Terrorism, Our Arrogant and Ignorant Politicians

Today looks eerily similar to the US in the early 1930s when you had the Great Depression which the politicians in charge tried to deny and skew the facts, you had reports of human atrocities, the Nazis who were murdering, planning to murder, and starting genocide camps which our politicians, some being sympathetic to the Nazis, refused to believe even with pictures and firsthand accounts. Our politicians had seen the horrors of WWI and didn’t want to get involved in any world affair even though we had emerged as the Leader of the free World. America was and still are the strongest, and Country in the world and our military is the most humane on the battle field, so to prevent getting involved our military was drastically cut. If the US would have reacted then to enforce the Treaty of Versailles on Germany’s violations, it is possible WWII wouldn’t have happened and the world wouldn’t have had so much death; the US would not have had over 407,000 military and over 1,200 civilians killed by this tyrannical, violent faction of the German and Japanese people following their own brand of religion. After all was said and done, due to our inaction, across the world there was over 30 million dead military and 30 million dead civilians, and this could have been avoided if only we would have reacted to the threat instead of doing nothing. Many pointing for the need of action but were being patronized and belittled by the biased politicians who didn’t want to protect America, they just wanted the money, prestige, and power they received from being in office. Did we learn from history? No!

Today we have the same thing happening again; we have career politicians who only care about the money, prestige, and power they received from being in office. They will not face the obvious enemy and threat to our nation and the world, the problem which has been boiling up for a while, has within the last 20+ years attacked and damaged the US with many of our liberal politicians sympathize with the ones killing us, gutting our military so we can’t fight. Radical Islam and the medieval practice of Sharia Law is a cancer on our world, and left untreated it will ravish the world. President Obama says terrorism is at the lowest in history yet the top US Intelligence officials declare 2014, the deadliest year ever for Global Terrorism since statistics were started 45 years ago. The Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, testifying on Capitol Hill that contradicted what President Obama and his ignoramus clan of fools showing the statistics that destroys President Obama’s statement on the Muslim threat to America and I remind you, not all Muslims are Radical Muslims. We in America believe in the right to free speech, choice of life style, the protection of the weaker (including women and children), and freedom of religion or to have no religion; Radical Islam and those who follow Sharia Law want to take that away and cleans the earth (murder) all who disagree. We had the Prime Minister of Israel come to speak to us on a subject, terrorism, which he, his people, and his country know better than most Americans ever will because they live with it every day. How many times have Mexico or Canada fired missiles over our boarder, zero but Israel has had Hezbollah and Hamas fire tens of thousands over Israel’s in just the last year. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to talk to us about Iran, their history, their desires, and the deal with the Devil our president is looking to make with them. In Iran, their Radical Islamic Constitution calls for then annihilation of Israel and all western culture; here is a hint, we are that western culture. Iran’s president has said when he gets two nuclear bombs, the first will land on Israel and the second on the Great Satan which is the United States; think about that. Iran is currently testing an ICBM (inter Continental Ballistic Missile) which will be able to reach the US and just had war games in which they practiced sinking a mock up of a US carrier; what does President Obama and the liberals want to do in response, remove all sanctions against Iran. President Obama is so disrespectful that he wouldn’t even meat with Prime Minister Netanyahu or send a representative; this is similar to him disrespecting England, another great ally of America, when he didn’t sent a representative to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher funeral.

I listened to Prime Minister Netanyahu speech waiting to hear something that the nut case liberals could run with but he was very respectful of President Obama and our liberal politicians even though they did not return the respect. The childishness and disrespect was easy to see when Nancy Pelosi turned her back on Prime Minister Netanyahu when he concluded his speech and was receiving a standing ovation. Many liberal congressmen decided to act like brats and didn’t even show up to the speech, one group being the Congressional Black Caucus. This was disrespectful in its own, but what did you really expect from liberals, to act like civilized people.

 Prime Minister Netanyahu spelled out the next coming holocaust or if you prefer WWIII with facts and evidence that a three year old could understand yet for political reasons only, our liberal politicians tried to spin everything he said. You can read his speech or watch it as see there is no disrespect to any American political figure; I just wish our politicians could learn about respect. Secretary of State John Kerry along with President Obama is ignoring the facts of the world and putting the American People in danger. Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn; the former Defense Intelligence Agency boss, said Kerry is "out of touch with reality, he clearly is not listening to the entire U.S. intelligence community" and President Obama is doing the same. I wrote an article a few weeks back where Mr. Clapper said we have active investigations on ISIS/ISIL in 49 of the 50 states; he has now revised it to all 50 states. This is all eerily similar to our political attitude in the 1930’s and it cost us dearly in the following years. You have seen ISIS/ISIL tactics of cutting off peoples heads or burning them alive; how many do we have to see happen in the US before we wake up?

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