Benghazi and Common Sense

Mrs. Clinton lying again; “Though she said officials are following some "very promising leads" on the terrorists, Clinton herself acknowledged there are still several open questions about what prompted the attack that night.” Let’s try this on for size; a very well trained military terrorist group planned, coordinated, and executed an attack on 9/11 with precision and killed four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens. The Ambassador noticed what was building up months before and requested additional security which was denied by the White House.

They were watching the attack when it was developing and there were no protesters; besides protesters don’t carry RPGs. They knew it was a preplanned attack as they watched in real time. Now let’s look at politics and denial instead of protection at work “But Clinton still said the motivations of the attackers, to this day, are not clear.” Let me take a guess, Muslim extremist who hate everything that isn't Muslim and would like nothing better then to kill Americans. I'm pretty sure Mrs. Clinton knew that was the motive. Who denied the extra protection requested by the Ambassador; Mrs. Clinton and her department? Of course they are the ones who approve or deny security upgrades but I think we are all missing a key element. The report reads that one of the Seals killed was marking a target. Why is this important? When you mark a target it is line of sight so he would have been seen and you only designate a target when you have ordinance above read for drop; so why wasn’t the ordinance released? This is the question that needs to be asked. On a side note when our troops were leaving Iraq they were taking fire daily but an Executive Directive (only comes from the white house or congress) ordered sated you were not allowed to return fire.

This comes from the same White House and State Department that is denying what happened in Benghazi. Our congress is littered with politicians from both sides that constantly put our troops, US Representatives, and our country in danger. We need to get rid of the Democrats and Republicans that do not for our country but only for themselves. Anyone who doesn’t do the research and realize that Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Dianne Feinstein, Lisa Murkowski, Harry Reid, David Dreier, Chuck Schumer, and Susan Collins are following a path that can only lead to this country’s severe damage or downfall, are purposely blind and mendacious. Just like all in the know about Benghazi are mendacious, they let the four Americans die and then try to cover it up; this was shameful.