Breeding a Losing Society

It’s happened again but few are willing to be honest with themselves as to why this has started happening and why it is becoming more frequent. Of course it is the “guns” fault according to many but the gun is no more at fault then a fork making someone fat or a cigarette’s fault for someone getting lung cancer, it is our leaders fault.

I met an atheist once who hated everyone who believed in any form of religion (no matter which one) because they had to be “idiots” to believe in anything supernatural or religious being. I asked him about all the laws which like it or not have come from religious influence on our society. His response was “I don’t need a religious person to tell me right from wrong; my morale code that I developed is just as good as a religious one”. I then asked him if all should be allowed to make up their own morale code; what they felt was right and live by it and that would be ok by him; he answered yes. I then showed him the flaw in his belief. I said” a man walks in and shoots you dead where you stand; according to you he has done nothing wrong”. He said” He has committed murder; of course he has committed a crime”. I then tell him according to the man’s own morale code he has done nothing wrong therefore it wasn’t murder. He blew up like a rocket; you can’t have your cake and eat it.

 I am not going to endorse or oppose any religion in this post but what I will point out is the truth; whether I like it or not this country was founded on religious principles which are where our laws came. If you take a look back into our history of school and mass shootings they didn’t really start occurring until seventeen years after prayer, and in some areas the pledge of allegiance, and discipline was removed from our schools. It was replaced with all must pass even if they don’t put in the work, it’s environmental influence which cause them to act that way, and it’s OK we won’t tell your parents unless something goes wrong then it’s your parents fault for not watching you. Let’s not forget political correctness which in itself has collapsed many areas in our country into anarchy and chaos. You are not allowed to teach a morale standard in schools anymore and looking at what is happening in our country since then, you can tell it’s had a devastating effect. When you teach people to create their own set of morals yet tell another, the law abiding and innocent it is illegal to protect yourself, murder of the innocent will soon follows and this is what we now see.

In Colorado theater 71 people were shot because the law abiding citizens weren’t allowed to bring in their gun into the theater but as you can see once again criminals don’t care about the law. If this would have happened in any state allowing law abiding citizens to bring their weapons, he would have still been able to shoot a couple of people but then he would have been dead from the law abiding citizens protecting themselves. This is a simple fact but will never be accepted by the anti-gun establishment. The original assault rifle ban went into effect after President Reagan was shot; he was shot with a .22 pistol. I don’t know how you can make the connection between a .22 pistol and an assault rifle, only an irrational person could. James Eagan Holmes is one of the first people to use an assault rifle in this way and if there would have been a CCL holder in the theater and that person killed James Eagan Holmes and saved 60 people from being shot, I guarantee you with the liberal state of Colorado; he or she would have been prosecuted and jailed. This is not rational or logical but it is the anti-gun establishment’s way. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation yet also has the highest crime rates; why? You need to look at the root cause of the problem instead of the symptom.

1. The cities with the strictest gun laws are also the cities with the highest crime rate; why? Criminals using street sense will be the first to tell you they will bypass an area known to have few gun laws because you don’t know who is packing which makes their chances of being wounded, killed, or held for arrest much higher so unless they are desperate they will skip it for an easier target. These same criminals also using street sense will be the first to tell you they will enter an area known to have strict gun laws because their risk is greatly diminished and chances of a successful criminal act are raised expeditiously. It is common sense but no matter how true it is the anti-gun establishment will never admit it.

2. Crime is crime rather its murder or coming to this country illegally. I know many families that are here illegally and are good people but they are still here illegally which means they are committing a crime. Of the illegal’s crossing our borders, greater then 50% are violent criminals and/or gang members. I know we need to change our immigration policy but above that, we need to protect our citizens. Sanctuary cities must be stopped, they are hurting our country and as I said earlier, criminals will go to the anti-gun and these cities which are almost always sanctuary cities causing their citizens a higher rate of poverty and debt.

3. Nowhere in the US Constitution does it say people can’t make mistakes. We let so many people go due to the police not dotting an “I” or crossing a “T” and it has nothing to do with due process. We also allow defense attorneys all sorts of latitude enabling them to skew the facts to get their client off. The cold hard facts will speak for themselves. If someone forgot to cross the “T” smack them, but let the evidence remain.

4. We all seen the OJ trial, Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman blood found in his Bronco and at his house but the DNA evidence was thrown out because it was said that due process was violated. The truth is OJ had enough money, and armed with one of the finest group of attorneys money could buy which enabled him to get the evidence thrown out. I do not think he would have been convicted anyway because in America we do not like to convict celebrities and the biggest criminals of all, our politicians, are not even held to the standard our founding fathers set.

There are other reasons we have such a high crime rate. One of the biggest reasons was because (for political reason) we eliminated the draft without replacing it with a like civilian system. What I mean is like it or not the draft system taught people a skill and gave them a work ethic and motivation, the ones that weren’t taught discipline at home were taught it in the military; where does this happen now? Oh, it doesn’t! When that was taken away people didn’t learn a skill, discipline, or a work ethic, they started turning to criminal activities. The other side of the coin is people have been taught that they don’t need to work; the government will give you everything. The people who do work get penalized because the government tries and take everything from them to help pay for the people who have been turned into lazy losers by our government. These people are literally paid to vote for the ones who will give them more without ever having to work. This is as wrong as wrong gets. We need to wean the people off the free money; it is weakening our country and making us vulnerable.

If you want to fix it go back to the 1930s Civilian Conservation Corps Camps. If anyone is on welfare (other then the Elderly and Disable) for more then a year (or if they volunteer), put them in a CCC camp. Have them conduct City, State, and/or Federal work to pay for what they are receiving until they can get a job and be back on their feet. Allow them to receive welfare for three years max out of twenty, if they fall on bad times after that they can work at the CCC Camp until once again they can get back on their feet. If they own a house money can be transferred to pay their mortgage but they must work, if they refuse to work they are out on their own with no assistance. I wonder how many people would be looking for work. People on welfare would not like this and would probably riot because they think they deserve and are owed welfare just because they are breathing. They deserve the chance to get whatever they desire, but they need to work for it.

 The lack of discipline and morals in our country has brought us to this; it has brought us to act like animals and attack the innocent which is 180 degrees from what our founding fathers wanted. The responsibilities that our founding fathers set into society have been stripped away by socialistic people who have managed in some cases to become our leaders. The founding fathers would turn over in their graves. We need to stop being the nation of free hand outs and start back to being the best nation on earth with no other nation coming close.