Liberals Will Do Anything to Get Your Guns

Without even knowing the facts of the Bernardino shooting in which killed 14 people, Hilary Clinton tweeted, "We must take action to stop gun violence now" and other liberals blamed the NRA. When the evidence comes out to contradict what they say is fact, they will resort to anything to pass their agenda. Liberals who call themselves reporters did the same as the York Daily News (NYDN) blamed white gun toting Christians even though no evidence was released. The NYDN even went as far as to blame and ridicule the dead, how low can you go? They call him a bigot which he may or may not have been but he didn’t murder 14 people now did he. We know now it was once again an Islamic Terrorist attack.

Liberals lying about the truth shouldn’t surprise anyone because this is what liberals do, they lie about the facts hoping if the public hears the lie enough they will believe it. When the truth contradicts them they lash out with vile hatred as seen in an interview with Ms. Nomiki Konst of the Accountability Project. The Accountability Project has nothing to do with accountability, it’s a left wing hate group as Ms. Konst shows in the interview. Ms. Konst states gun owners and organizations like the NRA want to get laws to allow “Felons, Convicts, Rapist, Murders, Illegal Immigrants to come and purchase guns and Terrorist.” Do you believe any American wants Felons, Convicts, Rapist, Murders, Illegal Immigrants, and Terrorist to purchase guns; it’s another liberal lie. Ms. Konst once again states falsities saying, “lax gun laws in states have more gun violence”, but according to the FBI statistics the number one most violent state with the most murders is liberal ran California. So let’s take it a step further, what cities are the most violent?

  1. Detroit, MI-been ran by Liberal Democrats since 1962.
  2. Memphis, TN-been ran by Liberal Democrats since 1963. 
  3.  Oakland, CA-been ran by Liberal Democrats since 1977. 
  4.  St. Louis, MO-been ran by Liberal Democrats since 1949. 
  5.  Birmingham, AL-been ran by Liberal Democrats since 1961.

Does anyone besides me see a pattern here? Nomiki Konst flat out lies about states with reasonable gun laws having the most violence when the cities and states with the strictest gun laws has the most violence, but once again, she is a liberal so who is surprised? She says Virginia is only trying to protect their own citizens when in reality it is liberals ignoring the peoples will and pushing an agenda which makes citizens less safe. Ms. Konst tries to compare it to smoking weed, but smoking weed isn’t a US Constitutional right, Bearing Arms is a Constitutional Right! The Liberal Democrats in Virginia who campaigned on gun control massively loss in their elections. If they are afraid that an out of state Conceal Carry License (CCL) is going to kill you, then they should do the same for Driver’s Licenses. Using their logic, banning driver licenses from other states would save Virginian’s lives since there were over 300% more deaths by cars. If they truly felt other states CCLs were lacking, then push for one 50 state and DC inclusive federally recognized CCL program. This will never happen because it isn’t that Virginia’s CCL is better than other states, it’s that Liberals want to take your guns. This isn’t about keeping Virginians safe, it is about circumventing the people’s wishes and US Constitution for a Liberal Democratic agenda.

Gun rights are under attack in the US and make no mistake about it, Liberals, both Democrat and Republican will not stop until they get them or make it unobtainable to the law abiding citizen. The US Supreme Court has ruled you have the right to protect yourself with a gun yet a Land Lord in Maine says he will evict anyone having a gun; where is the ACLU who says they defend people’s rights? That’s right, only Liberal People’s Rights, so doesn’t that make them Bigoted, Discriminatory, Hate Mongers, and liars? Yes, and again, they don’t care about people’s rights, just a political agenda. The landlord is asking the judge to dismiss the tenant’s lawsuit, in reality he is asking the judges to ignore these tenant’s Constitutional rights. With as many Liberal Activist Judges in our court system, I wonder how this will turn out. Speaking of Liberal Judges, a Seattle WA Judge upheld a “Gun Violence Tax” which can add up to 5 cents per round of ammo you buy. Isn’t this profiling and targeting a group of people? I thought that was against the law, well I guess that is only if you are here illegally or a thug. But it isn’t just at the city or state level, it’s at the federal level as well.

After the FBI declared it, it angered President Obama to have to say the San Bernardino attack was an act of terror. He and the other Liberals were all about blaming white gun toting Christians but heaven forbid if they tell the truth about a Home Grown Islamic Extremist. Obama plans on taking our guns before his term is over according to Michael Hammonds, legal counsel for the Gun Owners of America. “What we’re expecting is for Obama to try doing something illegal, I don’t think he cares any more if what he does is legal.” President Obama hasn’t cared about the law or US Constitution so far, why should he change now? President Obama has even tried to use the UN to disarm Americans but it fell through. You need to really think about that, I told you liberals would use any means possible to get your guns, going to the UN should prove this fact. Are we UN concubines or Americans. Every Liberal, Democrat, Republican, or other who voted for this should be deported because they have betrayed America and its citizens. So why do people still vote for liberals?

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  1. Nice post. People who uses the guns as the means of their safety must only be given that killer but those who uses it for their self-centered motive or bribing others must not be allowed to have guns in and out of the town.
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