US Employment, Unemployment, and Societies Destructive Course

Many people today have forgotten the American dream and how to achieve it. America was all about being able to work; going from having nothing to achieving and building something from the sweat of your own brow; accepting charity from no one and full of pride about what you could and would achieve. I believe we should all work for what we get but many our elected government officials have made it easier for us to legally steal from those who do work; many people are more interested in getting free handouts then working for what they want, and of course our politicians are more then willing to oblige in exchange for their vote. This doesn't solve any problems, just pushes people down.

Our biggest problem in America with unemployment isn't lack of jobs, it isn't lack of workers, and it isn't lack of ability to learn a new job; the problem today is we have a society which has went from pride in their work for a fare days wage to I deserve a livable income no matter how menial my job. The rule for unemployment is you must actively be looking for a job; the problem is most of the officials who should be checking on the recipients derelict their duty or are just plane lazy. This combined with the unwillingness of many unemployed to look for a new job until their "benefits" run out isn't why unemployment was designed. Unemployment was set up to help you for a short time until you could find another job but has been morphed into yet another entitlement. Currently part of the politicians say "We shouldn't cut off finances to people trying to feed their family" with the other side saying "Unemployment has been extended from 18 months to two years, statistics shows people don't look for jobs until their unemployment benefits are about to run out or have ran out."

I personally know people who refuse to look for jobs because it is not the job they want, doesn't pay as much as the job they had, the job is beneath them, and most say their benefits haven't ran out yet so why look for a job. A few years back I quit my job because the company I was working for was starting to do illegalities  and I wasn't going to be a part of it (they are now out of business). I looked and quickly found a job different then what I was use to doing with about a 25% pay cut and requiring much travel. Was it the job I wanted, No, was it in the place I wanted, No, was it the pay I was getting or wanted, No, but I took it because it was a job. We need to get our people back to working and off unemployment; it was not meant to be used as an 18 month vacation. Many people may truly be having problems finding jobs but statistics show the majority is what was earlier pointed out.

Progressives say we are moving in the right direction but if you take a look at our society we have more people then ever taking handouts, refusing to work, having more kids then their ability to care of, and now instead of always being in the top 3 of world high school rankings we are 14th; the best and most powerful country in the world is now 14th. I heard a guy talking about voting and if someone didn't have a job they shouldn't be able to vote. I told him all Americans should be allowed to vote no matter if they where employed or not but as time goes on I wonder if what he said has true merit. The ones who refuse to work are the same ones who instead of doing what is best for the country keep voting from their point of greed to receive more free entitlements at the detriment of the working class and true Americans; and the politicians they elect are worse, they are just enslaving these people to poverty just to secure their votes.  

This is what is destroying America; what happened to the, " achieving and building something from the sweat of your own brow; accepting charity from no one and full of pride about what you could and would achieve?" I was raised to only accept charity when I have exhausted all other means, to have pride in having work and my work, and that I need to pay my own way, and only buy what I can afford. It use to be, "go work for a company and you would retire from that same company many years later", these same entitlement politicians are the ones who have destroyed your ability to have this stability, achieve this goal, and yet people who refuse to work or stay on unemployment until it's gone are still electing them. I wonder, what would happen if you did have to have a job to vote? What do you think about this man's idea? Who are the hardest hit? The unemployment report sited below didn't have the Spanish community listed with the Whites, Blacks, and Asians hence the reason they are not listed.

Raw unemployment numbers, no seasonal adjusted.
Asians-               5.63%
Whites-              6.03%
Blacks-            12.43%

Women of all races have an over all lower rate of unemployment by 0.4% over men; why? Maybe it has something to do with "Male Arrogance and Pride" or maybe it's because they will settle for a lower earning job to pay their bills before a man will; what ever the reason we the male population could learn from the fairer sex.

At the lowest unemployment rate, the Asians lead the pack among everyone. The Asian community is one of the smallest minorities groups in the US so the unemployment problem isn't a "White Man Dominance caused problem" as many like to lay blame. The Asian people I have worked with are very hard working, meticulous, emphasizes education, emphasize the complete (both parents) family unit, and make it on your own without anyone's help including the government attitude; we could all learn from this trait. The Asian community has the highest high school grad rate and the lowest number of children born out of wedlock, I do believe this is the reasoning behind their low unemployment rate.

At the highest unemployment rate is in the blacks community, especially black males who have over twice the unemployment rate of the national average? This community has the lease amount of emphasis on education, as shown with the highest high school drop out rate combined with the highest rate of out-of-wedlock births at 67.8%. The out of wedlock birth rate for non-Hispanic whites is 26% and Asian-Americans reported the lowest rate 11.3%. I do believe this coupled with the highest rate of none nuclear family within the black society is the reason for the over double unemployment rate and yes I know this isn't politically correct but many time the real truth isn't pretty. These numbers were all taken from the US Census Bureau, instead of people getting mad, disputing them, or calling someone a racist for showing them; why don't we see how we change the currently accepted norm which leads to this communities highest unemployment.

The biggest problem we have with unemployment is everyone want all to be equal with a level playing field and it is. When I was working as a hiring manager, everyone to me, gender, race, and sexual orientation was a number; I didn't care about their gender, race, or sexual orientation, only if they were honest, qualified for the job, would show up on time, and presented a good image. Most of the people we didn't hire was because they believed the company need to give them good paying jobs without any education, without any experience, with their attire not conducive to a professional environment, and if we didn't hire them at the pay of someone with an education and experience, we were bias. One gentleman walked in without any education, without any experience, and his attire was street, not business. He was very respectful and I told him if he wanted a chance for the job to step back out, tuck in his shirt, take off his hat, and knock on the door if he wanted a second chance because the first impression would kill him with the other members. I didn't expect him to try again but he did what I said and we interviewed him. He was honest about no experience and just wanted a chance and wanted out of , in his words "The Hood". When the interview was completed, he dropped his head down and started to leave when I asked if he had dress paints, a nice shirt, and a tie; he said yes and he said he now knew he should have worn it to the interview. I asked if he could wear it Monday and he ask if it was another interview and I said, no to start work; it was like I had just gave him the world. After being their about 6 month he was baffled when we promoted him. He was a good honest hard worker and deserved it, I kept pushing him to excel and he did. He started off at the bottom but several years later he had made it to lead position and working on becoming a manager. He was living the American dream.

The point of this story is he didn't demand anything, followed the rules, and was honest; for that he was rewarded. We hired him in for less then what his last job paid but in just over 2 years he was making 30% more then that job. He worked and when I seen him last he told me with a big grin, "I made it out of the hood" and he took his mother and siblings with him. This is how you make something of yourself, not by accepting entitlements instead of working, not by staying on unemployment instead of finding a job, and not by blaming everyone else for your problems and position but by working to change your demographic because only you can. Many of the entitlement pushing politicians really want socialism. Socialism never has worked, never will work, and has only been destructive to any country governed by it. You do not have freedom or real prosperity under socialism or its society yet this is what the liberal progressive movement will give you. If you think unemployment is bad currently, under our current direction we will hit the same rate as Greece which is 27.4% unemployment. We need to get back to work or we will be the next Greece, think about that the next time you pull the lever.

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