What is Best for America?

We have several people and groups who think they know what is best for America but it usually isn’t what is best for America but their own agenda or their political parties’ agenda. What is truly critical for America is what will make America safer, stronger, secure, and able to handle all situations in the future. You need to identify the root cause of what is keeping America from reaching these goals and instead of treating the symptom, coming up with a true fix. We need to get away from political correctness (PC) because it is literally killing America and its citizens. PC is what covers the true root cause of the troubles we have and refuses to allow us to grow and move forward as a country and over the past 30 years has made us more vulnerable, mean spirited, disrespectful, and corrupt. When I drove my truck to high school, I had a shotgun and rifle in the window along with many others; how many people were shot, zero! Ask yourself, what has changed? When you take standards of conduct and discipline out of your school, then add PC you have a toxic mix called lack of respect, the child of liberal theology. This is what we see today.

What will make America Safer?

The first item would be, like it or not, to secure the borders. We have Illegal Aliens (all illegals are not just one group or race) belonging to violent gangs, orchestrating human trafficking, trafficking, drugs, who are terrorist, among many other crimes and they need to be gone. When the FBI has documented illegal aliens  commit up to 80 percent of the crime in America, we need to get rid of this 80%. Take DNA and finger print samples from all non-citizens to have an identity in case they are a victim or a perpetrator. The 20% who are just trying to make a better life, we can register them, watch them for 5 years to make sure they are not part of the 80% the FBI was identifying. We make the 20% pay taxes with no entitlements or anchor babies, and if they clear after 5 years, give them a green card. Identify all crimes by race, gender, ethnic group, originating country, and religion so we can see the correlations between American citizens and non-citizens to see if the FBI is right or if the numbers are skewed.

Have a national Registry of all Police Officers in the US no matter if they are from a big city or small town. Have it set for only Law Enforcement personnel to have access which must have a reason why and a requirement such as for hiring. It needs to define the years of experience, weapon qualification, schools attended, ALL accommodations-disciplinary actions, all union interaction with the department, physiological evaluation, involved shootings, persons seriously injured or dying while in their custody, and detailed reason of why if they resign, forced to resign or fired. This will have to be made federal law with severe punishments for anyone who falsifies, tampers with, removes data, or uses it for personal gain. The federal law will need to be written to prevent police unions, who cover up for bad cops to get their dues, from circumventing the system. No contract by any law enforcement agency will be allowed to be signed if any police union contract items prevent any of the above data from being collected in truthfulness. This data base will include ALL federal agencies but all level will have their own security.

Set up a Federal Conceal to Carry License to be legal and recognized in all 50 states. The US Supreme Court has said it is the right of all Americans to own and carry a weapon yet several places refuse or make it so difficult that it is literally impossible to get one, this would fix that problem. There will be no gun free zones except for federal or political areas deemed at risk. If you look at the statistical facts instead of judging with emotion and media bias, you will find areas with strict gun control has the highest crime and areas with the lease gun control has the lease crime. All but two recorded mass shootings have happened in “Gun Free Zones”, the reason, criminals look at “Gun Free Zones” as “Sitting Duck Zones.” Here is a reality liberals need to understand. Criminals don’t follow the law so all you are doing with “Gun Free Zones” is preventing citizens from defending themselves. When criminals know you are unarmed, they have the advantage because they will always be armed and due to this you are the prey. If they don’t know if you are armed, you become an unascertainable risk.

Overhauling our VISA system to track all in the country on a VISA, remove them when they overstay their VISA, and if they are here on a Student VISA and don’t go to school, they are sent back to their country of origin. Don’t say it can’t be done because we have 322 million people, China does it and they have 1.355 billion people. So are you trying to say the Chinese are better than the US? They aren’t and the only reason we have problems in this area is because of politicians using it for personal political gain. The system needs to be fixed and the politicians thrown into jail.

Any business receiving Government Contracts at either the Federal, State, or lower level, cannot donate to any political party. If a mother company is caught using a surrogate to donate money, it and the surrogate will be banned for donating for 10 year on the first offense and fined 10% of its yearly NET profit, 20 years on the second offense and fined 20% of its yearly NET profit, on the third offense be fined equal to 30% of the last year NET profit and will lose their business license for a year, and on the forth offense will permanently lose their business license.

Any naturalized citizen caught helping a terrorist group, committing espionage or treason will be given the death sentence or placed in jail for life. If it is found to be a radicalized religious action, their family will be immediate deported.

What will make America Stronger?

First, get rid of all the free loaders. Taking from a hard worker to give to one who refuses to work weakens a country. Take care of the elderly, crippled, and mentally challenged but make everyone else work. If you are on any type of entitlement and not working a paying job a minimum of 30 hours a week, you must work a minimum of 20 hours of community service a week. If you refuse, consistently miss your hours, consistently show up late, or refuse to do the work when you show up, you will be given 2 warning and on the third instance lose your entitlements. If you work a paying job more than 30 hours a week, you are exempt from community service.       

Anyone owing back taxes will not be able to leave the country, will be subject to a lean against their assets/paychecks, cannot run for public office, if an elected official will have 60 days to pay the taxes or must resign from their position, cannot contribute to a political campaign in any fashion, and cannot be a controlling member of any charitable organizations.

