Gun Rights Under Attack Again HR 332 IH

The header reads “To provide victims of gun violence access to the same civil remedies as are available to those injured through other means.” If you read it, it says to allow anyone injured by a gun to sue the manufacture of the gun, the manufacture of the ammo, the distributor of both, and the seller of both. Let’s put this to the “same civil remedies as are available to those injured through other means.” If you get killed in a car accident can you sue the manufacture of the car, the manufacture of the tires, the manufacture of the fuel, the distributor of all three, and the seller of all three; the answer is no. But if it’s a DUI you can, right; again the answer is no and to put this into perspective.

In 2010, a total of 25,692 died of alcohol-induced causes. There was 10,228 people killed as a direct result of impaired drivers. 3,092 people were killed from texting and 416,000 injured. Guns were not even in the top 15 highest causes of death in the US according to the site, so this isn’t a right or a left site. Homicides by firearms in 2010 according to the FBI was 8,775, alcohol-induced causes are 293% more, but do you what to sue the manufacture of the alcohol, the manufacture of the bottle its put in, and the distributor of both; NO!. Drug overdose deaths were 38,329 according to the CDC which is 437% more, but do you want to sue the manufacture of the drugs, the manufacture of the bottle its put in, the distributor of drugs, or the doctor who prescribes them; NO! Did you know over 190,000 deaths each year is due to medical malpractice; that is over twenty-one times the death by guns but are you trying to sue the school they attended, the manufacture of the instruments they use, or the medical panel that allow them to keep practicing; NO, because you are bias and hypocritical. The question to ask is; what really caused gun deaths; the answer is gun control.

There are 57.1% of gangs live in large cities contributing 70% of all homicides with 24.0% in its suburbs contributing an additional 19% of all homicides; this is 89% of all homicides according to the National Gang This means about 7,810 gun homicides were committed in theses areas which have the most restrictive gun control measures in place; the large cities and their suburbs. If you really think gun control is helping then why is DC and Chicago having so many homicides; because as I has said a million times, criminals ignore the law hence their name. If the idiots who have presented these bills really wanted to try and save lives, wouldn’t they go after the car industry, drug companies, alcohol industries, and doctors first. The answer would be yes but all they want is to take more of your rights. James Holmes stated he passed five theaters before stopping at The Aurora Theaters because The Aurora Theater had a sign stating no guns allowed which meant no one would be able to stop him. These senators who are presenting this bill need to be voted out of office or recalled because there political correct bias is what enabled James Holmes to murder these people. The government system to protect us was ignored because no one would listen to the warnings James Holmes’ psychiatrist gave and now they wanted to blame the gun.

Nelson Georgia requires all able citizens to own a gun and their crime rate is; you guessed it ZERO. Now do I believe making people own guns in America will stop all crime, no but I bet it will drop by 80%. These street thugs would act completely different if they didn’t know if you were or weren’t armed. In DC and Chicago there is no doubt you would have a lot of blood letting for a short time until the thugs learned the tables are now equal and this is the fault of their politicians. Unfortunately a lot of innocent people will be killed because the political correctness of the left has empowered the criminals. If you look at the top five most dangerous cities in the US for the past 10 years they all have two identical characteristics; first they are all ran by liberals, second they all have strict gun control laws. Shouldn’t this be a beacon to let you know your view may not be right? You would think people would see the light but they don’t because of:

  1. The truth doesn’t matter, only us keeping power.
  2. My party is always right and if you say different (no matter the facts) you are wrong.
  3. It doesn’t matter how we get our agenda done or who we hurt as long as we win and we must do so at all costs (Nancy Pelosi quote).
  4. We are right, you are wrong; I don’t care what the truth is!
So are you going to go after the doctors, car makers, pharmaceutical companies, and alcohol who kill in some cases twenty times as many as guns and put the same stipulations toward them; of course not. This is because our government doesn’t have the peoples best interest at  heart, only their greed and own agenda.

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