Has Our Government, School Leaders and Students Gone Nuts?

Our schools as I have said before has gone off the deep end in many cases and when compared with the world, we have went from always being within the top five in education to 33 in reading and an average of 27 over all. We have a major problem with the public school system and some very educated simpletons think if you throw more money at it, it will fix itself; they are wrong. Not only many in the school system but even our politicians think we need to through more money at education to help but it won’t help, this is not addressing the problem but putting a Band-Aid on the symptom. The problem started in the mid 1960s when we strayed from teaching our kids the skills they needed to make it in the work place, reading, writing, and arithmetic, to indoctrinating them into liberal philosophies. We need to get back to teaching our kids and showing them how they can stand on their own two feet instead of training them to take handouts. We have thrown money at it for years and yet our numbers remain on a downward slide, of the top 10 countries who spend the most on education in the world, none are even ranked in the top 5 best educated with only three being within the top 10 best educated so let’s get away from the schools need more money.

Educational Spending
Educational Ranking
1.       Luxembourg
2.       Switzerland
$13, 510.48
3.       Norway
4.       United States
5.       Austria
6.       Denmark
7.       Belgium
8.       Netherlands
9.       Sweden
10.    United Kingdom

Money and spending on education is not the problem, we have four major problems in our schools today, indoctrinating instead of educating our kids, lack of discipline in the schools, schools not protecting our kids, and out of control political correctness.

Indoctrinating instead of educating is ramped in our schools with a strong liberal bias, these school leaders and teachers have no problem enforcing liberal, UN-Constitutional policies like when Kendra Turner, a Tennessee high school student was suspended for saying 'bless you' to a classmate who sneezed; how ridicules is this? This is indoctrinating by bullying. When you have five students being suspended or sent home for wearing an American flag to school on Cinco de Mayo, but allowing others to wear a foreign nations flag to school; you are again indoctrinating students by bullying them. The liberal bias really shines through when in the New York school system, a student is suspends for wearing a Rosary. If you want to see the epitome of the liberal bias, you can look at the DC school system where a homework assignment given to its six grade class was to show how President George W. Bush was like Adolf Hitler; are you kidding me? Do you want the right to go compare President Obama to Osama Bin Laden? This whole political indoctrination instead of educating our kids needs to be removed from our school along with the people supporting it.

Lack of discipline is another major problem in the school systems, when you have good teachers, many of them will take a lesser paying job with a private school because they will have a optimal learning environment; they will have discipline instead of the chaos we see in many of our public schools due to lack of discipline. When I first seen this story, I was upset with the Houston Texas school system, that was until I read the story and found the girl and her parents are at fault here, not the school. There are rules in the schools for a reason, this girl knew the rules but refused to follow them by her own admission, using her phone in reading class and sent into the hallway, you have to turn your phone in when caught. The assistant principle asked her for her phone and she refused stating, “I just didn't want to give up my phone.” The police told her to hang up the phone and again she refused, they then forcibly took it and now the girl and her family are demanding an apology. I am demanding an apology too, this girl and her family need to apologies for not teaching her to respect the rules and authorities appointed over her; they need to apologize for even letting her bring a phone to school if she can’t follow the rules. How much learning would take place if everyone was allowed to talk on their phones in school any time they wanted? I personally think that phones should be left in your lockers and turned off during class hours unless there is extenuating circumstances because currently all they do is take away from learning.

Would you believe our schools leaders, school unions, and liberal judges won't protect our kids? The schools sometimes have a ruff job and are harassed by a parent that is unless you are a part of a teachers union then you can get away with rape, literally. You had five teachers, Debra Lafave, Adrianne Hockett, Gabriela Compton, Nikki Scherwitz, and Charles Oross who all literally got away with raping students; they all should have severed many years in jail and this isn't including Erin Kathleen Queen who was caught in the act with a student in a motel and never went to jail. The other problem is activist liberal judges like District Judge G. Todd Baugh who sentenced Stacey Dean Rambold to 15 years in prison for forcibly rape a 14 year old with all but 31 days suspended. The schools are not protecting our kids, when you have the NEA, the largest teacher’s union president saying “we don’t care about the kids, just money and power” all I can say is, at lease he admitted it and I take him at his word.  When you have teachers unions like the Michigan Education Association suing the state to get Neal Erickson severance pay who was convicted of raping a boy, something is wrong. Whenever a teacher becomes more worried about making more money than teaching their students, they no longer should be a teacher.

Political correctness encompasses all the above and more. When our school system management doesn't have the common since to distinguish between medicine and cap stick we have a problem. An 11 year old student was told they couldn't use chap stick because it was an over the counter drug; are you kidding me? In Ohio a 6-year-old boy suspended for pointing finger like a gun, in Florida an 8-year-old boy suspended from Florida school for using fingers as gun during game of cops and robbers, and in Pennsylvania a 10-year-old was suspended and threatened with expulsion for shooting an imaginary arrow, but a Muslim kid comes to school and gives classmates toy guns during a Islamic Holiday and there is no problem; this a massive double standard caused by political correctness and hypocrisy. In New Hampshire you had a teacher playing the "kissing game" with his students; “There was significant nudity and sexual content to the point that it would be considered soft-core pornography,” said the parent. “And it had no place in a classroom with 14-year-old children.” and the school leadership seen nothing wrong with it. Now you have over 1500 sick kids with a mysterious repertory disease, 15% ending up in the ICU, and the only thing possibly linking them is the illegals children with health problems that the liberals left integrated into our schools without a medical clearance which I wrote about in "The Illegal Children and the Danger to America " back in July.

When are we going to end these liberal policies which are making our children under achievers, allowing our children to be violent is schools, enabling unions to control policies who don't care about our kids just money and power , and putting our children into physical danger; do we have to have a pandemic killing our children before we wake up to what are endangering our kids and bringing us down? How many more children must be raped by their teachers before we see the light through the darkness of our liberal education system? Do we have to be 185 out of 195 countries in the world before we will wake up? We need to start pushing back for what is right for our children and grandchildren and it starts with you.

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