Celebrities Urging Electoral College to Vote Against Trump

In the video these Liberal Idiots quote, “To an eminent degree, endowed with the requisite qualifications” as part of the US Constitution. Quote marks means it is a direct quote but it isn’t, it isn’t even from the US Constitution but the 68th essay of The Federalist Papers which Liberals rail against every day to try and pass their agenda which is perverting the US Constitution. Even in the Federalist No. 68, they have pieced it together the way they wanted so it isn’t a direct quote. What is a direct quote is, “Corruption of an electoral process could most likely arise from the desire of foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils". This is interesting, Federalist No. 68 is the one that the liberal celebrity elite in referring to in the video “Celebrities Urging Electoral College to Vote Against Trump.” Question, which candidate ran with his own money and individual contributions and which one ran with Foreign Donations routed through a fake charity (Clinton Foundation)?

In the video these elitist state, Mr. Trump lacks competent, qualifications, mental stability, and has total lack of respect for the US Military as well as the US Constitution. If you look, he has built and ran state side and international companies, has handled billion dollar budgets, helped flood victims without informing the media for a photo op, has shown the military more respect than our last four presidents, and isn’t the one hiding in the shadows trying to get Electors to violate the American Peoples will with the Electoral College because he didn’t win. I’m not a Trump fan but I did vote for him because I am a Never-Hillary person. If these Elitist Liberal Celebrities were so concerned about a lacks of competence, being qualified, mental stability, and total lack of respect for the US Military as well as the US Constitution, where were they in 2008?

You show your hypocrisy because President Obama never worked a day in his life, zero experience in business, zero experience in international affairs, never ran a company or business of any type, never managed anything except a community program, idolized a domestic terrorist (Bill Ayers) which questions his mental stability, and has total lack of respect for the US Military as well as the US Constitution yet everyone in this video supported him. Since becoming president, he has constantly violated the US Constitution on immigration, Fast and Furious, knowingly brought not just peaceful Muslims but also Islamic Terrorist into our country, and has lied more to the American People than any president I can remember, even Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton which is saying something. He wasn’t even qualified to be a Senator and you never said a word, you do now but not because Mr. Trump isn’t Qualified but because you are the epitome of not an ignorant person, but an idiot. Do you know why you are an idiot and not ignorant? An ignorant person just doesn’t know, but you can teach them, an idiot keeps doing the same failing process over and over, ignores the evidence and truth, and expects a different result. This is why Liberal Logic is the most Idiotic (not ignorant) Logic in the world. In the video they also state, “I’m not asking you to vote for Hillary Clinton” which is a lie, they do want Mrs. Clinton. The two things I do like about Mr. Trump is total lack of political correctness, political correctness is killing our country. The second is both the Democrat and Republican establishments hate him which sounds good to me since currently there is little difference between the two. Example, after learning in 2012 there were between 3 to 4 million illegal votes from Illegal Aliens, dead people, and people voting more than once, neither side, Democrat nor Republican, seriously tried to fix the problem. Most of the problem could have been fixed by Voter ID so why would the Liberal Democrats and Republicans be against voter ID? Because it is how they steal elections. Since we are on the subject and you brought up incompetent, zero qualifications, mental stability, lack of respect for the US Military, and lack of respect for the Constitution, let’s see how Mrs. Clinton stacks up.

First, while Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton used a non-governmental Blackberry to receive secured communications on her unsecured device. Released emails and texts show Mrs. Clinton directing her aides to remove Top Secret markings before sending documents to her which is a Federal Felony offense. Her department received over 600 request for extra security at Benghazi with over 40 of them sent strait to Mrs. Clinton from Ambassador Christopher Stephens before the Benghazi attacks with her response being to remove more security. I guess there is no doubt she is incompetent, but “What difference does it make.” Does she have the qualifications to do what is best for the US? As Secretary of State, she gave Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries anything they wanted if they would donate massive amounts of money to the Clinton Charity. In layman’s terms this is called “Pay to Play”, which is a money laundering front for the Clintons. This is illegal so I guess she does qualify as a traitor and crook. If you want to know her mental stability and respect for the military just read the book “Dereliction of Duty” by Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson. I know she loathes the military just by her treatment when Bill was president, if she was president, the disrespectful and harsh treatment the military would receive would be unimaginable. The only thing she wants to do with the US Constitution is burn it. Mrs. Clinton, like every other Liberal in America, is prevented from gaining more massive power because of that pesky US Constitution. She, like any other Liberal, cannot become a dictator with the US Constitution still in place.

The Electoral College was put into place not to prevent an incompetent person from being elected president, we have one in office right now, it was put into place to prevent any one state from ruling an election like California would today. By the way, those 3 to 4 million illegal votes from Illegal Aliens, dead people, and people voting more than once wasn’t nationwide, it was just in California. Now that Trump has been confirmed, I wonder how both Democratic and Republican Liberals will work together to prevent Mr. Trump from succeeding.

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