Hateful Liberals Attacking Americans Protecting Illegals

What we here out of every Liberals mouth is that the Liberal Democratic Party is the party against bullying, the party for the American Workers, and the party for building jobs. If you want to see the idiocy in Liberal thinking and to see its effects on society, we can look at two places, Maryland and California. I remember a quote from a friend, “To see what anyone is truly about you must look at their actions, not the words from their lips, because their lips can lie to you but their actions always tell you the truth.”

In Maryland we have a 14 year old girl raped by a set of 17 and 18 year old illegals, and the town is rightfully outraged. The Maryland State Congress reacted quickly and decides to make the state a Sanctuary State…What? You heard me right, the Liberal Maryland State politicians decide that protecting Criminal Illegal non US residents is more important than protecting an innocent 14 year old girl, luckily the governor of Maryland said he would veto it. What is worse, the Liberal press, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS, didn’t even cover it because it goes against the Liberal agenda. Illegals only make up 3.76% of the American population yet according to the FBI almost 40.2% of all violent federal crimes are committed by Illegal Immigrants. Illegal Immigrants commit 10.7 times more crime then the rest of the legal people in America by population and Maryland’s Liberal politicians wants to protect and enable them to rape and murder again. Liberals will not admit when their policies fail but will double down on it as we see here, even if it is your little girl who gets raped or murdered like 15 year old Genesis Cornejo-Alvarado, a legal immigrant murdered by two Illegal Immigrants.

These Liberal politicians’ actions tell you the truth; they don’t care about America, you, or your family. If you go against these Liberals they will attack you trying anyway they can to destroy you, even paying people to be violent. I thought they were against bullying and violence? Remember what I said, “To see what anyone is truly about you must look at their actions, not the words from their lips, because their lips can lie to you but their actions always tell you the truth..” See what I mean?

In California, the Liberal Congress is trying to pass Assembly Bill 946 which would require the “California Public Employee Retirement System and the California State Teachers Retirement System, the two largest public pension funds in the nation, with investments of $312 billion and $202 billion, respectively to liquidate investments in any company involved with the wall’s construction within a year.” This is tyranny and shows how Liberals are using the government to bully others into submission.

It would also force the pension-fund management to “report a list of those companies to the California Legislature.” This is more than likely for making their “Hit List”. This bill which goes against honest business people and threaten to tear any business apart shows the Liberal Democrats true colors. The bill states they will not renewing business licenses, and will even add taxes to anyone who works on the boarder wall. These taxes which will not apply to any other like business doing like jobs will prevent thousands of Californians for getting work and send the money out of state. Isn’t this called bullying? Isn’t this called discrimination? Isn’t this called anti-worker and anti-business? What are their actions telling you? Are they the party against bullying, for the American Worker, and for building jobs, or the opposite? What it is called is tyranny and anti-American but of course we are talking about California.

What is the one right we all hold high, it is the one we use to express our feelings and beliefs; it is the Freedom of Speech. I don’t care if you disagree with everything I say or if I disagree with everything you say, we are both allowed to express our opinions equally and freely. I hope you would agree with me that any group who would try and take this right away is anti-American yet some are trying to end this right. Once again, Liberal Democrats on the Federal Election Commission are trying to regulate the internet so they can tell you what you can and cannot post. If they are ever able to do this, they can shut down the truth which the Liberal Media will never cover like the Illegals raping a 14 year girl in Maryland. 

The Liberal's actions show they do not care about our country and its people or that they do not have the mental capacity to understand a threat to our country and its people. Either way they should never be in an elected office. So why do the auto workers vote for the ones sending their jobs out of the country? So why do the steel workers vote for the ones sending their jobs out of the country? So why do the teachers vote for the ones not allowing them to teach or discipline our children? If you keep voting for Liberals, either Democrat or Republicans ones, it’s only going to get worse and your children and grand children will be paying the price. 

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