Terrorism, Why Benghazi Matters

The infamous phrase, “What difference does it make?” We are looking to elect a new president and honestly, I don’t like any of the candidates. That being said, I can’t see how anyone would vote for Hilary Clinton given her record as Secretary of State and what it cost the American people. This has nothing to do with political party, I wouldn’t vote for John Kerry, Collin Powell, Madeleine Albright, Lawrence Eagleburger, or George P. Shultz either who were all Secretary of State. If you want to vote for Hilary because she is a women and not because of her record, you are sexist (no matter male or female), just as many voted for Mr. Obama only because he was black are racist (no matter their race). If you are voting for Hilary just because she is a Democrat, then you are just as ignorant as the Republicans that do the same thing. Our reason for electing the person we elect should be because they are the best qualified, cares about America, will uphold the US Constitution, and cares about the American citizens; not race, not gender, and definitely not just for a political party.

Mrs. Clinton showed us in Benghazi that American lives doesn’t matter to her, as Secretary of the State, she was in charge of security of all embassies and consulates. As every other country pulled out of Benghazi, the US stayed, to make a statement or for another reasons, I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. When violence is on the rise in an area, if you choose the stay or have your people stay, you beef up security. This is normal operating procedures put into place after the Beirut Barracks Bombings where 241 US military were killed. After several probing attacks over a several month period on the consulate, Ambassador Christopher Stevens sent multiple request for more security, the requested were not only denied but some security was removed. Ambassador Stevens was requesting the security because of the probing attacks right before 9/11 was a big Red Flag, he knew they were going to get hit. The reason the Security Upgrade requests were denied was because our leadership was claiming terrorism was on the decline even though this was false. President Obama and Mrs. Clinton couldn’t put more troops in Benghazi because they didn’t want to offend anyone and this would show their lie on the decline. They instead decided to double down, gimbaling Ambassador Stevens assessment was wrong and instead of giving Benghazi the needed troops, pulled out some security and hired local militia to guard the America’s interests.

President Obama and Mrs. Clinton’s gamble blew-up in their faces costing four American lives including Ambassador Stevens. We all know what happened next, the American Consulate was attacked, the hired local militia ran away, the Quick Reactionary Force (QRF) never came, and four Americans including Ambassador Stevens were murdered. Wait, the QRF never came? The QRF is a group strategically located, specially trained military personnel to react to Benghazi type situations. The general in charge calls the Secretary of State informing them of the planned response that will be initiated and proceeds once they are contacted. No matter how you slice it, Mrs. Clinton was responsible for four Americans including Ambassador Stevens being murdered do to her action or lack of action. She admitted watching in real time so why didn’t she send in the QRF. Mrs. Clinton showed her incompetence when she said she was afraid of losing more people, she clearly didn’t know or take the time to understand what the QRF’s job, that this is their job and what they train for daily. On the other side you have members of the QRF saying they were given a “Stand-down Order” which can only come from the Secretary of State. Any way you slice it she was responsible for four Americans deaths including the first US Ambassador assassinated in 36 years.

Mrs. Clinton showed her arrogance, ignorance, and above the law attitude when she decided to violate US law once again with her private server. Any terroristic force wanting to attack the US will search for information to give them an upper hand, it is what all friends and foes do. The FBI has found over 1,500 Top Secret documents on Mrs. Clinton’s server which was not an Authorized or a secured server. This violates the Federal Records Act, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and 18 U.S. Code § 793 - Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information. I work for the government and if I did this, I would be in jail, rightfully so, and so should she; is she better than any other American. NO! I don’t think most people understand how much damage she may have done to our National Security, compromised our country’s safety, and put “We the People” in danger. Due to her negligence, our enemies may know how to defeat our technology, know our strategy against them, and know the weaknesses within our military; they may be able to use this to defeating us. This is common knowledge yet people still think she would be a good president. Mrs. Clinton and President Obama still today refuse to shut-down Muslim of America (MOA) (Radical Islamic Training Sites) within the US. These Radical American Islamic Domestic Terrorist are training for Jihad within America, so who do you explain why Mrs. Clinton and President Obama refuse to shut them down?  Shouldn’t we be kicking the Foreign Radicals meaning us harm out of the US instead of following the “Political Correctness Code” which will get us killed? The Border Patrol Union Chief says arrests of Afghans and Pakistanis have skyrocketed this year and yet President Obama says, “ISIS Is 'Not an Existential Threat to Us”. I guess he hasn’t realized they are not a JV team and have already been credited with carrying out attacks in the US. You have Pentagon officials showing proof that the Guantanamo detainees the president has released have killed Americans and the president wants to release all of them; some in America. You also have Mrs. Clinton saying she will maintain President Obama’s policies and procedures. Does this sound like protecting America? Why would any true American who is trying to keep America safe vote for her?

Mrs. Clinton who is a liberal elitist, which is the most dangerous type of person in the world, has always made the same five mistakes. Mrs. Clinton refuses to learn from the past, she thinks she knows better than sticking to proven sound protocol in escalated situations, she acts in a pacifistic manner even in violent countries (which makes you a target) because her life isn’t at stake, she lies to everyone and expects them to believe it or ignore it because she is a liberal elitist, and she is so arrogant that even in Benghazi she ignored the facts for her political agenda. In Benghazi there was another factor, Mrs. Clinton is such an anti-military liberal, there was no way she was going to let the Military QRF save the day and get any credit. Could the QRF have saved these four Americans, at least two could have been saved, either way you look at it, Mrs. Clinton’s incompetence at using the QRF and understanding security procedures lead to the death of four Americans including Ambassador Stevens. Even with her incompetence at Benghazi, her lies about it, and placing an innocent man in the crosshairs to try use him as her scape goat is unforgivable; his life is just as important as hers. If you look at the facts, Mrs. Clinton was incompetent and ignorant at her job as Secretary of State and would be worse as president. If you want to understand why I say she is anti-military, read “Dereliction of Duty” by Robert Patterson, he has a first-hand account of her actions when Mr. Clinton was president that might shock you. When you have an incompetent liberal person in charge of the military, people die and in most cases it is military personnel. Mr. G.W. Bush was in Afghanistan 8 years with 558 military deaths and Mr. Obama going is on 8 years with 1,672 deaths mainly due to his Rules of Engagement (ROE). This is 74.97% of all US Soldiers deaths in Afghanistan has been under Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton wants to maintain his course.

The union is the biggest supporter of Mrs. Clinton yet liberals like her are the ones who are the reason the Coalminers Union, United Auto Workers, Fishermen's Union (F.U.T.C.), and many other unions have lost employees, they destroy your jobs with NAFTA type treaties and over regulation yet every time you vote for the same ones killing your jobs. Mrs. Clinton is not the one I want because she will use the IRS to target political opponents. Mrs. Clinton is not the one I want because she will use the EPA to target American jobs. Mrs. Clinton is not the one I want waking up to the 2 o’clock phone call because she will roll over and go to sleep. Mrs. Clinton will as our current elitist liberal mandating the military buy inferior equipment to pay a political debt and use ROE that will get our troops killed as shown in Afghanistan. When it comes to Mrs. Clinton it should be a no brainer, but you have people from both sides that will vote for a person just because of the political party; you are doing your country a dishonor when you do.

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