The Hatred of Liberal Progressive Shines Bright

How much hate can come from one group? The (mostly Democratic) Liberal Progressives and Establishment Politicians have shown so much hate in the recent couple of weeks, that it make the KKK, NBP, La Raza, the Arian Nation, and even the Nazi Party look like Choir Boys. For a group who preaches against hate and for unity, they are the most hateful group I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen the Taliban up close and personal. This shows why America needed and picked an outsider, because the temper tantrums from the Liberal Progressives and Establishment Politicians is the worse ever seen, and it has went to the point of, “If we can’t have our way, we will destroy anything we can.” It has even went to the point that they are pressuring musician or musical groups not to play at Mr. Trump’s inauguration which is deplorable. What if the Conservatives would have done it to Mr. Obama? The news would have went to extra links to expose who was pulling the puppet strings as they should, but they are silent here.

Something that should be a great honor for any musician or musical group in now used for Liberal hate, childishness, and vindictiveness. But the musician or musical groups can stop this in its tracks, especially the better founded ones which is why I am so disappointed in one of my all-time favorites, Garth Brooks. Garth said he would be honored to perform but has now backed out, in Country, I was raised that your word meant something, I guess not after becoming famous. His worth is over $150 million so what is he scared of, some liberal backlash? As good as Garth is, he could still the show and make it the best ever inauguration, I wonder if he will do what is right. As I have said before, I’m not a Mr. Trump fan but he deserves an inauguration party just as Mr. Obama did, without his music fans being threatened.

I watched as two ladies were having a wonderful time talking about their grandkids, you would have thought they had been best friends for life. Than one said something about the election and immediately they were arch enemies. This is the socialist poison we have let creep into our country. I remember my dad and some other talking politics which were on different sides, afterward they were still good friends, they just accepted the other had a different opinion. The sadist part is this is the time of year we are to be thankful for living in the most blessed country in the world. All our differences, no matter if political, religious, or personal should be set aside. We should welcome in our new president because even if you didn’t vote for him and are on the left, he is your president just like Mr. Obama was to all on the right. Hatred, no matter if from the left or right, takes your joy away. If you are an American, you should love your brother because I will tell you from personal experience, when you are being shot at, you don’t care what race, gender, religion, or political party the person is protecting your six, you are just thankful they are there just like they are of you.

Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your family and friends.

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