5-4 that they were not state employees and cannot be forced to join unions; the question is why would the unions and Democratic politicians of Illinois do this to the people? The answer is greed from both the unions and the Democratic Party; this section can cover greed, power, and corruption. You can see the unions and Democratic Party both trying to gain more power because they are greedy and corrupt but the Republicans have their own problems as well.

Most unions from big cities are usually under Democratic control and get the world. Detroit was paying it’s city workers well above the average with free health care and not having to contribute a dime to their retirement. This was unsustainable and when Detroit filed for bankruptcy, they last 25% of their pension and must now contribute to their health care. I do not blame the workers for this but do blame the unions for pushing it to this point. As we speak, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union are crippling our economy with a strike even though arbitrator has ruled it illegal. The average income in America is around $52 thousand with the average Longshore worker bringing home $142 thousand, the only reason they want to strike is for more money. They make almost three times the average American citizen, and with everyone hurting the unions don’t care.

I also said vigilantism and again you can look at Wisconsin if you want one example. The AFL-CIO try to strong arm the small businesses to support unions using mafia style tactics and threats, but this is common for AFL-CIO. AFL-CIO violent past is well documented and with the anniversary of the AFL-CIO goons murder of Joe Hooper 39 years ago, one would have hoped it has changed since then, but it hasn’t. A man in New York was shot by a member of AFL-CIO for running a non-union business. In Michigan, the union destroyed a black man’s hot dog cart while yelling racist slurs, why, because he was selling hotdogs to “Right to Work” people. He didn’t care about politics; he was just trying to make a dollar, but this is how many union are, just thuggish entities.

The unions destroy companies and in fact, destroy jobs along with it. Before we get started, here is a little math problem. If a company can spend $320K to spend on employees with a normal wage of $40K, how many employees do you have? 80. If a company can spend $320K to spend on employees with a normal wage of $45K, how many employees do you have? 65. So after you minus $25 dollars a week dues you have now effectively only make $3700 while having to pick up the pace for the missing 15 people. The fact is, it will never happen so now the employer is paying the same for 15 less employees and it just goes downhill from there. I have a friend who owned several businesses and the union came knocking at one. He told his 300 employees who he paid well above the national average that he could afford the union, he told them they could do what they wanted but he was there to make a profit and if the union was voted in and he couldn’t live with the arrangement, he would just shut down the factory. They voted in the union, the union made outrageous demands, and one month later he closed the factory. They went to the union which said they hadn’t been members long enough for them to do anything.

Unions were good when they first started and even today there are many good unions, the problem is instead of being for the workers as they once were, they are for their own pockets and a political agenda no matter how destructive. You have unions defending pedophiles, rapist, murders, and in many cases, just worthless workers who don’t care about doing the job; but instead of doing what is right and booting them, they keep them as long as they pay their dues. Unions use to take care of the employees but helped keep good employees to help the business grow so they would get more dues, now they just want dues no matter how much the business suffers but they don’t realize, they are cutting their own throat.

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