LBJ’s 'Great Liberal Society', It’s a Failure - Detroit's Bankruptcy

Detroit is a good example of what will happen when greed and the lust for power overruns integrity, character and what is the responsible course of action. Detroit has been having problems for a long time but why were they not fixed? The population of Detroit at its highest was in 1950 a population of 1,849,568; the lowest is this year, 2013 with a population of 711,700; this is a decline of 61.6%. The population started drastically falling after 1960 with a population of 1,670,144 and never recovered. All mayors of Detroit after 1962 have been Liberal Democrats; the only one I can say tried to do anything to turn the city around is the current mayor, Mr. Bing. Mr. Bing tried but could not get anything accomplished with the city council, all of which too are Liberals but this is just one part of the problem.

One of the biggest problems is the one sided union approach in Detroit. The lavish pay and pension plans which have been given for years have caught up with the city. I have family members in unions and have seen the good and bad of unions but Detroit’s unions are just one of the instruments which has caused Detroit’s destruction, I will give you one example: Detroit Water & Sewer Department (DWSD) average pay and compensation package is $86,000 and the Union bosses insisted the DWSD needs more. Just to let you know the average income in Detroit is $28,069 so DWSD employees get paid three times what the average citizen and all most double the national average $43,740. This all stems from greed and because of that greed the recipients of the pension plans will be lucky to get 25 cents on the dollar; you can either pay at the beginning or pay at the end. Because they followed the liberal way of irresponsible management they received their pay at their beginning but will only receive pennies on the dollar at the now end. You have to pay the piper sooner or later and the time in Detroit is now.

Lavish welfare is another problem, with aid for all children you have women who are giving birth to 8 to 10 children and in one case a woman gave birthed to 24 as reported by the Detroit Free Press, all on American taxpayer dollars. There needs to be a limit of no extra welfare after three kids needs to be put into place; people need to start being responsible but a new child to them means a new car payment, new TV, or whatever was wanted. LBJ’s 'Great Liberal Society' flourished in Detroit, if you are given money for doing nothing, you will take more hands out for doing nothing. The problem with this is you loose all desire to achieve anything and then the politicians can control you. You will always believe what they tell you without checking it out to see if it is factually correct. Almost every city in America which is in trouble is ran by Liberals and in 90% of the cases Democrats but don’t believe me; look it up! If you look up this link “Crime and Cause” you will not only see the most dangerous cities but the most broke cities and who runs them.

What most people won’t tell you because its not politically correct is the cities with a higher welfare rate is also the cities with the highest crime rate. The cities with a higher out of wedlock birth rate likewise have the highest crime rate. It will also cause the working people to move because they will be taxed at a higher and higher rate to pay for the people on welfare hence the beginning of the great exodus from Detroit. They say the unemployment rate in the US is 7.8 (it’s really around 12.4%) but in Detroit it is 29%. With a high welfare rate you also have a low high school graduation rate; the national high school dropout average is 7%, in Detroit almost 65%. A fix for this to give the citizens a step up would be the school voucher program put the kids in better schools. The Democrats don’t want this because it will strip the teachers unions of some of their power and the politicians of some of their donations; they don’t care about the kids. Now you ask how can these liberal politicians slap the citizens of Detroit in the face anymore; well the tax rate for NON-resident of Detroit is 1.2% half the rate of a Detroit resident 2.4%; does that make sense?

How do you fix Detroit? First you need to realize the liberal entitlement theology caused Detroit and many other cities to fail. I don’t care if you vote Democrat or Republican as long as they are physical conservatives. Second, become attractive for businesses, especially small businesses and quite taxing and charging them for every little item. The taxes on gas are staggering. I was in South Carolina and then went to Michigan and the gas price in Michigan was 65 cents higher. This hurts business and Detroit you need to petition the state to lower the gas tax (if that is why it’s so high). Third, I know many employers in Michigan and especially in Detroit and Deerborn who pay their employees 50% in check, 50% cash. This is so they don’t have to pay “Payroll Tax” and the employee pays less income tax; this is illegal and once again greed is the reason; it also hurts the community where these people live. Last but the most important, you need to stomp out as much of the corruption as you can, in Detroit it is ramped. Why in Alaska and South Carolina do the highways last five times longer then in Detroit; they are engineered to fail. The more they have to be fixed, the more money a contractor makes. You will never get rid of all corruption, especially with the organized crime in control of several local unions, but the more you take out the better Detroit will be for its people. Pick the leaders who will make the hard decisions even if they are unpopular. If you don’t do the above or some version, you might as well have everyone leave Detroit, because it will be a lost cause. I know many people from there and they have the spirit to bring it back, but with that spirit you need to do your research to see who will be the best for your town. If you vote for the one who gives you more free stuff, you have failed.

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