Racism Still Rearing its Ugly Head; Travon Martin & the George Zimmerman Trial

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We will never be free from racism as long as all the American races keep supporting and letting it fester in our communities.

As long as you allow groups like the Ku Klux Klan, New Black Panthers, Arian Nation, Muslims of America, La Raza, and which ever other ones I haven’t named represent your community, racism will always thrive and you are the catalyst! As long as you let words like cracker, N-word, SP-word, CH-word, and others be used inside your own community, you have no right to be mad if someone outside your community uses it because you are condoning its use; the sad part is you look ignorant every time you use them and you don’t even know it. If you want people to respect you it has nothing to do with having a smart phone, fancy rims, or the clothes you wear; it has to do with your character. What happens when someone doesn’t give you that respect you think you deserve; you beat them, stab them, or shoot them, and show how you truly are worthless; if you don’t want justice for all, why should you get any justice? I get so sick and tired of these race baiters and that guy is guilty or not guilty because he is Black, Spanish, Chinese, or White; the facts are what should matter. Let’s look at some cases.

I follow evidence and I don’t care what race you are or your economic standing the evidence will tell you the truth, if you are guilty you should be punished, if innocent set free. Michael Jackson was accused of molesting kids, when all the evidence came out and was shown, the prosecutor should have been disbarred because there wasn’t a shred of evidence to back up the case and I believe the plaintiff was just after his money. Many others believe he got off because he was a celebrity. I followed the O.J. case and with the police finding the blood of Jessica Simpson Brown and Ronald Goldman in O.J. house and bronco (this was allowed into evidence) there is no doubt that he was the killer or stood close by as the killer did his bidding. You know he is guilty especially when after the trial he promotes a book named, “If I Did It, Here's How It Happened’ and later tried to promote the same book under a different title, “If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer” which is exactly how it was done. The nine Blacks, two Whites, and one Hispanic jurors did a great injustice to the Brown and Goldman families but why? When the evidence and presentation was reviewed by several law professors including professor of law at Columbia, Vivian Berger, she said in a true court I would declare him a murderer. There was an interview of a black focus group done by Nicholas Stix. This exert is from his findings:

The black focus group thought the wrongful death suit "was against the law" and saw it as a "vendetta." One stated that a "special law had been passed to let the Goldman’s bring the civil suit JUST TO GET SIMPSON." One woman was so angry she could almost spit. “‘Because he is a black man, and a black man of power, they've got to bring him down.' There was no argument."

As I said before, I don’t care what race you are or your economic standing the evidence will tell you the truth, if you are guilty you should be punished, if innocent set free. O.J. was guilty by the evidence but set free. This was in 1995. Unfortunately 18 years later it is getting worse, you have George Zimmerman killing Travon Martin and immediately the same race baiters who were wrong at the Duke Lacrosse team trial (and never gave an apology) convicting George Zimmerman. They once again didn’t care about the truth and with the help from the media had already convicted George Zimmerman without a trial or looking at the evidence. If it would have been in reversed, not a peep would have been heard from the media; this is why no one trust them anymore.

The sad thing here is a 17 year old is dead and his mother and father shouldn’t have to burry their son. The news showed Travon as a scrawny skinny kid 10 or 12, not the 6 foot 1 inch 17 year old who loved mix martial arts. The news played an edited audio tape of George Zimmerman that made it sound like Mr. Zimmerman was a racist but in truth he was just answering the police dispatcher’s questions. Travon was not this innocent kid as they portrayed by the media but a teenager who was suspended from school for defacing lockers, having marijuana (which was in his system when he was shot), and having women’s jewelry. This is the evidence plane and simple is:

  1. The only marks on Travon are the bullet hole and his knuckles being cut up.
  2. Travon’s shirt was 4 to 6 inches from his body when he was shot which means he was on top.
  3. He was sneaking behind houses where he didn’t live; where did that jewelry come from?
  4. Mr. Zimmerman had a broken nose (unless you think he beat up Travon’s fists with his face).
  5. Mr. Zimmerman had cuts all over the back of his head.

The problem is when racist are involved, facts don’t matter just like
the Duke Lacrosse team trial; neither the Duke case or the Zimmerman case should have went to trial but instead of truth, politics and racism was presented. This is what has been written by Travon’s supporters:

  1. If Zimmerman Gets Off, Ima Go Kill a White Boy!
  2. The George Zimmerman verdict is a declaration of war that only the devil can applaud, according to the Twitter feed for the New Black Panther Party.
  3. “Were at war,” Shabbazz Tweeted. “Its (sic) silly and immoral to call for peace when war has been declared.”
  4. Only a devil would applaud that verdict. Only natural born devil. By applauding that verdict you in fact admit that you are a devil, wrote Shabbazz.
  5. Al Sharpton states, "What this jury has done is establish a precedent that when you are young and fit a certain profile, you can be committing no crime ... and be killed and someone can claim self-defense ... we had to march to even get a trial and even at trial, when he's exposed over and over again as a liar, he is acquitted."

Mr. Zimmerman was found to be telling the truth over and over so the liar here is Mr. Sharpton. So who is the racist here? The evidence doesn’t matter, Mr. Zimmerman’s work with black youths doesn’t matter, and the pleas of Travon’s parents, who stated they didn’t think this was a racial issue, doesn’t matter, all that matters is the race baiters getting their two minutes of glory. I am about the truth no matter what ugly head it raises and from the beginning, the liberal press, the race baiters, and the anti gun crowed went all out to make an example of Mr. Zimmerman. This is similar to how they (minus the anti-gun crowed) may laid the Duke Lacrosse Team; both were pronounced guilty without trial, evidence, or fair media coverage. Many years in the past, our country was not treating its citizens all equally and as a matter of fact today, in many perspectives, it still is not treating its all citizens equal. The New Black Panthers were intimidating voters in 2008 and nothing was done, Eric Holder made the Justice Department drop the charges; would he have done the same thing if it was the KKK? I think not! It would be wrong by both; if any group did this, they should be prosecuted. Now, a little-known agency, the Community Relations Service, which is part of the Justice Department and know as their "peacemaker" for community conflicts over race is organizing protest against the Zimmerman verdict; I guess they are not the peace makers anymore. I think the Justice has left the Justice department.

This is racism at its finest and needs to be stomped out, but this can only be done by the leaders of each ethnic group. If we the older generation don’t teach our youth respect for others and their property, respect for the law, and respect for our country, all we will end up with is more dead children. No parent should ever outlive their child and my deepest condolence goes out to the Martin family. Just as my nephew was in the wrong, the evidence says so was Travon.

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