The Liberal Media and Politicians Lying for Their Failing Agenda Gun Again

When you research New York City crime, you can see the deceitfulness by the liberal, especially the liberals in the media. One liberal media outlet say “New York Gun Violence Third Lowest in Nation” but that is only after they remove all gang related gun deaths. Gun deaths actually went up 25% according to the NYPD stats. Another says “Crime Down but Murders by Gun on the Rise” which the second part is true but crime has risen, especially slashing type crimes. Mayor de Blasio says gun violence down and blames the rise in slashing crimes on good gun control; but wait, gun violence went up by 25%? Mayor de Blasio also says 60% of illegal guns come from out of state but fails to mention between 25-40% of confiscated and destroyed firearms end up back on the street. How can that be? All firearms are tracked by serial number, many firearms marked as destroyed by the NYPD show back up on the street in the criminals hands once again. This leads you to believe it has to be an inside job. It also accounts for Mayor de Blasio 60% because they keep counting the same gun over and over. The true fact of New York is criminals can get guns yet it is virtually impossible for a law abiding citizen to get one which is why the crime rate is rising.

There is a worse situation on the landscape coming from the liberals that if you are a gun owner, should scare the pants off you. Liberals, even liberal judges never follow the rules or standards for integrity and ethics. Liberals have already put a sexist-racist (by their own words) on the US Supreme Court; Justice Sonia Sotomayor said, "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life." This is racist and sexist, the bad part is she refuses to renounce it. It is mandated that if you as a judge have a conflict of interest, you must recuse yourself from being a judge on that case. No matter how you feel about gay marriage (or any other topic), Justice Ginsburg and Kagan were advocates for gay marriage and even performed same sex marriages. If Ginsburg and Kagan were honorable, they would have recuse themselves from the session but they are liberals; the rules don’t apply to them. So currently we have two Supreme Court Judges at a minimum who don’t care about the US Constitution, integrity, or ethics; wait, that is three, we still have Stephen Breyer who votes against the US Constitution as much as he can. None of them care about the US Constitution, just getting the liberal rulings out there.

Now Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died in a remote hunting camp owned by stanch Democratic Supporters, with a known illness but no doctor, a refusal to do an autopsy, and you wonder why the people think our politicians are corrupt. When you have Harry Reid defending the lies he told about Mitt Romney (I don’t care for Mr. Romney at all) and justifying it by stating, “He 'Didn't Win, Did He”, we need to get rid of all liberals in office, Democrat and Republican. The law and the truth doesn’t matter to liberals and this is why our country is losing its freedoms. Now, once again the liberals are trying to go after guns with President Obama trying to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia with far left liberal Judge Merrick Garland. Liberal Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg and Kagan was asked during their conformation, “If a conflict of interest came to the court, would you recuse yourself form over seeing it?” Both answered yes but as we have seen the truth about liberal justices in the Gay Marriage debate, both refused even though they were advocated for Gay Marriage which is a direct conflict of interest. No matter what liberal Judge Merrick Garland says, like the other liberal justices, he will push the liberal agenda instead of Constitutional Law. If liberal Judge Merrick Garland is elected the first act will be to remove all our 2nd Amendment rights for which he has ruled 100% of the time against our 2nd Amendment Rights. We need to get all the liberal justices out of the court system and put justices who will actually follow the US Constitution, it is the only way to save America. The Republican establishment is at fault just as much as the Democrats for affirming these pick; there job is to protect America, not give in to any politician’s choice.

If Mrs. Clinton gets into office, we will become a socialist state; hell, we are already half way; if this happens you will not have any rights and you will become subjects instead of citizens. It’s hard to believe a person who has made our National Security the most vulnerable it has ever been and due to their ineptness was responsible for 4 Americans including a US Ambassador killed could even be in the running for president. This just shows how uninformed, ignorant, and blind by party the American people are; Republicans, you are almost as bad. We need Americans to start standing up for America, not a political party.

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