Allahu Akbar: Liberals Enabling Paris Type Attacks in America

Are all Muslims bad? As I have said many times no, but the estimated 15% to 25% who are Extremist and the estimated 50% to 60% who support the Extremist view in the world are not a friend of America, any free society, or peaceful Muslims. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party made up less than 15% of the German community population but were the catalyst for over 85 million people's death. At the beginning of WWII Germany's population was 67 million which 15% would make 10,050,000. The 15% of the world 1.7 billion Muslim population is 255 million. If just over 10 million can be the cause of 67 million deaths, isn't it plausible that 255 million could be the cause of death for over 1.7 billion people? Yes.

Is France is a free nation? A French Feminist group targeted a "Women of Islam Conference" in France, their weapon; bare breasts and a smile. The Islamist quickly targeted them, their weapons, throwing them to the ground, punching, and stomping the ladies until they were almost dead. In a free society where protesting is a way of life, this was a definite overreaction, this wasn't done when the Muslims protested but this is what you should expected, and what is condoned by Islam. Once France (or any country) allowed un-vetted Muslim refugees into their country and DID NOT make the Muslim community integrate with the French people, in just a few moments in time their freedoms began to be wiped away. France is no longer a Free Country! But how did this happen?

At first the Liberal leaders running France gave up small areas to appease the Islamic community who were crying discrimination, in short order the Islamist had created a sub society within France. This sub society exploded, the Islamist took more and more, implemented Sharia Law which circumvented and violated French Law. The French government's Liberal leaders once again ignored and didn't enforce the law of the land to appease the Islamic community and turned a blind eye to these violations. Embolden by the ease of violating the law, the Islamist pushed the envelope even more making Muslim only zones which took away the French peoples freedoms. Once again, the Liberal leaders in the French government to appease the Islamic community turned a blind eye. During this time the Muslim community was using its Mosques to hide and store weapons for Jihad terrorist attacks. It wasn't until the Islamic community started launching their terrorist attacks against the French citizens from their Mosques that the French Government took any actions. The truth about the Islamic community had been pointed out for years but the Liberals in the government with their political correctness did nothing, enabling these terrorist to murder French citizens in cold blood. Doesn't this sound familiar to what is going on in America?

Now it is the liking to a civil war with the Islamist yelling the only reason for this is everyone is islamophobic. I'm not try to pick on France, the same is happening all through Europe, including England, and even in America. After many attacks and threats, Angola and for the most part Norway have banned Muslims from their country. In Norway, Muslims made up 2.3% of their population but once they were banned and deported, violent crime dropped 30%, a coincidence, I don't think so! In America we are following the same path as Europe because as in Europe, our Liberal politicians, both Democrat and Republican are always trying to appease these groups. Our Liberal leaders ignore the US Constitution and American Law to appease the Islamist as well as other groups. If anyone opposes allowing these violations, they are called racist or Islamophobic instead of making these groups obey the law.

We are following the same Liberal path of Europe and today the same types of attacks are happening in America and our Liberal leaders ignore it and push their own agenda. The Ohio attacker was an ISIS radicalized Somalian refugee who ran over people with his car and used a knife to attack others injuring 10; what did the liberals say? Senator Tim Kaine (Hillary's VP pick) said, "Deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence." Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee stated, "Today is yet another was a sad day in our country because of a senseless shooting…" The only gun used was by the cop to stop the attack but as Liberal Senator Eleanor Holmes Norton stated, “The evidence isn’t a concern", at least not for Liberals.  As the standard tactic of liberal, many came out calling the Police Officer a racist for shooting the ISIS linked terrorist because the cop was white and the terrorist was a Black Muslim. How could anyone vote, let alone elect these three? Ask yourself, what is happening in America? To put the icing on the cake, the Mosque attended by the attacker already had three people, Nuradin Abdi, Iyman Faris, and Christopher Paul convicted on terrorism charges so how could this be a lone wolf as the Liberals in media are trying to say?

In America, Dearborn Michigan is the largest Muslim community and has stoned Christians for being in the wrong place where they didn't belong, a public street. The Christians who were stoned in Dearborn were arrested by the Dearborn Police for “breaching the peace” even though they never raised a hand even while being attacked. The City of Dearborn and their police have been documented as serial violator of all non-Muslim people's rights. In Dearborn and other American Muslim communities' there has been many reports of "Honor Killings", but when the Muslims are the police and coroner, or are controlling them, we will never know the true number of these murders.

First, let's look at some data. All intelligence communities around the world say 15% to 25% of Muslims are Radical which from the 1.7 billion Muslims would be 255 to 425 million Muslim terrorist. If you look at what Liberal President Obama who says it is only 0.1% which would be 1.7 million; who do you believe, a Liberal or intelligence? State side attacks since the 9/11 attack, under President Bush there was 35 Americans killed by Islamic radicals on US soil. Compared this to the 119 under President Obama, a 240% increase. President Obama had the same effect on our war in Afghanistan, under President Bush we had 983 military deaths. Afghanistan war deaths under President Obama 2,441 deaths, 248% increase. Which one do you truly believe was not only protecting Americans at home but also American troops on the battlefield from the terrorist? In France these Islamic Terrorist kill Charles Hebdo for drawing a cartoon, they tried the same in the US by targeting Pamela Geller but found Americans armed and the Islamic Terrorist were killed. Dearborn is not our only large Muslim community, but it is some of the other Muslim sites in America that concern me.

The FBI had a list up on their web site until it mysteriously was taken off after President Obama took office which showed 35 Muslim Terrorist training camps in the US. The FBI was also forced under the corrupt Obama administration to remove the CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) document from their web site for political correctness which classified CAIR as a terrorist group. Our Liberal politicians refuse to tell you the "The Truth about Terrorist Attacks on American Soil." They won't tell you about the "Muslim Judges in US not Protecting non-Muslims and Our Freedoms." We need the News Media and our elected officials to tell us the truth and show "Islamic Terrorism Spelled Out." We as Americans need to be completely informed about "The Problem Which Caused the Terrorist Problem in America." "The True War on Women" is Islam yet few if any Liberals will come out and say it, by the way, Islam is the main contributor to the Clinton Foundation. "Is America Safe? ISIS, Unsecured Borders/Illegals, Gutting the Military" has made our country the most vulnerable it has ever been and it's due to Liberals and political correctness. Our elected officials need to put our country and its citizens before anyone else and no, just because you cross the border you are not an American. If you really want to see how stupid Liberals are, just look at Liberal California's attempt to regulate cow farts; no I'm not kidding.

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