One of the Hardest Things I Have Ever Done

Sometimes as a person, we have to make had decisions that we don’t want to be faced with, let alone do. With the economy the worst it has been in 70 years I was faced with a very awkward and devastating situation. The question was to do what was morally and ethically wrong and possible illegal to boot. I know many of our politicians today have no problem with doing what is morally, ethically wrong, and even illegal, but most of the people in our country want to do what is right. To me, if you don’t have your integrity, you do not have anything.

I had brought some major problems to my director, problems that were not just immoral and unethical, but in several cases illegal. I showed him where another manager was lying and directing his people to illegally charge our customer. For trying to head off a possible law suite my reward was being told “you are cherry picking”, “you are an alarmist”. After I show him proof his answer was, “it is none of your business what I do or have him do”. I had to step back and reevaluate. I was the Quality Manager in charge of quality and compliance and had to make one of the hardest decision of my life, I resigned. I had a choice to keep my integrity or keep my job, I can always find another job (sooner or later) but reestablishing your integrity is not so easy.

I tell you this because our government is doing the exact same thing my director was, committing actions that are ethically wrong, and even illegal, loosing what little integrity they may have had left. This is not a Democrat or Republican politician debate; all of them are doing these atrocities. If I, a little known person without a large bank account unlike most politicians, can do the ethical and honorable thing, why can’t our politicians from both sides do likewise?

The House Ethics Manual clearly states the following, “Some standards of conduct derive from criminal law. Violations of these standards may lead to a fine or imprisonment, or both. In some instances, such as conversion of government funds or property to one‘s own use or false claims concerning expenses or allowances, the Department of Justice may seek restitution.”

We could wipe out have of the sitting Congress on this one rule alone. I wonder if the have even read what the standard they are to be serving we the people. If you read further you can find even more standards our congress refuses to follow:

Page 20

The Code of Ethics for Government Service articulates broad ethical guidelines for ―all Government employees, including officeholders.‖ The 85th Congress adopted this Code in 1958.93 among other things, the Code stresses that any person in government service should:

• Adhere to the highest moral principles;
• Give a full day‘s labor for a full day's pay;
• Never discriminate unfairly by dispensing special favors;
• Never accept favors or benefits that might be construed as influencing the performance of governmental duties;
• Make no private promises binding on the duties of office;
• Engage in no business with the Government inconsistent with the performance of governmental duties;
• Never use information received confidentially in the performance of governmental duties for making private profit; and
• Uphold the Constitution, laws, and legal regulations of the United States and of all governments therein and never be a party to their evasion.

I’m pretty sure this could wipe out both Speakers of the Houses and the other half of congress, especially sense this one sounds familiar,” Never accept favors or benefits that might be construed as influencing the performance of governmental duties;”, can you say Health Care Bill. Strange how the Democrats and Republicans want to make rules for others but won’t follow their own.

Page 79

Bribery and Illegal Gratuities

The solicitation or acceptance of a gift that is tied to an official act may implicate the U.S. criminal code. The federal bribery statute makes it a crime for a public official, including a Member, officer, or employee of the House, to ask for or receive gifts, money, or other things of value in connection with the performance of official duties. Bribery occurs when a federal official ―directly, or indirectly, corruptly‖ receives or asks for ―anything of value personally or for any other person or entity, in return for . . . being influenced in the performance of any official act.‖76

Can you say Health Care Bill and half of every thing else passed by congress recently? Where is the integrity and ethics filling every fiber of their soul? The answer is, nether side, bar a hand full, know what having integrity and ethics means let alone having any in a single fiber of their soul.

Page 123

General Prohibition Against Using Official Resources for Campaign or Political Purpose

As detailed below, official resources of the House must, as a general rule, be used for the performance of official business of the House, and hence those resources may not be used for campaign or political purposes. The laws and rules referenced in this section reflect ―the basic principle that government funds should not be spent to help incumbents gain reelection.‖3

I’m not even going to touch this one.

Page 331

False Claims and Fraud

All I have to say here is look at both Democrats and Republicans vacations and transportation expenditures, millions are wasted here.

So let us take a look for a second, like most average Americans, I am faced with doing something immoral and illegal because my boss wants it done. Unlike Congress and their leader, the President and both Speakers, my boss can fire me for not doing what he says; only the Congresses constituents can fire them. The President and both Speakers can tell Congress to do something immoral and illegal but they have no power to make Congress follow them. I have seen people stand up for what is morally right in past Congresses, but I’m afraid all integrity has left both the Democrat and Republican parties. In the last few elections it has not been who the best person for office is, but who is the lesser of two evils. If I, the common man can stand up for what is right, our politicians should be able to also. I’m not worried about my job; someone out there will want an honest employee.

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