Supporting International Terrorism

In the world there currently is 195 countries, this being said we have more International Terrorist Groups then we do countries. This counts terrorist groups effecting more than one nation but isn’t counting Terrorist Support Groups like Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR). In America many are always watching terrorism here but fail to understand the connection and danger faced by America by these International Terrorist. There are 199 International Terrorist Groups identified by the UN and other international agencies. They all work in unison to track these organizations and document their attacks and casualties. You can categorize these organizations into 7 groups and the percentage of global terrorism they commit.

  • Anarchist, 2 each,                          1.2%
  • Christian, 1 each,                           0.6%
  • Communist/Socialist, 21 each,    12.4%
  • Drugs Cartels, 1 each,                   0.6%
  • Indian, 1 each,                               0.6%
  • Islamic, 142 each,                        84.0%
  • Jewish, 1 each,                               0.6%
In America I thought the International Anarchist groups would be one of the most dangerous but there hasn’t been an International Anarchist attack in the US since 1919, you still have Domestic Terrorist attacks like Timothy McVeigh pulled off but no International Anarchist attacks. Internationally, the two biggest groups for committing terroristic type attacks on innocent people are the Peaceful Religion of Islam and the Utopia Communist/Socialist states of the world. If you start from the beginning of Islam, Islam has had the lead by far for killing but from 1900 to 1989 Communist/Socialist made a run for the record racking up around 129.6 million deaths, but they couldn’t touch the estimated 270 million deaths Islam has under its belt in the name of a their Peaceful Religion.

The one group of people in America who back and protect these two groups even after they have attacked American citizens, can you say Orlando attack, is Liberals. After 99 attacks on American soil by Islamic Terrorist, not counting the Communist/Socialist which are harder to define, you would think Liberals would have learned. The Orlando attacker’s Imam who is from another country, Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar, preached on killing people within the LGBT community only a week before the attack. The FBI was told to leave the attacker alone by the administration and once again Liberals have cost Americans their lives. Liberals will never face reality, they are still looking through Rose Color Glasses instead of lens of truth. The attacks like in Orlando has just started in the US. Four attacks alone in Europe has caused 270 deaths with 1191 wounded.

Germany, Berlin 12 killed 49 injured. Eleven patrons are slaughtered when a hijacked truck plows into a crowd at a Christmas market outside a church. 

France, Nice 86 killed 434 injured: A Muslim migrant mows down eighty-six Bastille Day revelers (including ten children) with a truck while shouting praises to Allah. 

Belgium, Brussels 35 killed 340 injured. Multiple attack by Muslim terrorist with explosives. 

France, Saint-Denis and Paris: 137 killed 368 injured. A series of shooting and bombing attacks across France.

What will happen when the Orlando style attack becomes more common, the Liberals will blame guns or anything else, but they will never blame the true culprit, violent Islamic teaching. Not all Muslims are violent or Islamic Terrorist, but all Islamic Terrorist are Muslim.

If you want to see how much a country believes in the sanctity of human life, check to see what little of a crime someone can do to be put to death. In many Islamic countries like Iran, you can put a 7 year old to death for stealing bread because he was starving. If any non-Muslim kills a Muslim in one of the 51 Islamic countries, even if by accident or defending one’s own life, you had better have a lot of money or you will die; even with money you still may die. But if a Muslim kills 7 innocent non-Muslim school girls on a field-trip, he served less than 3 years for each murder. It would have been the same for any innocent children who weren’t Muslim in a Muslim country. If it would have been Muslim children he would have been executed, but everyone who is not Muslim don’t count as real people in Muslim’s eyes. Muslim countries are the number 1 leader in the murders of the LGBT communities; Muslims have started this in the US as well; just look at Jacksonville. But Muslims are also the number 1 leader in human trafficking and owners of child sex slaves, adult sex slaves, and labor slaves. Compound this with being the number 1 abusers of women and executioners of children, you start to get the picture that they are not as peaceful as they or the Liberals say.

For everyone who believes in freedom and human rights, why would anyone ever support and protect this theology? For everyone who believes in freedom and human rights, why would anyone ever take funding from those people, organizations, and countries who support the theology of slavery and child executions? Well you might want to take a look at our politicians because many of them accept donations from these people, organizations (like CAIR), and countries. CAIR has been designated the FBI as an organization that supports terrorism so why are they allowed to exist and who do they support? If you look at the politicians receiving major donations from CAIR they are all Liberals; Rep. Keith Ellison $130,692, Rep. Andre Carson $33,911, Rep. Gary Peters $11,000, Rep. Gerry Connolly $5,450, and Rep. Kyrsten Sinema $1,450. You can also track the bigger receivers of money from these countries, President Obama received millions but the biggest recipient was Hillary Clinton.

I thought the Liberal Democrats like Hillary Clinton supported women, the LGBT community, and was against slavery. If this is so than why are they the ones taking money from these murders who do what they say they are against? The truth is they are not for women, the LGBT community, stopping rights violations, or stopping slavery as long as people committing these atrocities keeps putting money into their pockets. The ironic part of this whole mess is the ones who say they are for human rights across the world, the UN, has 21 known human rights violators on the 47 members panel of the UN Human Rights Council. So how did they get on the UN Human Rights Council? The other ironic part is the LGBT community, women community, and the people against human trafficking are the same people voting for all the Liberals who support, enable, and receive donations from these human rights violators. So why do the LGBT community, women community, and the people against human trafficking keep voting for the people accepting support from those who want to kill the LGBT community, put the women into submission, and keep the human trafficking going? I cannot answer that question but I can tell you they are voting themselves into a grave.

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