You Voted for It, but Will You Learn by Your Mistake? NO

The north east Fishing Industries are now in the same ball park as the Coal Industry so why are you whining? For the last two years you have watched this very destructive to the American Way administration regulate everyone else out of business, did you, the North East, think you weren’t next. The only difference is the Coal Industry never voted for him except North Carolina but they learned from their 2008 mistake, you didn’t.

Let’s break it down into a simple breakout; the Republican Party is mainly for little regulation but Democrats all want massive regulations. They want it on everyone and always have. They are all about screwing the working class and giving to the criminal and lazy class. The crime rate in areas won by President Obama is 10.4% per 1000 people, Mr. Romney 3.2% per 1000 people. I don’t like Romney but facts are the Republican controlled areas on average are safer then Democratic control areas and the main reason is because they regulate you out of protection. Here is another question for you. Why are all the heaviest Gun Regulated Cities also the Highest Crime Riddled Cities? The answer is because criminals ignore laws but honest people obey even at their own peril.

Any time the Democratic Party gets in charge of the House, Senate, or Presidency the first order of business id to regulate what they haven’t and put more regulations on what they already have. Why can every other country drill in the Gulf of Mexico with no problem but we can’t? Regulations passed by the majority of the Democratic Party. We could be energy independent except the Democratic Party won’t let us.

If the Democratic Party is all for renewable fuel then why did the 3rd largest Solar Panel maker in the US move to China? Evergreen Solar cited the massive regulations passed by our congress creating a non-profitable environment. Another 800 jobs gone to China and by the way, they were in the North East (Massachusetts). This is one side of the coin that is killing our country; running the companies away through catastrophic regulations and unions pushing for unsustainable wages and benefits; just look to the west (California) for a good example. Now I ask the question again; have you learned your lesson and will become responsible? This administrations regulation will purposely make utility prices skyrocket “President Obama’s own plan and words”.

Go to this video (at about the 2:00 minute mark) and see if President Obama did what he said he would do in this debate with Ms. Clinton; the answer is the exact opposite and yet you voted for his agenda again.

I don’t make six digits a year yet I just lost 4% of my pay thanks to President Obama, I thought he said he wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class. When the regulators came after the Coal Industry all I heard was “it’s changing times, they need to adapt”. So I don’t want to hear your wining because now they are coming for you, “it’s changing times, you need to adapt”. He and the Democratic Party sure did so that makes him a …what’s that word… oh yah, a liar!!! If you voted for him the first time I can understand falling for the lie, everyone makes mistakes. If you voted for him the second time your arrogance, fiscal irresponsibility, and denial of the truths are coming at the expense of your children and grand children which wouldn’t bother me except it’s also at the expense of mine too.
If you want to save America you need to vote politicians in who will stop the spending, make the people (who can) work if the want to eat, secure the boarder, and stop taxing and regulating people and companies into oblivion. America is like a prize bull you are raising from a calf. If you tie a knotted noose around his neck he is fine until he grows. If the noose isn’t removed he will die from strangulation.

This is exactly what the taxing and regulations are doing to this great country and if we do not cut off the noose and get rid of the Democrats and Republicans who put it there, it will kill this beautiful nation.