Setting up a percentage of spending for the Federal Budget would make America way stronger. What do I mean? Discretionary and Non-Discretionary would both be combined into one budget and it would be as follows:

20% military budget.
20% entitlement type programs
10% to fix infrastructure
10% to security agencies
10% to pay off national debt
10% for running remainder of the federal government
10% to make Social Security individual accounts again and restore what congress has robbed from the people.
10% for helping out our allies.

If there is any money left over at the end of the fiscal year, it stays with the department it was designated and is allowed to be saved for future projects. If in the future there is a National Debt, no one in congress nor the president can run for reelection. Congress can only have a max of 12 years, there will be no separate retirement, must use the same health plans as retired military unless the pay for it out of their pocket. Congress must follow the same guidelines the military does for travel. If a fundraiser or political party event is completed within the trip, either the congressman will personally pay for the flight and accommodations or there political party.

Get rid of all the free loading countries as well, if they do not respect women and different lifestyle people as equals, we don’t need to support them fiscally. If they support Child Marriage (pedophilia), support slavery, support terrorism, or they are anti-Semitic they need to be removed from the United Nations (UN) or refuse to pay the UN dues and we remove ourselves from the UN.

We need to take back every piece of land within America that a non-American person or nation owns within the US (excluding embassies). We must change Diplomatic Immunity to not include rape, murder, kidnaping, drug smuggling, pedophilia, or DUIs. If an action of a stated Diplomat causes the death of an American citizen, all diplomatic immunity is forfeited. The same should be applied not only to our diplomats overseas but also to every elected officials.

This one can fall under Stronger and Secured. Voter ID must be mandatory in all US voting areas. If you can’t afford an ID, one will be given to you free of charge with proof of identity and citizenship. If you can make it to the voting booth, you can make it to get your free ID. Any US citizen caught voting more than once, manipulating the voting machines for any purpose, or intimidating voters will receive an automatic mandatory one year in prison. If caught a second time, they will have their voting privilege suspended for 10 years. Anyone caught a third time will never allowed to run for public office, and all voting rights removed permanently.

What will make America Secure?

Everyone needs to pay taxes, but if you are in the poverty line, $11,770 for one individual, you should receive all of your taxes back, nothing more, and nothing less. When you hit the middle class, in Detroit it is $23,441 for the beginning of the middle class and $70,321 at the end, you should pay a flat 7% Federal tax with the only deductions being Mortgage, Medical bills, higher education, tithes, and charity. When you reach the upper class, $70,322 to $200,000 you will pay 12% Federal tax with the only deductions being Mortgage, Medical bills, higher education, tithes, and charity. When you reach the upper class, $200,001 to $500,000 you will pay 14% Federal tax with the only deductions being Mortgage, Medical bills, higher education, tithes, and charity. When you reach the upper class, $500,001 to $1,000,000 you will pay 14% Federal tax with the only deductions being Medical bills, tithes, and charity. When you reach the upper class, $1,000,001 to infinity, you will pay 15% Federal tax with the only deductions being tithes and charity.

All business taxes will be 15% flat across the board no matter the size of the business. Businesses making $2 million NET a year or less will be given deductions for the first five years, these deductions will not be recycled or extended if the business is sold or given to a relative. Any country shipping goods for sale to the US who has a tariff on US good coming to their country will have the same tariff applied to them. Any country not lowering their pollutant output will have an added tax.

Nonprofit groups like the ACLU if suing and loose will not be paid. Currently win or lose they are paid. If they lose, they will be allowed to be sued by the other party.

NO immigrants will receive tax exemption or entitlements and must become a productive member of society within 5 years or they will be returned to their country of origin.

People collecting entitlements will be drug tested, first fail a warning will be given with a mandatory check 45 days later. The second fail their entitlements will be cut by 20%, if they stay clean for 1 year, they get their entitlements back. The third fail their entitlements will be cut by 40%, if they stay clean for 2 year, they get their entitlements back. The forth fail their entitlements will be cut by 70%, if they stay clean for 4 year, they get their entitlements back. The fifth fail their entitlements will be cut completely for 5 years. During each step they will be offered drug treatment and counselling.

When any group will not assimilate into the America culture and want to make a sub culture, they need to be told, either assimilate or leave. Part of these legal and illegal aliens who are dangerous are Islamic Terrorist. In France, England, and Germany several Islamic mosque are supporting terrorism and it is the same here. When you have groups like Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR), who has been caught by the FBI financially supporting terrorist groups, they need to be disbanded and their members deported to their original country of origin. If they are borne American citizens and it is proven they were helping terrorist, they need to go to jail, have their citizenship revoked, and be deported to another country.

When you have government officials (President Obama, US Attorney General Eric Holder, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) stopping investigations into radicalized people and Mosques for political reasons who end up killing people (Orlando Florida), they need to be prosecuted. Radical Islam is our second most destructive danger to America, Liberals with their Political Correctness (PC) and agenda is the number one danger. Any government official caught using their political agenda making America more vulnerable needs to be removed from office. Any politician who refuses to follow the US Constitution needs to be removed from office.

If there is any judge from a county seat to the US Supreme Court who makes statements against the US Constitution, they need to be removed from their position permanently. This includes activist judges like we see in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals who is overturned more than all other Circuit Courts combined.

This is what is causing unrest in our country. When the whole nation sees evidence against Hillary Clinton and nothing is done when the common person would have been jailed, “We the People” know our country has gone astray. The only way to fix it is to vote people like Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Diane Feinstein, John McCain, Harry Reid, Lindsey Graham, and the others like them out of office.  

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