Ignorance and Naiveness; Iran and the Nuclear Bomb

As I pointed out in the past, many Americans are fortunately naive to the ugly inhumanness of the theology the Muslim people believe and follow religiously, ignoring the beliefs of all others who don't believe as they do. President Obama announced he has blocked Iran's path to a Nuclear bomb, this is flat out lying as he did with Obamacare or about as naive as you can get, I understand Americans not knowing or understanding Muslim theology and barbarisms, most have never dealt directly with these people, but our government is another story. In Nuclear War Will Soon be at Hand I showed the repeat of history which our government should have learned from and now we know they didn't learn anything.

Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani says he is committed to curb Iran nuclear activities for six months in exchange for limited and gradual sanctions relief, this isn't a curb of Iran nuclear activities, just a way to get access to $4.2 billion of oil sales. The six-month period will give Iran the time to complete nuclear development unfettered, this same approach was used on North Korea and how did it work out; North Korea now has nuclear bombs. Under the same path we are following Iran to will soon have a bomb, there is no inspections in the deal so we shouldn't trust since we can't verify. Iran already has a stockpile of around 200 kilograms (440 pounds) of higher-enriched uranium, it only takes 50 kilograms (110 pounds) to make a nuclear bomb so as of current they have the possibility of making 4 nuclear bombs; how would you feel if you were their neighbor, especially if you were Israel. In this agreement the uranium is not removed and the heavy water reactor which sole purpose is to make weapons grade plutonium for nuclear bombs is not disassembled.

This is what happens when you have ideology who have never been in the real world running our government, luckily we do have people from both sides of the isle in congress skeptical about this deal, they live in the real world. Why hasn't this administration tried to get American pastor Saeed Abedini released from Iran, a US citizen held illegally in Iran for more than a year as part of this deal? So let me see if I get this right, Iran has defied all the sanctions put on them, they have kidnapped and imprisoned our citizens, and now our leadership wants to lessen the sanctions so that they will now follow the rules they have been ignoring? Is there anyone out there who lives in the real world believe this will work? This once again is trying to lead from a position of no power and guess what, it doesn't work, ask President Jimmy Carter.

Sen. Charles Schumer, D- New York and Sen. Bob Corker, R- Tennessee believe the deal helps Iran, not the US and they are correct. This deal was ill conceived and will, as in the President Carter Administration, only help the Iranians with no benefit for the US, once again a naive administration has put us and our allies in danger; what i worse is they don't care. Unlike North Korea Iran, once Iran has a nuclear bomb will use it, they have said this themselves. What will our reaction be when they bomb Israel? With our current administration probably nothing; our current administration will either coward is a safe place or praise Allah for what has happened. It is your choice to believe which will come to fruition but the nuclear attack on Israel at the present course is imminent.

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