Which Political Party Hates America?

Personally from my view point, both the Democratic and Republican Party Liberals hate America and the US Constitution. Even though there are many liberals Republican Politicians, virtually every Democratic Politician is a liberal, this is why it isn't hard to figure out which Political party hates America the most and for what do they stand.  I know you get tired of me saying this but don't believe what any person or party says, look at their actions.

We know what terrorist groups are and domestic ones include the KKK New Black Panthers (NBP), Arian Nation, Black Lives Matter (BLM), and La Raza. On the other side of the ocean you have Palestine which is ran by Hamas, but you also have Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and ISIS just to name a few. As I said, BLM is a Terroristic Hate Group whose member kill five cops in Dallas, while other members cheered his actions. Then while the BLM Terrorist Group protests at a memorial service for five slain Dallas police, President Obama defends BLM's because the DNC by their actions show they don't care about the Blue Lives (cops). You can tell this is true because when the DNC had a moment of silence for the fallen cops which was nothing but a fa├žade. Why do I say this? Because when BLM refused to comply during the moment of silence at the DNC Convention, nothing was said or done to them.

While the RNC distances themselves from hate groups like the KKK, the DNC embraces hate groups like NBP, BLM, and La Raza. I truly think the DNC hates America, on the first day of the DNC Convention, the DNC had no American Flags showing, but you see several Palestinian, USSR, La Raza, and Mexican flags. The reason may be because the Hillary Clinton campaign confiscates American flags at the door of the DNC convention and throws them on floor. When the FACT that the DNC convention had removed all American Flags, the liberal fact checker Snopes, who I have caught with erroneous data before, said this was false, but then they used the same picture from day two of the convention, saying it was from day one and was caught by The Daily Caller. They showed their respect the second day by having flags present but when an American Flag fell to the ground landing right next to a DNC Top Aide, they nor anyone else at the DNC convention seems to care and it remained on the ground. None of this should be a surprise, the DNC supplied protesters paid by George Soros to protest the RNC convention, one caught himself on fire while trying to burn an American Flag. Of course President Obama loves the flag, that is why at a ceremony honoring the American Flag you can see Michelle Obama stating, "All this for a Damn Flag" with the president agreeing with her sentiment.

The underhanded and illegal bullying and circumventing of the US Constitutional rights to gather in political forums has been shifted once again to the early 1900s when the Democratic Party used Officials in their party and the KKK to disrupt political gathering against the Democratic Party where they many times murdered Americans including the Republican Politicians. Today the DNC have use Fire Marshals in Colorado and Ohio to limit Mr. Trumps constitutional rights but then again, they hate the US Constitution. The DNC are 100% hypocritical, they jumps on Mr. Trump for responding to Mr. Khan's statements, but when  Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smiths who was killed in Benghazi and other family members of Benghazi victims tell what President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and others in the administration said, the attack was because of a video. When the emails come out showing she knew it was a terrorist attack while it was happening and was confronted by the Benghazi victim's families, Hillary Clinton calls all them liars. What person who loves America would purposely cause more pain to a grieving families of lost heroes? None! Why would any Military hero's family do anything for the Democratic Party when all actions show the DNC hate the Military? You must look deeper to find the truth, Mr. Khan's son may be a hero but you need to look at Mr. Khan's and his affiliations. The reason might be because Mr. Khan has strong connections to the Muslim Brotherhood; wait, aren't they the terrorist group Egypt just ousted for, well, being terrorist? Yes it is. Mr. Khan also co-founded the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Muslim Law, which defends the arcane Sharia law which justifies the execution of gays, prostitutes, blasphemers of Mahammad or the Quran, and Muslim “apostates” who convert to other religions. So let me get this right, at the DNC Convention you have Hamas (a terrorist group) flags flying but not Old Glory, you have a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood (another terrorist group) speaking at the DNC convention who are pro murdering the LGBT community, prostitutes, blasphemers  and convert. You also have the President, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry wanting to bring in un-vetted Muslim refugees who we know will have terrorist in their mist. Of the refugees brought in, 1,035 are Muslim refugees in the 2 Christian refugees, this in an area where all Christians are killed by Radical Muslims. These are the same people who call Mr. Trump a racist for wanting to stop the influx of Muslims into America until we can figure out which ones are terrorist. Who do you think is keeping you safe? It's not the Democrats!

What I can't understand is why anyone would vote for Hillary Clinton with as many times as she has been caught constantly lying, getting bribes like the Russian Uranium Deal, received over $212 million in donations from foreign entities, damaged National Security by using a private non-compliant server, and the list goes on and on. She has consistently put obtaining money before the welfare of our country and its citizens. The DNC was once a good party when you had people like Sam Nunn who cared about our country, who cared about our, Military, who cared about our National Security, who cared about the law, and who cared about giving people opportunities instead of handouts. Now the DNC is a cancer along with much of the RNC that will destroy our country if we don't stop the liberal take over. I am not a fan of Donald Trumps but he is the only choice if Hillary is on the ticket, maybe a third party candidate is what we need which would be trump. America needs to be ran like a company instead of a kiosk for free handouts to all who apply. The wolves are waiting at the gates and the Liberal Politicians in our country are in the process of opening the gates to let them in. Why do you st

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