A True American Patriot Is...

First, we know what an American is but what is a “Patriot”? A Patriot’s definition from the dictionary says:

1.       A person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

2.       A person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.

The definitions from the dictionary are spot on but a True Patriot has many more traits then just the two listed. To me, an American Patriot has some distinguishing characteristics which is shown, not said because especially with politicians, Talk Comes Cheap! They are as follows:

3.       A True Patriot does not vote for a party (Democrat or Republican) but for the person who will follow the US Constitution, our founding fathers desires, and be of good character as required by the US Constitution. They will never try to overthrow the US Constitution, go against the US Constitution, or take freedoms from one to appease another. They will holds all elected officials accountable and when they derelict their duty like voting for a bill without reading it or directing other too (Nancy Pelosi), they will remove them from office, not vote them back in. They do not condone legislation from the judge’s bench and will move to remove all activist judges. By the US Constitution, judges are to interpret the law, not change or make law.

4.       A True Patriot does not try and infringe on someone else’s freedom to get a false feeling of security. The freedom of Religion, Voting, Speech, Press, Right to Bear Arms, Redress of Elected Officials, and from Illegal Search are the founding blocks that we must protect; any elected official who tries to infringe on these rights a True Patriot will remove from office. They will point out true injustice and stop it no matter who the perpetrator or victim, they will not call any event injustice just because of race, gender, religion, or ideology. They do not run up a deficit in their elected life, giving other countries leverage over America.

5.       A True Patriot protects the right of the Christian as well as the Atheist and removes no history to appease either side. A True Patriot DOES NOT try and remove all Christian references from all public places and likewise DOES NOT accost or belittle people who don’t believe in religion. They accept other’s religion as long as it will integrate into the Great American mixing bowl and make our society even more rich with culture; if they won’t integrate because of either religious or cultural differences and tries to make a sub society, they must go.

6.       A True Patriot serves their country and gives back more than what they have received from their country. All these entitlement free loaders (excludes elderly and non-able workers) are not patriots but leaches which bring down the noble attempts to help truly need and not lazy people. They want elections to be fair, scrutinized, and of the peoples desires. If you have to have an ID to get Cigarettes, Alcohol, Bank Account, Get into an NAACP/ACLU/Democrat/Republican/ or even to Test Drive a new car, you should have one to vote. Our right to vote is more important than any other right.

7.       A True Patriot believes in a small federal government which protects and secures our boarders to prevent ANYONE from illegally crossing. They do not support any federally elected official who supports the federal government not securing the boarder or taking congressional action to stop the state from securing their border or removing illegal aliens. They believe you do not cut from the military to give to free loaders, our military needs to be responsible and frugal but not reduced to the personnel level or equipment advancements that allows any other country to catch up to our advance technology which make our military the best on earth.

8.       A True Patriot will accept the position they have put themselves in and not blame others for their failures. They will strive to be the best that they can be even after they stumble because they know all of us make mistakes and get knocked down, but a patriot will get back up and not lay there waiting for a handout. A True Patriot DOES NOT believes in economic justice; you get what you earn. Stealing from someone who has earned it to give to someone how hasn’t is the most UN-American thing out there. Isn’t it ironic that in most every Federal Park it says “Don’t Feed the Animals, they will become dependent on humans.” Isn’t this what we have done within our own society and now the people on entitlements are dependent?

9.       A True Patriot always gives a good days work for a good days pay. If you accept a job at a certain pay it is conducive to your skill set, no one working fast food should get $15 or even $10 dollars an hour, there is no real skill needed, I know, I have done it, it is to be a stepping stone but if you don’t want to step, that is your fault and you can stay at minimum wage. They believe an environment is not a reason, it is an excuse. I grew up in what most would call a “very bad environment” but I was determined to make it out and I did, many of my friends didn’t; both were a choice. They always help others in need but not when they refuse to help themselves. If you refuse to work, neither should you eat. Before any Christians out there says something out of the heat of the moment, read 2 Thessalonians 3:10 before you say a word.

10.    A True Patriot would remove all the political garbage from our schools which has brought the US from being the best in the world in education to now 33 which using a school grading scale would be a 84 out of a hundred or a B- in one system and a C in the second; we can do better. A True Patriot if a reporter will report the truth from center and not left or right, they will report the whole truth and not a partial truth to meat a political agenda or to get ratings. They also NEVER put a political party ahead of what is best for the country.

Does this sound logical? Do you believe what I have just laid out? Do you have anything you would like to add? Being a Patriot isn’t about you, your power, or your prestige but it is about what is best for the country to make it the strongest, the best educated, and the richest in the world. We are generous with our riches and use them to help more countries in the time of disasters then all other countries, including the United Nations combined. We are the first in the world all look too for help and we are not suppose to be leading from behind but blazing the way. We do not need to be squandering our resources but using them in a responsible way but should be setting ourselves up to be the best mankind has to offer because we are the best. We can be the pheasant or the eagle, the choice is yours.

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