True Hypocrisy with Liberal Journalism, Collage Professors, and Politicians

Gettysburg College Prof. Kathleen Iannello refuses to allow any conservative ideals be discussed in her class which means she is a bigot, this is called liberal indoctrination with prejudice. She is described by students as “intimidating if you lean right” and a person who gives “conservatives a hard time. She abuses her power against those student who believe in equality and I will bet, lets her personal bias reflect on the grades they receive. The students go on to say, “If you’re a right-winger, be prepared to walk into a brick wall whenever you enter the classroom”. She give special treatment to liberals and bullies conservatives, no teacher like her should ever be allowed to teach. Liberals do believe in bullying and our children put up with it every day in these environments, I thought liberals were against bullying?

It is not just the Liberal Professors who are prejudice but in many cases the whole university. California State University Fresno recently held a three-day student retreat for black students only. The retreat included information on financial aid, housing, how to develop leadership skills, and where to find a job; don't you think ALL students could use this help? I guess with Liberals, minorities can be prejudice even at a public university. What do you think the reaction would have been if there was a "White Only" retreat, do you think this would have been treated the same way as the "Black Only Retreat?" The University of Wisconsin-Madison recently hosted a diversity forum that banned white, heterosexual students from attending. Once again this is racist, sexist, and even white only heterosexism. Our Ivy League Collages like Brown University is discriminating as well. Brown University’s “Center for Students of Color” hosted community care conversations but only if you "identifies as a person of color,” isn't that racist? So Liberals are not only "Bullies", they are also "Racist."

Liberals say they stand up for equality but this is another lie. All have heard of Christian Mom and Pop stores being sued and shut down by the LGBT community for following their Christian values and not performing tasks which would violate their religion. Have you heard the two other sides of this story? There were many reports about the Christians refusing to service the LGBT community but it was only about 20% of the Christians asked that refused. The astounding part is 100% of Muslim bakeries and florists refused to service the LGBT community yet you never heard this on the Liberal News. There has been many organizations showing this and even radio personalities like Steve Crowder but the Liberals never go after the Muslim community like they did the Christians community, why? Discrimination is discrimination isn't it? Along with this you have Theodore Shoebat who went to 13 gay bakeries and asked for cakes to be made with "Pro-Christian" messages and every one of them refused. Where are the DAs, where are the lawyers who aggressively went after the Christian Bakeries? This is blatant Liberal hypocrisy at its best?

When you have Liberal reporters fabricating stories and justify their bias which should never happen, and it is now the norm; true journalism is dead. When President G. W. Bush was in office, every Liberal journalistic outlet posted the amount of deaths of our soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan which was fine. The problem came when President Obama took over and these disappeared. If these journalist truly cared about the people in the military, they would be raising hell with President Obama like they did President Bush, but the only thing they care about is their liberal agenda. You know this shows Liberal bias because 3 out of 4 military deaths in Afghanistan has been under President Obama. Journalist will twist anything to get a story, even when the thought of the Political Correct (PC) stance is totally ludicrous. Journalist Mona Chalabi says correcting bad grammar is racist; no it is showing someone where they are grammatically wrong. So let me get this right, if you use a word in the wrong context and are corrected, the corrector is a racist? How stupid is it for a journalist to say this, we should all strive to be the best we can and communicate in the most accurate manner possible. If you don't know proper grammar, true, deep, intellectual communication is impossible. Journalist are supposed to be truthful and centrist when reporting to remove any bias, or perception of bias in what they present.

Cokie Roberts refers to Donald Trump supporters as "morally tainted" and examples of "textbook racism" yet it was the Democrats who founded the KKK, Black Panthers, New Black Panthers, La Raza, and Black Lives Matter, all of whom are racist groups. Hillary has stolen, lied at every turn, accepted money from our enemies for political favors, and was directly responsible for the first ambassador being assassinated in 33 years, than she blames him after she refused multiple extra security request. Trump is an angel compared to her and I don’t like Trump. Never in the US history of journalism, has a journalist insulted over half of Americans for supporting a presidential candidate. You had Liberal icon Helen Thomas, along with several other who were constantly making anti-Semitic comments, isn't that racist, yet nothing was done.

Our journalist and Liberal elected politicians have failed the LGBT community, just ask the LGBT community in Orlando Florida. There were three FBI investigations going on in Florida, one of a Radical Mosque, two into a suspected Islamic Terrorist, Omar Mateen who was going to that Mosque. The FBI was directed to shut down their investigations by three Liberals because of PC. The three liberals were President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder. Omar Mateen later went into the "Pulse Nightclub" in Orlando Florida and murdered 49 people and wounding at least 53 others in the name of Allah. I guess not only are Liberals not against "Bullies" or "Racist", they are not against "Muslim Terrorist."

Our country is supposed to be equal for all. A good boss, leader, and/or politician not only should holds themselves to a higher standard than their worker and constituents, they should be the example; this was in the foundation of the US Constitution. When your leaders are held to a lower standard then the people and even the people who protect our country, this is un-American and shows we have a major problem with our politicians. They let Hillary off after leaking Top Secrete document, damaging our National Security yet Kristian Saucier who took six unauthorized Secrete (not Top Secrete) pictures, never letting anyone else see them gets a year in prison; does this seem right to you? When Liberal President Obama is releasing Enemies of the State to kill more innocent people including our own troops, how can you back him? How stupid do we have to get and how many people have to die before we realize Liberalism is the greatest danger to our nation?

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  1. I think you're an idiot. I've had her in class (and I'm a Conservative who isn't stupid enough to vote for Trump). She is fair and balanced and always has been. This election is different and for good reason.

  2. The comments come from the students, not me, so trolling will get you nowhere. Conservatives (I am an independent) like to discuss topic in which they disagree, you are not a conservative because if you were, you would be agreeing with the conservative student and not the liberal ones. Anytime someone starts a rebuttal with name calling instead of a discussion, it more than likely is a liberal. Liberals only want you to talk if you agree with their views; if you don’t, keep your mouth shut because they cannot win a debate on merits. You then claim to be smart by insult Mr. Trump (I’m not a fan of his) while forgetting (if you were really a conservative) to insult Mrs. Clinton for destroying our military, getting four people killed in Benghazi due to lack of leadership, committing at minimum 120 felonies with classified email on her server, lying to Congress and the FBI (more felonies), paying her female employees 17% less than the men where Mr. Trump is only 2% less; you really need to do your research before replying or voting. If you don’t want to vote for Mr. Trump, great; but only an individual who hates America would try to put the most crooked politician I have ever seen in my lifetime into the White House. She make Richard Nixon look clean and he was as crooked as they came back then. Thanks for your comment.