Slavery, Our Allies, and Ourselves

I have been to many countries which we call our allies and seen slavery first hand at the these people we call our allies. In Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Pakistan, UAE, Qatar; others like China, Malaysia, and the Philippines just to name a few. You will see slavery in the open and as an accepted practice, many countries openly practicing slavery are on the United Nations Human Rights Council, isn't that amazing.

Most of the people believe slavery deals with sex slave but the truth is, most of the time it is slave labor and in many cases these people are worked until they literally drop dead. My question is, why doesn't the UN pass a sanction that anyone caught openly using slave for labor or sex immediately forfeit any UN committees they are on and the ability to be on any committee for 10 years, back it up with a big fine and sees what will happen. They will not do this because the UN is as crooked as any politician you can find. Lisa Kristine, a humanitarian photographer has been documenting these atrocities for 28 years in 70 counties, her video will rip your heart out. There are at a minimum 27 million world wide, slavery is a $13 billion business, and many, especially in the US see slavery as a racial issue but the truth is slavery crosses all races and economical standing.

You might think we are shielded from slavery in the US but you would be wrong; unfortunately anytime you mention slavery in America you will have the racist cozeners using it for their own gain, not to help anyone. In early America there was slavery but what few if any history books will tell you is you had white, Spanish, oriental, and Indian slaves right next to the black slave; today you still have all groups represented and all groups are modern day slaves. Currently many make a conservative estimate that 18,000 slaves are trafficked into the US every year with as many as 500,000 slaves currently in America. We all remember Ariel Castro, the monster convicted of kidnapping and keeping three women as sex slaves in his Cleveland, Ohio but this was only one, many have forgotten Emily Nicely from Pennsylvania, Ima Matul from California, or Shandra Woworuntu from Chicago/New York City who were all slaves in the US; many are Americans but many are imported. True slavery is thriving under our noses in the US and we need to stop it.

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