Lois Lerner and the IRS

I usually don’t write an article on individuals but this lady and Politico takes the cake. In an exclusive interview with Politico, Lois Lerner points out several problems in her life since leaving the IRS while it was sinking with her as the captain. She says she did nothing wrong but employers won’t hire her and she’s toxic, she’s proud of what she did at the IRS, and she has been painted as a powerful bureaucrat scheming with the Obama administration. Is she right and will the facts back up what she says or will they show a different Lois Lerner?

What do we know for a fact, first we know that she says, she nor anyone else erase any emails off the government computers. I have worked for the government for over 30 years and when it comes to IT technology and ability to back up and recover information from computers, there is no one better on earth. For these emails to be wiped from her computer, everyone’s computers she sent emails to, her black berry, the email server, the backup email server, the digital achieve server, and the printed hard copy achieves not to include all the information the NSA has collected without telling anyone would take the destruction of almost every facility and system connected to these systems and all personnel’s information in the entire IRS would be lost, not just Lois Lerner and the people who she sent these email to. What is the possibility of this happening; you would have a better chance peeing strait up in the air and hitting the moon, it is impossible.

Lois Lerner says she did nothing wrong. She claims, “My personal opinions have never affected my work” and never allowed politics effect her professional decisions but then admits to using the IRS to target conservative groups for political gain which is a felony. She is a liberal Democrat whose emails clearly denigrated conservative groups and shows her disdain for them. The problem I see is she is a far left liberal and I believe she believes she didn’t do anything wrong because far left liberals don’t believe the rules apply to them; for another example just look at the Commander and Chief. She is the person who proved what all already knew, that the IRS is too powerful and needs to be done away with and replaced with a flat tax type system with all records and rules completely open to the public’s review. She won’t apologize after targeting conservative groups for political reasons which shows her and the administrations arrogance and “we are better then you” attitude. She’s a savvy lawyer and refuses to answer any questions any question to Congress about the IRS scandal but does say “Regardless of whatever else happens, I know I did the best I could under the circumstances and am not sorry for anything I did.” She, as do many political minions from both sides of the isle think they are above the common folk and untouchable because of her political affiliations. If she was convicted of something you can guarantee the first order of business of the White House will be to patron her then she would get a book deal yet the white house has never pardoned the two border patrol agent who were just arresting a drug smuggler.

The Politico article plays her off as a victim and says she is “untouchable” because of the IRS scandal and no one will hire her. She says when she returned to her office on May 22, 2013, after invoking the Fifth Amendment in front of congress after giving a speech, she was directed to the human resources department and told to resign; she refused; they cleaned out her desk, escorted her from the building, and put her on indefinite administrative leave. I have a question; who are they? Was it President Obama or Eric Holder? But wait, her alumni magazine from Western New England University gave her “rock star status” in the tax world which points out our problem with our collages. “By taking the Fifth, Lois put a sign on her back: Kick me,” said Paul Streckfus, editor of the EO Tax Journal. “To the average person that sounds like ‘Oh my God, she must be hiding something!” She said she was never in contact with the president or the DOJ and this was all a witch hunt.

Of course she and this administration are hiding something; the promise of the “Most Transparent Administration in History” is the most secretive even wanting to sensor what questions the press can ask any administration official. The truth is she is not a victim but an elitist like all most all our Washington bureaucrats and with as much targeting as this administration has done using the IRS, EPA, BLM, FDA, and the Attorney General’s office, this is why our founding father wrote that all laws and such must go through the US Congress; none of these agencies by the US Constitution are allowed to make laws and impose fines but they do.  New emails shows Lois Lerner was in contact with the DOJ which now looks like President Obama is using the DOJ and IRS to target political opponents; sounds like Chicago politics to me. Lois Lerner also tries to plead the 5th after reading a prepared statement, once you say anything other than, “I plead the 5th” you can no longer plead the 5th by law.

She says she was told to resign; she should have been fired! I work for the government and if I targeted any employees for being conservative or liberal I would be fired in an instant, it’s against federal law; why does she get away with it? Last she says she is “untouchable” because of the IRS scandal and no one will hire her. That just renewed my faith in people because I wouldn’t hire her if she was the last person on earth and this is why. She is a massive liability; she purposely shows prejudice toward specific groups and refuses to admit it when she isn’t just slightly wrong, but massively wrong. Then she covers up her illicit acts which could cost my (hypothetical) company millions in law suits. There are people ignorant enough to hire her somewhere but this is of her own making and like President Obama, she refuses to take credit when she does bad but I bet just like President Obama, she takes the credit when it is good.

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