Current Politicians Don't Care about Our Citizens or Military

House Speaker John Boehner blasts conservative groups for opposing the newly unveiled budget plan, calling their complaints 'ridiculous', stating the budget proposal saves $28 billion over ten years but in reality The Budget Shown for just 2014 and 2015 for Defense Discretionary Spending goes up $31.708 billion and Non-Defense Discretionary Spending goes up $31.708 billion as well and this is only two years; does he think we are idiots? There has been a proposal to cut out the commissaries to save money but once again, they are targeting the military and many dependents work there for a little extra money; if you want to cut money in the military, don't go after the people, go after the contractors who purposely blow their budgets because they know they will get paid. The real problem which everyone knows is entitlements which uses 62% of our national budget, but no, lets go after our military again.

This deal does nothing but show how even when the Republicans have power, Boehner and several other Republicans make them look week. Boehner stooped to John McCain level and started stabbing his own people in the back as he, John McCain, and Mitch McConnell have done many time in the pass; but why? It is quiet simple, the new Republican senators are trying to ring in spending and many of the old Republican senators are just like most Democrats and want to keep spending what they don't have. Think about it, if you ran a business, could you run it like are politicians are running it? No, you would be out of business quickly, who in their right mind would elect Boehner, John McCain, or Mitch McConnell; heck, who in their right mind would elect Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or Dianne Feinstein. I work around the government in the defense area and I see allot of waste, but I see twice as much in the entitlement area. When you spend over $600 million to build a web site which is not secure, is not running properly, and will be holding the citizen's personal information; and when the experts say it should have cost at the most $10 million, I would say that is a waste of 6000% or 60 times what it should cost. Because of the out of control spending from 1977 till current, we are in a mess. The Vietnam war had ended but spending went up from 1977 to 1981 spending went up 23% and we were in a depression. It kept at pretty much the same rate with al presidents in the middle adding to the debt; President Clintons "Balance Budget deal" was signed into law but never really happened according to the national ledger. Since President Obama has taken the reins, with the help of Harry Reid and John Boehner the national debt has went up 42%; this cannot continue or we will not have a nation; no nation can defeat us by force, we have the best military in the world; but they can destroy us by using our debt as a weapon.

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