The Double Standard

I was talking to a lady and double standards were brought into the conversation. I am of the belief we are all made equal. I don’t care about your race or gender just your honor and integrity. You can be the richest or most powerful person in the world but without your honor and integrity, you are no better then the lowest creature on earth. That being said, all should have the same chances and have the same standard applied.

I once admired reporters because they would report on the news, they would tell you all the angles from everyone’s view and never purposely lie, misreport, or refuse to report on stories that affected our country. I once admired human rights, equal rights, women rights, and all other rights group who stood for equality for all to be treated with respect. I once admired our justice system to enforce the letter of the law equally for all. I once admired our politicians who even when they had differences would not falsify facts and would still treat each other with respect. In the past twenty years our news agencies, rights groups, and politicians have all let us down.

 Let’s be brutally honest for a few minutes:

If you are part of a group that claims to be against prejudice (an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason) yet this is exactly what you do, you are not only a liar but a hypocrite. If you claim to be for justice but only when it suites you, you are not a crusader for justice but a pettifogger. I perfect example of this was the Duke Lacrosse Team rape case. You had several high profile “civil rights leaders” crucifying the players without waiting to see what the evidence would say. Even after evidence came out showing she lied they never apologized. These people and groups are supposed to be leaders in their communities yet had already condemned the players’ solely because of their race. The truth is they are the racist. Let’s move on to the next group.

When you have the NOW (National Organization of Women) only defending liberal women but not defending all women, they are not for women’s rights but a pawn of a political parties agenda. If they were truly for women’s rights, no matter which group of women were being wrongly treated, they would be up in arms. Sense this does not happen we know they are hypocrites. I know I’m picking on NOW (rightfully so) but they are not the only one.

The ACLU statement from their web page says “The ACLU is our nation's guardian of liberty, working daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and laws of the United States guarantee everyone in this country.” If this was true they would be defending the complete First Amendment as well as the Forth Amendment but the only do this when it fits into their agenda. If they are going to keep attacking Christianity calling it “separation of church and state” then why don’t they attack the biggest fish in that arena, Martin Luther King Day? The truth is if you look at who they defend and who they attack, it’s very one sided toward a select group of people. The liberal agenda is their agenda. Even if they loose a case they get paid, that needs to end. If they win pay them, if they loose don’t otherwise all it does is allow bullying and frivolous law suites.

Our justice system has become criminal. It is populated with agenda driven justices who instead of following the constitution and letter of the law dictate what they think the law should be from the bench. Our founding fathers would turn over in their graves if they could see how injudicious our justice system has become.

 Politicians have gone from the most upstanding and honest people around to the most crooked and lying people around. They no longer care about the country but only if they can get reelected. They treat our troops with malice. They buy votes by giving amnesty to ones breaking our laws or subsidies to ones sucking us dry like leeches both of which are crippling our country. The fiscal irresponsibility our politicians have shown proves that they all need to be removed and let a fresh group without all the contacts try and do an honest days work. They always threaten the military or the recipients of social security to get their way no matter the damage to the country

The biggest offender of honesty and integrity is our news agencies. When they are not honest and will give some a free ride and crucify another doing the same it is easy to tell they are the leaders of disinformation. Today’s news agencies are the epitome of double standards, bias, cover up, lack of both honesty and integrity. I have watched them refuse to report on stories because the story were not the image they wanted the public to see. I have watched them either not do the foot work to find the true facts to report or they are flat out lying to forward their preconceived agenda. The accuracy and professionalism once delivered by greats like Walter Cronkite is forever gone I’m afraid. Even though they many times believed different the always reported the facts even when it showed them the flaws in their beliefs.

The only way to get the integrity and honor back into our society is for all the double standards and personal agendas of our elected officials and news agencies to end. First and foremost our news agencies need to return to the accuracy and professionalism of Walter Cronkite and remove themselves from political influence. If the media would report the truth instead of a political agenda, the politicians would have to change or be voted out of their office, judges would fall into line or be removed from office, and groups claiming to be for human rights would be called out as frauds, which is what should happen now but doesn’t. If they did the double standards wouldn’t exist.