Shadowy Government Slush Funds

I have often slammed Liberals as being bad for America and they are, but many think I am talking about Democrats; you have both Liberal Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. I know the best way to show how crooked Liberals politicians are is just follow the money and what is better than Government Slush Funds. I hate being robbed but that is exactly what our politicians do every time they pass or create Slush Funds or Earmarks; they are robbing the American taxpayers of their money. Slush Funds are tools used to rob the American taxpayer of their taxes for a Government Agency or politicians Political gain which is unpopular or illegal in nature. I may touch on the others but this is mainly about Slush Funds.

Everybody wonders, “Where is the money going?” The last president not to have an increase to the National Debt was President Eisenhower, every president after him, including Reagan and Clinton, added to the debt. When President G. W. Bush left office, the debt was $10 trillion, when President Obama left it was $19.9 trillion almost double of all previous presidents, but then again, President Obama is a Liberal. This $20 trillion has accumulated under all presidents for three reasons, Slush Funds, Earmarks, and lack of proper stewardship of the American People’s money. President Obama’s first act as president was to sign an $825 billion of Earmarks to produce “Shovel Ready Jobs” which produced ZERO “Shovel Ready Jobs.” If you go back and look at the money trail it was all a Ponzi scheme; give $500 million to a company and magically receive $50 million donation to the DNC from the same company right before it files for bankruptcy. Earmarks need to be made completely illegal, every Bill such as the Defence Authorization Bill needs to stand on their own, no more attaching pork to these bills. But this is about Slush funds and I think you will be shocked at what our elected officials have done.

If you want to see what a “Slush Fund” is, there was an article put out by Clint Reilly called “Anatomy of a Slush Fund.” If you want to see how your Congress person bypasses the law, just watch the NBC5 Special Report, “Yes, Your Congressman Has a Slush Fund.” It’s not just the individual Congressman who are using these accounts to bypass the law themselves, it is even Congress as a whole as pointed out by Steven Schwalm in the Heritage article,  “Congress’s Billion Dollar Slush Fund.” Billions of dollars which should go back to the American people by lowering taxes or other means is exploited by our elected official for personal gain. As you know, whenever massive amounts of money is involved, the law goes out the window, even at the Department of Justice (DOJ). 

The DOJ under President Obama pulled billions in funding from Youth Group and turned around giving it to Liberal organizations involved with grass-roots activism; take away from the kids and give to activist, Liberal Logic 101! They used this angle to bypass congress’s “Power of the Purse”, another violation of the US Constitution and the Law. Much of the money went to help Illegal Immigrants break the law. So the highest US Law Agency, the DOJ under Liberal Control uses its authority and funding to help Illegal Immigrants break US Laws. Do you need a better reason for Liberals being dangerous? Well maybe it’s just the DOJ.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has had a federal racketeering lawsuit filed against them by U.S. Tobacco manufacturing plant in Timberlake, N.C. for swindled them out of $24 million via shadowy cigarette sales conducted by the ATF to fill their Shadowy Slush Fund. If you think the ATF wouldn’t be in any Shadowy Operations like this, do you remember the “Fast and Furious” and “Ruby Ridge?” As I said before, I am 100% behind Law-Enforcement that is until they do these type of illegal operations. Michael Brown was a good shoot but Eric Garner was murder. None of these illegal operations would be able to be ran if they didn’t have these unaccountable slush funds with no oversite. Now ask yourself, can it get worse?

Not only is Congress, the DOJ, and ATF using these funds for illegal targeting of people and places, but we have uncovered that several agencies have been using them to target political people and groups with whom they disagree. The EPA have at the minimum $6.3 billion is slush funds hidden from congressional, media, and public scrutiny they are using to target political opponents. Judge Royce C. Lamberth had to order the EPA to halt all illegal acts of discrimination on political bases. The Liberal ran EPA was also busted for destroying documents which were subpoenaed by investigators. The enforcement of EPA violations fall on the FBI and US Marshall Service so why did the EPA created their own paramilitary force to do random reoccurring checks which escalates aggression and distrust of the government by the small business owners? The recipients of this new style of EPA checks all stated to the general thought that they have went from a cordial working environment to hostile intimidation environment. Do you think this liberal move was good?

The IRS may be the worst of all these runners of Slush Funds. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) who is the compliance enforcement for the IRS’ compliance enforcement can’t account for $67 million of your tax money for Obamacare alone; that is just shy of 14%. How would you fill if they lost 14% of your return? Would they come after you if you didn’t pay 14% of your taxes? The IRS under the Liberals were allowing payments to charitable groups for dismissal of active investigations against US citizens and US companies. This would sound good except you could only donate to designated Liberal activist groups, all other groups didn’t qualify. The targeting of Conservative groups by using these slush funds was deemed unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court and the IRS’s BOLO(Be on the Lookout) list for Tea Party organizations applying for tax exempt status was a violation of freed speech. The IRS still took 3 years to stop the BOLO targeting of Americans. After the IRS was disgraced by the targeting scandal, it paid $70 million in bonuses; wait, and it now has $67 million missing? I wonder where it went. Something is wrong when you are busted for violating the law, you lose $67 million, than you are allowed to give out $70 million in bonuses.
The facts are that Slush Funds, Earmarks, and lack of proper stewardship of the American People’s money is what is draining “We the People” dry. Slush Funds are nothing more than a way to bypass the law which hurt our country and our ability to have all Americans equal under the law. Diverting government funds to create Slush Funds to target people because their view are not the same as yours is not just illegal, it is immoral. This is why the Liberals want to hide them, they have no morals. With the light flipped on you can see the cockroaches scurry away.

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