The Islamic Terrorist Reality

When we talk about the terrorist arm of the Islamic religion there are a couple of realities the whole world, including the Muslim world, need to come to grips with because they are fact. Most murders and atrocities in the world are committed by Muslims following the Islamic faith. Most of the ethnic cleansing is committed by Muslims following the Islamic faith, most of the physical, and psychological attacks on other religions are done by Muslims following the Islamic faith all in the name of Allah. If you read the Quran and follow Shariah Law you will find that murdering, enslaving, raping, honor killings, and deception are all allowed for the good of Allah. Islamic and Muslim are synonymous in most cases but you do have a very small percentage of Muslims who do not follow the Islamic teachings of the Quran, many of which are of other faiths and if caught will be put to death by people of the Islamic faith in honor killings.

We watch as our world at one point calls them “Freedom Fighters” and at the other calling those perverters of Islam; in my mind freedom fighters do not purposely kill the innocent children; I do have some questions to ask our Muslim leaders of the world. When are you going to lead your people out of the Dark Ages? When are you going to lead your people to a better life away from genocide, mutilation of females, slavery, hatred, and honor killings which have no honor? More innocent people are murdered in the name of the Islamic religion than all other religions combined. More Muslims are killed by Muslims then all non-Muslims combined; you are massacring your own people. More Muslim women are raped by Muslim males then all other religions combined. In most Muslim countries, if the women claims she was raped and points to the perpetrator, these countries don’t use a DNA test to find the truth, they stone (murdered) the adulteress (rape victim) for dishonoring (telling the truth) the family.

We think we have allies from Islamic countries and some may be, but when funding for terrorist is coming from the Royal Saudi Family, are they really are allies? Our leadership in America refuses to call terrorism what it is, terrorism, instead calling it “Man Made Disasters.” While thousands are openly murdered by Islamic terrorist including a Jordanian pilot burned alive, Japanese reporter who was beheaded, and 13 teens shot to death for watching a soccer game, our leadership shows no leadership, just puts forth callas disconcertment which the whole world sees. If this wasn’t bad enough, we have Janet Napolitano and President Obama giving a terrorist Secret Clearance into our intelligence network. President Obama meets with Muslim leaders but refuses to tell us who they were; if you have nothing to hide, why are you hiding it? Our current leaders is key positions refuse to call terrorist what they are, terrorist, and refuse to fight them even saying the Taliban isn’t terrorist. The White House refuses to call the Taliban a terrorist group even though they act, threaten, and kill like terrorist. In an ABC story, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest stated, ““They do carry out tactics that are akin to terrorism. They do pursue terror attacks in an effort to try to advance their agenda,” but “they have a different classification.” Fox News is under fire for showing parts of the Jordanian pilot’s execution but every citizen in America needs to see it because we are returning to pre-9/11 mentality and it is going to be deadly.

Most liberals say we just over reacted to 9/11; I bet if you ask the family members of those who died in the 9/11 attacks, they don’t believe we overreacted. On 11 September 2001 we lost 2,996 people to a terrorist attack, it was committed by well funded Islamic attackers who many were in the country illegally with some crossing the border to get here and others on expired Visas. Today ISIS/ISIL is the nastiest group of Muslim terrorist and with the Director of the FBI, James Comey saying they have open cases tracking ISIS/ISIL in 49 of the 50 United States, it should make you think. At a Christian Prayer Breakfast today, President Obama defends Muslim Extremist saying look at the Christian Crusades, they did the same thing. Mr. President, first the Crusades were a 1,000 years ago and if you do better research of history, you will find Muslims started what developed into the Crusades by acting just like ISIS/ISIL is acting today. The Crusades started in 1095 after the Muslim extremist back then were murdering everyone who wasn’t Muslim in an Islamic conquest to rid the earth of all but the Muslim faith; doesn’t that sound like today?


I wrote an article “The Truth about Terrorist Attacks on American Soil” which points to the fact that over 75% of terroristic attacks on US soil is committed by Muslims. If we go by what the Islamic people say, that 5% to 15% of Muslims in the world are extremist, this would mean of the 2.1 billion people in the Muslim religion, 105 to 315 million are Radical Muslims. I believe it is more like 25% to 35%, this would put the number to 525 to 735 million. If you listen to this Muslim Cleric who is a Professor in Kuwait and what he says, it should scare the living day lights out of you. He is just explaining the reality that liberals from both the Democratic and Republican parties’ refuses to acknowledge. If you took the Muslims high side calculation of Radical Muslims (315 million), it is almost equal to our entire population in the US of 316 million. Our American Politicians only care about getting reelected, this explains why we need to secure our national borders but many liberal politicians from both parties still refuse to. What would happen if less than 1 % of the low calculation of 105 million went into Mexico and then crossed our border to wage Jihad? The low would be over a million people, if my guess is correct and 1% of the 735 million came across the border, it would be as much as 73 million people waging Jihad; what would happen?

I have received letters in the past telling me I’m racist or just hate Muslims but I’m not and I don’t, but I do live in reality. I actually have several Muslim friends who just want to live the American dream but live in everyday fear because being of Muslim decent and not following the strict Muslim code is a death sentence, you are targeted to be honor killed. Many say that it doesn’t happen in America, but in “Muslim’s Peaceful Religion, Atrocities, and Honor Killings” I point to a number of them which have happened in America. Any Muslim who wants to come here and “Melt” into the great US melting pot, great; but if you don’t want to melt with us, no matter Muslim or another group, leave because we don’t want you here and you are the real racist and haters.

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