Obama Administration Failing Against Terrorism

The Obama administration has released more Guantanamo Bay terrorist back to their native countries to enable them to attack our troops again. Noor Uthman Muhammed and Ibrahim Idris, two of the latest released prisoners were both released and sent to their home land of Sudan. Muhammed pleaded guilty in February 2011 to terrorism offenses in a plea deal removing possibility of a life sentence and was sentenced to 14 years. The Sudanese government will release him with all but 34 months suspended which is time served; thanks to our current inept administration he can now kill more US soldiers. Idris is mentally ill and has spent much of his 11 years at Guantanamo in psychiatric treatment. A federal judge ordered his release after the U.S. dropped its opposition in October. This will get much worse after Harry Reid's nuclear option will allow the unfettered lifetime appointments of liberal, anti-military, anti-freedom, pro-jihadist judges into our legal system.

Many of our politicians have forgot about our individual freedoms and protecting the US against all threats, foreign and domestic. Two years ago President Obama said the US was the safest it has ever been and Al Qaeda was on their heels but now Senators from both sides admit the terrorist threat is greater today then it has ever been thanks to our leadership or I should say the lack of leadership, it has been said for years and ignored. Al Qaeda now operates in more then a dozen countries because they, nor these countries, no longer fear or respect the US. These groups are actively targeting our Homeland and US interest abroad and we have done nothing to discourage them. President Obama's administration has purposefully acted blindly or are just that inept, when it comes to Al Qaeda as was shown in the Benghazi with multiple attacks over months, refusal to strengthen defenses; ending in the last attack apex which killed four Americans including our ambassador and when drilled about it, the Secretary of State says, "What difference at this point does it make?" The answer is at this point none; because you Mrs. Clinton and President Obama dereliction of your duties and we can never bring back the dead. Our elected officials are still derelict of their duties because they have taken the same stance here in the US with terrorist as they did in Benghazi and at the same time saying our law abiding citizens like Christians, gun owners, and retired military are possible terrorist.

What most don't realize is true here in our homeland which can explode at any time; the FBI has identified 35 terrorist training camps as I pointed out in "Muslims and Jihadist Training Camps in America." What makes it more dangerous is security risks we allow due to political correctness. How can you find a radical Islamist? One way is they have no respect for women, they are possessions to them, not people. If you want to help ALL women in the US ban burqas; Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum, views the burqa as a security risk and he is right to do so. Jihadist terrorists have entered jewelry stores, banks, shopping malls, airports, and railway stations to commit evil deeds and to escape capture or even hiding suicide bombs in this disguise but they also hide the beatings of their daughters and wires which if not covered, would show the evil inflicted on their women, many times leading not just to unmerciful beatings but to Honor Killings as shown in, "Muslim’s Peaceful Religion, Atrocities, and Honor Killings." In "Muslim in America; The Most Humanistic, Tolerant, and Morally Great?" it shows you the violence which can be brought if you just disagree with the main stream Muslims which are either within or hiding the US Muslim Training Camps; the finances are tracked back to most every Mosque. Our leadership has failed us and neither your nor my children or grand children should be placed into danger for political correctness. We need to remove these camps and everyone associated with them then maybe we with the truly peaceful Muslims can live in peace; but if we don't stop it outside the US we will have another holocaust and it may be in America.  

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