The Tail of Two Hackings

We all have heard about the hacking of Hillary Clinton's illegal private server that she maintained during her time as Secretary of State. We have heard of the DNC hacking that is currently being covered in the news but what is interesting is what our Intelligence agencies say.

The Intelligence Agencies have said for years that they don't know who hacked Mrs. Clinton's server because they didn't leave a "Footprint" for them to follow, they thought it could have been the Chinese or Russian Intelligence agencies but couldn't prove anything. Then when the DNC is hacked, in no time at all the Intelligence Agencies come out and said "Russia" was responsible for the hack, but a White House spokesman says it's the Chinese. I'm guessing "Russia or China" left a "Footprint" this time or is it something else? There are some questions you need to think about while you try and figure this out. How could Russia or China not leave a "Footprint" the first time but leave such an obvious one the second time? The Intelligence community either knows who hacked Hillary's emails or they don't know who hacked Hillary's nor the DNC's emails and are too embarrassed to tell the truth. Neither the Chinese nor Russians would make that kind of mistake, they would route it through a third country and cut their tail so it couldn't be tracked. The next question is; why would the Intelligence agencies lie? This is a million dollar question with too many alleys to go down for the answers and there are more questions to ask. The next question is; who else was hacked that the Intelligence agencies don't want us to know? The biggest question is, Why is letting the American Citizens learn the truth about Corrupt Politicians, no matter their affiliation, who are committing fraud and campaign violations more important than convicting the Corrupt Politicians exposed by the emails?

When the FBI Director, James Comey came out with all the evidence needed to indict Hillary Clinton's intentional act of putting our America's National Security at risk, he didn’t. Why? The fact of the matter is, any other government employee would go to jail but the director refuses to indict Hillary. In the Law Enforcement community it is a crown jewel to bring down one of the "Big Players" especially a politician so why not Hillary when the evidence is so overwhelming? Could it be that the Clinton's has damming information on Mr. Comey or the FBI and is using it to ensure (black mailing) Mr. James Comey into silence and non-prosecuting recommendation? Could it be that if Mr. Comey prosecutes Mrs. Clinton that he would also have to prosecute two third of our sitting "Legislators" for their corruption? Could it be Mr. Comey's family would be targeted if he indicted her? I would bet you the FBI knew about the Illegal Server and refused to address it or was told to stand down by the administration. This is why the Military and Intelligence Agencies need to be completely separate from the everyday politically bias group. Political meddling with our Intelligence Agencies is what caused our worse attack on America soil since WWII.

The attacks on 911 where enabled by President Clinton's ineptness and neglect of the Intelligence community. His refusal to heed our Intelligence Communities warnings, listen to our ally’s Intelligence Communities warnings, and refusal to take Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, the master mind of 911, allowed 911 to happen. This is why Military and the Intelligence Community needs to be completely separated from political influence from either side. If this was done, you wouldn't have security steps being bypass (like a private email server), politicians and Intelligent Agents blackmailed, you would have violators indicted even if a VIP, and you would bring more trust in our government. The investigation into these hacks will be a waste of time and money. Our intelligence communities already know the answer to who hack them, they just won't tell us. There is too much political pressure on them and as most of our Liberal Politicians would say, "The American people don't need to know the truth."

We are still missing the biggest question. Were the voting machines hacked from an outside source? NO. There were 30 out of 32 machines I showed in "Is Voter Fraud Real or Fake" which changed votes changed from Republican to Democrat. There were 2 out of 32 machines which changing votes from Democrat to Republican. Nothing came from outside the US, it was an inside job. The only illegal outside influence on the election was illegal campaign funds coming through a charity (the Clinton Foundation) which is totally ignored by the media. Then why such a stink being raised by the Democrats over hacked emails? It could be the truth coming out about the Democrat Party Leadership in collusion with the media to torpedoing Berny Sanders. It could be about the evidence showing the Media giving the DNC the questions before the Presidential Debates. It could be the emails showing the DNC hiring thugs to start riots at Mr. Trump's rallies to cast a bad image on Mr. Trump. The Media and DNC who are both Liberals for years that voting machines aren’t rigged and can’t be rigged while the RNC says the opposite. For 30 of 32 to go to one side seems that would be inaccurate and if someone did hack the, it was in favor of the Democrats. As I have been saying for years, Liberals will do anything possible to win, even rig voting machines.

The real reason the DNC and many RNC people are upset, the DNC because their corruptness has been exposed and the RNC because it could expose theirs corruption. Here is a question for you. Could the untraceable hack into Mrs. Clinton's emails and the DNC have been an inside job by the FBI, CIA, or NSA? The easiest way to hide your tracks is to investigate yourself or be in control of the system. Most of our Intelligence Agencies want to keep us safe. What could have happened is our Intelligence Agencies knew Mrs. Clinton and the Democratic Establishment would cause the most irreversible damage to America and put America in more danger than the Republican Establishment so they showed the American people the truth. The biggest problem is both Establishments would cause damage and I think that is why the American People chose a non-establishment president. Even with the media's help, the Republican Establishment Candidates on the Republican side lost in the primary and the Democratic Establishment Candidate lost in the presidential election. The sad part is the American People have spoken and the Establishment from both side are still trying to keep Mr. Trump out by any means necessary. The media has been given the order to burn Mr. Trump down and to work in locked step with each other; what happened to reporting the truth. I wonder if the Liberals will go as far as to try and implement Marshal Law. If they do you will see the bloodiest time in America's life and this scares me to death because I know the Liberals would try something this Un-American to retain their power and fleecing of the people.

Let me know what you think.

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