Racist Liberal Politics at Work Again


We all know that no matter what anyone in the world does, no matter how much we hate racism, there will always be racist people in the world. Liberals want to put forth the fa├žade that they are fighting racism and prejudice acts but they produce more racism and prejudice acts than any other group. When racism gets involved in the governing body of a country or in the self-appointed leadership of a community or ethnic group, they will refuse to recognize or congratulate a community when it gets it right. There are so many examples of where Liberal’s acts have gone wrong (Ferguson MO, Oakland CA, Chicago IL, New Your City NY), but when non-Liberal acts go right, as the Charleston SC area has done twice, the liberal racists can’t help but try and tear the good people from Charleston down.

First we saw Al Sharpton and his race baiting, trying to start a racist riot like he did in Ferguson MO after a White cop gunned down an unarmed Black man. Al Sharpton and his rioters were told to leave Charleston by the Black leaders of Charleston.After the incident, the Charleston police immediately arrested the White cop and charged him with murder but this isn’t good enough for Al Sharpton and his racist liberal followers. There was no violence, there was no looting, so Al Sharpton and his minions were not happy. What do they want? To lynch this cop without a trial or sentencing? Isn’t that what happened to the Blacks in the early 19th century by whites? It was wrong then and it is wrong now!

Second, we saw Dylann Roof walk into an AME Church and murder nine people including the pastor. Once again Al Sharpton in his racist and prejudice people try to start a racist riot like he did in Ferguson MO. Al and his type are just like Dylann Roof, they would rather have a race war instead of calming the flames because they both want the same thing; higher status and standing in their side of their racism camps. Dylann wants it because he is a hateful racist just like Al and Jesse are hateful. We know Dylann is full of hate because he displayed it by murdering nine people. Al and Jesse have also been the cause of many deaths like Deandre Joshua through their hate, but not by their own hands, but by their words which cause others to kill. There is just as much hate in Al’s and Jesse’s rhetoric as there was in Dylann’s actions. Dylann wanted to promote whites over blacks, but Al’s and Jesse’s reasons were not hate filled alone, but to make themselves rich by using the tragedies of their people. If you read between the lines, their purpose is to whip up hostilities toward whites to extort and divide the people to make money and to create a self-worth, because without racism, they are nothing.

The liberals, like Al and Jesse, have stepped up their attacks, even on Charleston who did everything right twice. The victims’ families did something I would have trouble doing, they forgave Dylann Roof for murdering their family members and their preacher. The liberal press and the race baiters says the leaders did this because the Blacks Leadership in Charleston are still oppressed. The problem is that when the news people were covering the grieving, they almost couldn’t get a picture without whites and other races being in the pictures. When you look at the support for the AME Church, you see all races and denominations grieving with the church because that is what Christians do; show God’s love. This is why the families forgave Dylann Roof, but the Liberals will never understand this because they will never understand God’s love. In the Bible, Jesus talks about people like Al and Jesse who carry the title “Reverend”, he covers “Reverends” like them, who do not preach the truth in John 16 the 3rd verse. These type of Liberal Racists are the ones attacking the Black leaders in Charleston because that is what they do, spread hate. I had met the AME pastor once and the son of one of the ladies who was murdered went to school with my daughter; we are the same community. As any two people, the preacher and myself may not have agreed on everything but a good Christian community always comes together when one in its community is hurting. You can see the hatred that Liberals spread by looking at Ferguson Mo, Baltimore Md, and their politicians. You can then see why so many young people are dying, but only if you look for the truth instead of the Liberal agenda; the choice is yours.

Now about the Confederate Flag, I am in the center and don’t care one way or the other about the Confederate Flag, but I do understand how both sides feel. The 9 Charleston AME people were not killed by a flag, but by hatred just like Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones were killed by hatred. I do know that in South Carolina, most people who support the Confederate Flag are not racist. They see the flag has a link to their ancestry, they know slavery was wrong and barbaric but is still a sad part of their history they must never forget or repeat. I also know the Confederate Flag has a different meaning in the North and West which is highly racist and filled with hatred. People say the Confederate Flag is offensive and full of hatred to many, which I agree and understand. You still have the Nazi Flag, La Raza Flag, Black Panthers Flag, and yes, even the Rainbow (gay) Flag which are offensive and full of hatred to others; are we to ban the sale of all these flags as well? I am from the south and you will never see me with a Confederate flag. I had family on both sides of the fight, but I will also never deny my family’s history. When we deny or forget our history, we are doomed to repeat it. There was a liberal commentator on a news program saying all the streets in Charleston are named after all Confederate Generals. As is common with most liberals, he was either knowingly lying through his teeth or too lazy to do the foot work to find the truth. He might want to take a closer look because I didn’t know Martin Luther King Jr., Isaac R. Sherwood, or even General John Buford (whom we have a whole town named after) were Confederate Generals. The Liberals need to stop trying to divide the citizens of America. They need to stop giving us labels and start putting into action what is best for America instead of the “Liberal Agenda”. We would all be better off! All actions speak louder than words, just look at all the Liberal deceitfulness in our current administration and compare it to their words; you will see the truth.

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