Gun Control and School Shootings

When you have a problem you need to find the root cause, not just try to cover a symptom. I believe there are two main reasons and neither is a guns fault. If you check the statistics before 1974 you never heard of a school shooting; so what has changed sense then to have this devastating effect? If you look at the history without bias it’s amazing what you can see.

You need to ask, “Why do our children have no conscience? Why do they kill with no regret, or remorse?” If we think about it long and hard, we can figure it out but sense the truth will offend the initiators of this idiocy, they refuse the truth! If you look up school shooting crime rates from 1950 till now it might be very unsettling for you.

After we decided to take discipline, the pledge, and prayer out of the schools (1963), and start teaching a politically correct agenda, let’s see how good of an idea it was to follow Madelyn Murray O'Hare and Dr. Benjamin Spock.

There were no school shootings before their agendas but isn’t it interesting that the first recorded high school shooting was on December 1974; eleven years after the Supreme Court removed discipline, the pledge, and prayer from our schools and put Madelyn Murray O'Hare and Dr. Benjamin Spock policies into place, school shootings started. How many years are kids in school? Many kids never learn discipline, respect for others, and work ethics at home so if they are not taught in schools where do they learn it; THEY WON’T! If you looked up school crime rate from 1950 to now, the rise is flabbergasting; it probably has something to do with "reaping what you sow".

1974 - 3 killed
1979 - 2 killed

1983 - 2 killed
1989 - 6 killed

1992 - 4 killed
1995 - 2 killed
1996 - 3 killed
1997 - 8 killed
1998 - 10 killed
1999 - 13 killed
2000 - 2 killed
2001 - 7 killed
2003 - 5 killed
2004 - 4 killed
2005 - 11 killed
2006 - 12 killed
2007 - 2 killed
2008 - 3 killed
2009 – 8 killed
5 killed in 1970s
8 killed in 1980s
40 killed in 1990s
54 killed in 2000s
Percentage of raise from 1970

The first collage shooting by a student took place in 1991. He was a graduate student and started school after discipline, the pledge, and prayer was taken out of his public schools.The other side of the coin is the amount of prescription drugs our children are forced to take. 

We was told it was highly suggested we put our son on Prozac because he was a little high strung (aka acting like a male toddler) and had trouble sitting still in class. I told the school counselor that she and the teachers need to do their job instead of trying to get the parents to drug their kids. I had read several reports which had linked depression, violent outburst, and suicide to Prozac in kids and when I told the counselor she blew me off because no way was I more informed then her. Even though doctors wrote the report she had her own agenda and refused to see the truth as do many in our society today. Now we have over 107 public school students and faculties who have paid with their lives and 60 college students and faculty and it’s still all about the agenda. 

Why do the highest gun violent cities in the US also have the strictest gun laws? It’s because criminals don’t follow the law hence their tag CRIMINALS! I don’t care if you believe in God or not but if these kids are never taught right from wrong; we can’t today (we might offended them), then it is going to get worse. Take the guns, they will use knives; take the knives they will use clubs. To lower the violence get them off the drugs, teach right from wrong, and remove the gun laws then criminals won’t know who might shoot them and will be less likely to try and rob you.