Abandoned- Dead Troops Due to President Obama's Rules of Engagement.

In Afghanistan between 2001 and 2008, we had 630 troops killed (KIA-killed in action) and 2,638 wounded (WIA-wounded in action); After President Obama’s Rules of Engagement (ROE) changes in 2009, we have had 1,726 troops killed and over 15,000 wounded between 2009 to present. Before we get to the reasoning you need to take a close look at the astounding double standard in our bias news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC just to name a few; when President Bush was in office, they were announcing the soldier’s deaths and wounded nightly because they are liberals and didn’t like President Bush, but now that they have a liberal president in office, even though the death rate of our troops has skyrocketed by close to 300% with wounded rate up close to 600%, you don’t hear a peep. It shouldn’t matter if you are conservative, liberal, or as I am somewhere in the middle, saving our military’s lives should be our number one purpose and if you are reporting wounded and casualty rates, it should be equally reported no matter who is the president; anything else is not reporting news but propaganda.

The biggest question you need to ask is why are we having more military wounded and killed in Afghanistan? Are we having more attacks? Nope. Are we running more missions? Nope. Is our equipment failing our military? Nope. Then what is the problem? Fear! The soldiers do not fear our enemy but our own justice system who consistently are armchair quarterbacks, most of whom never have served in the military or have any idea of the dangers and vulnerabilities our military face every day. They will second guess our military member’s actions with a prison term attached to it, just ask Lt. Clint Lorance. We all by now should know what a suicide bomber in Afghanistan is one of our enemies most common tactics, to have a motorcycle filled with explosives run into our military and detonates killing and wounding our kids. Lt. Lorance had this situation happen, his troops were unable to get the radically driven motorcycle to stop so he made the decision to protect his troops and stop the motorcycle killing the two riders. Our justice department charged him with Murder, what would they have done if the motorcycle had detonated a bomb, whoops, I guess you should of shot them. The liberals and especially this president doesn’t care about our military, they loath our military which these new ROE show, that is unless you are a traitor.

Bowe Bergdahl deserted his troops during a firefight in Afghanistan and within a half hour, the inaccurate mortar fire from the enemy became accurate; coincidence? There are photos of him with weapons fighting alongside the Taliban against our troops. At least 6 troops were killed looking for him, not counting how many he may have killed when he was with the Taliban. He was a sergeant, which in the military isn’t very high on the totem pole, and our president traded 5 Taliban generals for this one low ranking traitor without going through congress which is mandated by law. He then invites this traitor and his family to the white house for a photo op where Bergdahl’s father addresses the cameras in an Arabic dialect; is that the reason, to help the cause? All this is going on while Lt. Lorance sits in jail for protecting his troops. Can you not see why our militaries KIA and WIA rates have gone through the roof; they don’t trust President Obama to do the right thing. If they defend themselves against a perceived threat and are wrong, they are prosecuted; since President Obama’s change in the ROE Afghani civilian casualties have rose sharply as well. Every time a liberal becomes president, our military pays the price in their blood and lives. I personally would like to see it where you can’t be President if you didn’t serve in the military because how can you be the “Commander and Chief” of something you know nothing about; would you want a lawyer being your surgeon?

All President Obama has done is degrade the military at every chance but he is just following in his predecessor’s like President Carter’s and Clinton’s footsteps; the normal liberal path. He ignored all the generals in Iraq when they told him what would happen if we left and exactly what the generals said happened as foretold. We took many extra casualties leaving Iraq (I was there) because by executive order we were not allowed to fire back when fired on (AKA-the troops couldn’t protect themselves). We have many freedoms in America today and it’s not because of the politicians, it’s because of the military; the politicians like President Obama and his roguery ran agencies like the IRS, NSA, EPA, BLM, and ATF are the ones who are taking away our freedoms. How many freedoms do we need to lose before we the people will wake up. Yes the problem is the president and his crony liberals but it is also John Boehner and Mitch McConnell who will not do the peoples will; all of the above should be removed. Along with a long list of both Democrats and Republicans, they show us the reason we need term limits. The only one who can change this is you.

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