The Hard Truth about Our Society and Its Downward Spin

This is going to be solely from my point of view and what I have watched over the last half century. You may agree with some of it and not with others parts but instead of looking at everything from your point view, look at it from all points of view. The most important way to find the truth is to look at the facts not following your feelings; your feeling will always lie to you. Following your feelings will make you rationalize what you want, and try to fit it as the truth while following the facts will show you the truth you fear to face. I am a realist and look at many items as black and white because the truth is black or white; being impartial about facts is hard, it’s even harder when you are emotionally attached and have skin in the game. Unlike the skewed reports we receive from the news today I’m going to give you the true facts. If you are offended by a subject, instead of being mad maybe you should see how you can fix the problem, now on to the show.

Why are so many males dying below the age of 18? The highest percentages of deaths per capita are in the minority population and the highest numbers of deaths overall is in the white population? In 2009 Blacks murdered 91% of Blacks and 13% of white. The whites murdered 84% of whites and 7% of blacks. This all comes from the FBI “Crime in the United States” web site. According to the FBI 84.6% of murders happen within cities of 250,000 or more compared to 15.4 percent in suburbs and rule area. Here is where it gets uncomfortable; you always here about a white killing a black on the news but blacks kill 53.8% more whites then whites kill blacks; this is strait out of the FBI crime statistics. The following are direct factors as I see it to the reason for the crimes.

It comes from three factors that most refuse to talk about and the first is out of wedlock birth rates; across the board we have a 40.8% out of wedlock birth rate. A male child needs a man to mentor him and not just any man, a man with integrity and honor; not a different man every year of questionable character. If you go to the CDC and down load the stats, look at page 45 at the bottom and it will tell you the following.

Over all 72.5% of African American are born out of wedlock but 18 years old and under is 99.3% which is 12.4% of all births in the African American community and until you hit 40 years of age never drops below 40% born out of wedlock and never drops below 39.9% born out of wedlock.

Over all 65.6% of Native American are born out of wedlock but 18 years old and under is 96.4% which is 14% of all births in the Native American community and the stats shows it never dropping below 40% born out of wedlock.

Over all 53.4% of Hispanic American are born out of wedlock but 18 years old and under is 93.9% which is 21.6% of all births in the Hispanic American community and until you hit 30 years of age never drops below 40% born out of wedlock and never drops below 34.1% born out of wedlock.

Over all 35.9% of White American are born out of wedlock but 18 years old and under is 93.9% which is 12.3% of all births in the White American community and until you hit 30 years of age never drops below 40% born out of wedlock and never drops below 19.7% born out of wedlock.

Over all 17% of Asian/Pacific Islander American are born out of wedlock but 18 years old and under is 93.4% which is 7.2% of all births in the Asian/Pacific Islander American community and until you hit 30 years of age never drops below 40% born out of wedlock and drops to the slowest of 11.6% born out of wedlock.

When the nuclear family breaks down so does the society; if it breaks down in one race more quickly then another race, that race will have more problems. When morals are not taught you can not expect any society or community to not live in chaos which is what we see in our big cities.

The second problem is dropout rates in school; first you never lower the standard of education just to get more people through, this undermines the whole purpose of education and is the main factor in causing the US to drop in the world educational standings. Across America as a whole the rates are do not look that bad with an average rate of 7.4% until you look at the inner cities areas. The inner cities comprise the majority of the out of wedlock births, high school dropouts, and murders of people under the age of 25 year old per capita. The average dropout rate in a big city is 50% with Detroit leading the pack with a 78.3% dropout rate, Baltimore with a 61.5% dropout rate, and New York City with a 61.1% dropout rate just to name a few.  Los Angles should be number one but the graduates receive their diplomas with many not able to write or add; this does not help them.

The third is respect; the crime rate and the death of all these children are a direct reflection on the community and in many cases the household where they grew up. If children are taught that violence is how you gain respect and you are to show no respect to your teachers, police, or even your elders, your crime rate will skyrocket as it has in most all big cities. When you are taught that you are owed something instead of you need to work for what you want, you have been taught wrong and you make yourself a victim instead of an achiever. When you allow crooks to occupy your city and state elected positions because they will give you more without doing anything, you are headed for a major fall, just ask Detroit; and as we see today, your kids will pay with their blood. The flight of working people out of Detroit was because of the crime rate and massive taxation to pay for those who refuse to work. Detroit was hailed as the perfect liberal utopia in the 1960s and today we can see what this footprint of liberalism will bring to you, your city, and your state; downfall and destruction.

