How did ISIS/ISIL get started?

Before we can answer this question, we need to take a look at the worlds history and the places and positions self appointed or inferred from the rest of the world, that the US finds itself in. When WWII started, all other nations believed, even if they didn't say so, that Germany and Japan would rule the world because no one nation had the ability to stand up to them. The US was mainly a isolationist country and wanted nothing to do with another "World War", many in the US believed "we can take care of ourselves, they can take care of themselves; unfortunately we learned quickly that we are all in this world together. On 7 December 1941, Japan made sure we knew this couldn't be by their unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor. No one knew just how great the US was until this point and then as Admiral Yamamoto said, "We have done nothing but awoke a sleeping giant."

After WWII we became the "World Police" mainly because the newly formed United Nations (UN) was too inept to handle any problems just as they are today and in many cases are the ones causing the problems. When many communist countries wanted to take over smaller countries we, many times on our own, stopped them in their tracks, this was accomplished with the military doing their part unfettered by politics crossing into their lane. This changed in the 1960s with the Vietnam War, instead of telling the military go, fight, and win, we had politicians telling them how to fight and where they couldn't fight; this was started with our first truly liberal president, President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ). Instead of fighting a line war where the enemy was on one side and you on the other, we went to fighting FOB (Forward Operating Base) style wars which do not work well and cost the US soldier more casualties which Vietnam showed. Vietnam ended up being a draw because liberals will not do what is necessary to win the war, protect our country, protect our troops, or stop problems before they explode like ISIS/ISIL. President Bush said what would happen if we pulled out of Iraq in 2007 before Iraq was ready and he was right.

We kept being the "World Police" and when the third largest army in the world (Iraq) invaded Kuwait, we answered the call. Our presidents for the last 10 years were not liberal and had given the military all the required equipment they needed to do their job and appointed General Schwarzkopf as the tactician with no political influence on his plans. All the liberals were yelling we would have thousands of US casualties which with their hatred of the military made you wonder if they were hoping for mass casualties; but with 34 countries helping and the US in the lead (as it should always be), the battle took less then 100 hrs with only 292 of all coalition troops killed. General Schwarzkopf created a line and went strait through Iraq then secured the borders to stop any terrorist from coming in, this is another reason the casualty count was so low; we should have taken Saddam Hussein out then but some liberal politicians controlling congress said no. If we would have and stayed, then today it would be like a Germany or Japan back in the 60s which would be better then what we have today. You have to spend time in an area to change their ideology from barbaric to civilized. 

We didn't learn and had to return to Iraq and this time we did take Saddam Hussein out but we went back to the FOB ideology which was what got 58,220 Americans killed in Vietnam, and the same did happen again with 7,148 killed in Iraq and Afghanistan; it make you think about that old quote, "If you don't learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it." During the Clinton presidency, President Clinton who is a liberal ignored Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden and played it down as no true threat to the US which cost the US 2,973 people in the 9/11 attack and a reported 160,131 more from inhaling the toxic dust afterwards not to account for our troops killed. I would hate to see what a true threat is in the liberal's eyes. The ISIS leader was released in 2009 by President Obama being deemed as no threat to anyone, on 20 Jan 2014, President Obama referring to ISIS/ISIL as the Junior Varsity and not a threat, then tries to blame it on others instead of the true catalyst, himself. Now we have pictures of the ISIS/ISIL with their flag in front of the our White House, we have ISIS/ISIL people flying their flags on their houses in the US, and of course a wide open southern border and now ISIS/ISIL has 11 jet liners, can you say 9/11? Do you really believe ISIS/ISIL is no threat or is it another liberal president putting our country in danger? This is the main reason liberals want to change the history in our history books, to cover up all their failures.

I am a Libertarian so by nature I lean toward being an isolationist but I also live in reality, I know when you have a Global Threat like ISIS/ISIL you must crush it into oblivion. I know if we are going to go into these countries and try to make a difference, we need to stay for the long haul like we did in Germany and Japan. I know not securing our boarder and having 20 million people who we do not know in our country does not make us safe but venerable. And I know if we keep gutting our military like the liberals have been doing for years, we soon will not have a country or anyone to defend it. ISIS/ISIL just like Al Qaeda and will try anything to destroy the US if they get half a chance; why can't our liberal politicians see this? I predict we will have another 9/11 style attack soon and the ones to blame are the liberal Democrats and Republicans who refuse to secure our borders; I hope and pray I am wrong but all intelligent agencies say it is imminent. When are we going to start electing people who care about our country instead of their own pocket? They are putting us in grave danger once again.


  1. good read, I am with you

  2. wonder how many people really know/see this.