Liberals Ideology Helping Islamic Terrorist Kill the Innocent

If you watch Germany, France, and Belgium, you will see what liberal policies and ignoring the truth will get you; DEAD! How long before our mothers, wives, and daughters will be raped by these poor Islamic refugees as is constantly happening in Germany? Remember, many Islamic belief following Muslims from foreign countries are taught from day one of their birth, women are a possession and have no rights so if their owner (a male) isn’t with them, if you are a women, you are fair game. How much longer until our liberal government (both Democrats and Republicans), who has been covering up not only Islamic attacks in America, but also the amount of Illegal Aliens gang activity, rapes, drug dealings, and murders, miss another Islamic terrorist and we have another major attack. Like the liberals in France and Belgium, we will have thousands of dead Americans again and they will blame the guns, global warming, are anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

On 13 November 2015, 8 newly arrived immigrants who were actually members of ISIS attacked murdering 130 and wounding another 368 in Paris. Paris has one of the strongest anti-gun policies of any country and were on high alert following the attacked on 7 January 2015 where Islamic refugees murdering 17 and wounding 22 people in Paris. The antigun policies just left their subjects defenseless as their liberal policies left them vulnerable. I wonder how many of these 147 murdered and 390 wounded people would have been alive if they were allowed to carry concealed weapons. Now another liberally ran country, Belgium, who has let these “Islamic Refugees” in has at least 34 murdered and a minimum of 180 wounded at the Brussels airport and subway bombings on 22 March 2016. Here is the catch we don’t want to look at, when these governments searched for where the weapons came from, they found stock pile of weapons in their Mosques. Here is another kicker no liberal wants to admit, not all Muslims are terrorist, but all Islamic terrorist are Muslim?

I said a long time ago, we need to close and protect our borders because not everyone coming to America wants to be part of the Big Melting Pot, of all illegals, that is about 40%, the other 60% are up to no good. Many of these people crossing our nonexistent borders are terrorist. Due to our inept liberal policies, 33 of 34 times, hijackers did successfully enter the United States according to the 9/11 Commission. The 911 Commission noted;

 “Entering the United States as tourists was important to the hijackers, since immigration regulations automatically guaranteed tourists six months of stay. Thus the 14 muscle hijackers who entered the United States in the spring and early summer of 2001 were able to remain in the country legally through September 11. The six-month tourist stays also assured the hijackers of sufficient time to make such preparations for their operation as obtaining the identifications some of them used to board the planes on September 11. Fourteen of 15 operatives and all of the pilots acquired one or multiple forms of U.S. state-issued identification. Only Satam al Suqami did not, possibly because he was the only hijacker who knew he was out of immigration status: his length of stay end date of May 20, 2000, was clearly inserted in his passport.”

In short our government wasn’t doing its job before 9/11 and still isn’t. Instead of protecting our countries borders and people, for liberal political reasons, they are not only leaving our country venerable but knowing by ignoring the facts, bringing terrorist into America. Many who have come to America legally are terrorist, we found this out on 9/11 but have since forgot this deadly lesson. The 9/11 Commission did show the problem with our politicians, they stated;

“Note: Per an agreement with the Department of State, we have protected the identities of individual consular officers involved with the adjudication of visas to the hijackers. Throughout the chronology, each is referred to as “he,” regardless of the person’s actual gender. For similar reasons, we have chosen not to include the names of border inspectors in this report.”

I want to know if they were fired or allowed to remain just like the IRS people who were targeting political targets. Their incompetence, laziness, and the government liberal policies resulted in 2,996 people being murdered. A poll taken by the Center for Security Policy, a group for a peaceful, secured America polled American Muslims and the result was shocking. When asked, 51% of American Muslims want Sharia Law, 25% believe violence against Americans in the United States is justified, and that Sharia Law “authorizes murder against non-believers who won’t convert, horrific oppression of women, the execution of gays, the extermination of Jews, and the beheading of anyone who draws Muhammad.” Remember, this is American Muslims living here that says this, not some Afghani or Iraqi. If you take the 25%, of the 3.3 million known Muslims in the US, that would be 825,000 Radical Muslims; I wonder if we raided their Mosques as France did, how many illegal weapons would we find.

Do you still believe the liberal lies or are you going to see the truth as spoken from their own lips, 51% want Sharia Law and 25% believe violence is justified? I guess they aren’t so peaceful after all. We need to get every one of these Radicals out of our country.

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