Everyone has heard “If a man gives you a fish you eat for a day, if he teaches you to fish he can eat for a lifetime” but no one has ever been told the second part. If you don’t learn to fish or don’t want to learn to fish because you think you deserve a free fish every day the man will stop giving you fish. You will now turn violent and try to take from the man who has worked for it which is why the crime rate is so high in the big cities. Sooner or later that man will get tired of you trying to take what is his and will put an end to it.

Why do you think the big cities with the harshest gun control laws also have the highest crime rates? The answer, honest person can’t defend themselves. If you wiped out all gun control laws except the following, the crime rate would drop drastically.

  1. Do away with the laws that make you a Felon for frivolous violations. These where put into place just to try and make it so more people couldn’t own guns.

  1. Every state at a state level creates a law that you can’t own a gun with a violent felony conviction. If you are a felon and caught with a gun it is an automatic 10 years in prison on top of all other sentences. If you are a convicted felon and caught three times with a gun it is life without parole.

  1. You can’t own a gun if you have a mental diagnosis that could lead to violent tendencies. Your doctor will put this into the national registry and if they don’t and you commits a violent crime with a gun; the first time he is fined, second time he is barred from practicing in that state.

  1. Any violent crime (robbery, rape) committed or if you are a willing accomplice to a violent crime with a gun, it is an automatic 10 years in prison for use of the gun with no plea bargaining on top of the sentence received; if you have three of these, life without parole. Serial Rapist, life in prison first offense.

  1. Any premeditated murder or willing accomplice to premeditated murder should receive life in prison without parole automatically or the death penalty depending on the state.

  1. If you walk in on someone robbing your house or see someone robbing your neighbor’s house, you can shoot them on the spot.

I guarantee you these six rules would get the criminals off the street quick and in many cases permanent and deter others from following their path. One Caveat; if an illegal alien is caught with a gun they will be immediately deported, if caught committing a crime with a gun, 10 years on top of sentence then deported and band from the US for life. If they return to the US and are caught they will receive life in prison without parole.

Welfare needs to be no more the 36 months received in a 100 month period with no extra benefits for kids born when on welfare. I have been on welfare as have several members of my family and we worked to get off it as soon as we could. Too many people today use this as their gravy train; this is their life and they think it’s owed to them. Get off your lazy butts and get a job; this is the message which needs to be sent. We prosper as a country much better when we work together instead of leeches bringing us down. If you want economical justice, work for it and show everyone you are just as good as them.

Unemployment needs to be an individual account set up like a Roth IRA (not ran by the government) and you and your employer pay into it. If you get laid off you can draw off this account without being taxed. Because it is like a Roth IRA no money will be given by the government to extend your Unemployment Account.  If you get to the end and retire, you can have all of it tax free because it was set up like a Roth IRA.  

Social Security needs to be set up as individual Roth IRA accounts. When you retire you draw a sustainable amount from it based on what you put into it. If you die it can be transferred to your spouse; if spouse is dead, split equally and paid in a lump sum to your children automatically unless a Last Will and Testament says otherwise. The “Last Will and Testament” can direct it to others or even to charities. Relatives can claim if no children or spouses are there to claim and a “Last Will and Testament“ doesn’t say otherwise but only after all debts are settled. If no one claims it, it will go to the state coffers.

Probably the biggest problem in our country comes down to a toss up between the unethical politicians who keep managing to get into office or the news reporters who refuses to be honest and give both sides of the issue. Walter Cronkite was the best example of a great reporter who would show both sides of the issue without twisting it to meet an agenda; unfortunately today we have none like him. You can have the President or Congressmen flat out lie about anything and today the media will not cover or engage it if it is their choice for the office they are in; but if it isn’t their choice they will never check the facts before reporting on a story or will knowingly post a false information on a story if it helps their candidate. Freedom of the Press does not give the press the right to purposely miss lead the people, to knowingly push lies, and to purposely cover up for political immoral and in many cases illegal actions. The truth is our Congress and news media have no ethics or morals anymore; our founding fathers would roll over in their graves.

The purpose of the Federal government when we became a nation was to protect our borders (not being done), provide for the common defense (being eroded), and to protect the freedoms our founding fathers set forth (being removed every day). Any race of people inside the US can be anything they want to be; they choose their path. They are the only person who can prevent them from achieving their goal.  

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