Obama-We Don't Have a Strategy Yet to Defeat ISIL/ISIS

The political correctness and liberalism are going to get us killed; the president says we have no strategy for ISIS/ISIL which is a lie; the Pentagon has a strategy for everything, he just doesn't like it. The Pentagon always has an effective strategy and I guarantee you the Pentagon presented several excellent strategies to the president and I mean fact founded strategy. Obama's liberal ideology cannot let him accept it because it would mean he would have to accept that his ideology is flawed, which it is, but his only way out is to lie and says "We don't have a strategy." Now in his last interview he says we need ISIL/ISIS to be a “Manageable Problem”, so the Nazis needed to be a “Manageable Problem” in WWII instead of obliterated? This is why the liberal theology will always get you killed; you don’t “Manage” murdering terrorist, you kill them or they will kill you ask James Foley and Steven Sotloff. As the old saying goes, "You can lead a horse (liberal Democrat or liberal Republican) to water but you can't make them drink."

President Obama was warned about ISIS/ISIL in a booklet in 2010 that outlining their strategy and tactics in Iraq after the US left Iraq. The booklet was the, " Khoutah Istratigya li Ta’aziz al-moqif al-Siysi al-Dawlat al-Islamyiah fi al-Iraq,” or “A Strategic Plan to Improve the Political Position of the Islamic State of Iraq.” He was also briefed daily for over a year on the ISIS/ISIL threat but hates the American leader image which he relates to being imperialistic, that he refused to take action. He ignored these warning just like he ignored the generals on the ground who said that Iraqi defense department wasn't stable enough to secure its borders and it would become a terrorist state if not helped. He pulled the troops out of Iraq anyway which was the catalyst for the massacres which have taken place ever since. With the refusal of the President Obama and secretary of state (Hilary Clinton) to keep their promises to the Iraqi leaders, as the Generals in Iraq predicted, we will soon have an Islamic Terrorist State or what we know now as ISIS or ISIL; these little one and two bombing missions will not stop them. Not only has President Obama and Hilary Clinton not “Managed” this “Problem”, but now all the blood, sweat, and tears our soldiers sacrificed in Iraq has been thrown away. To add insult to injury, they along with Chuck Hagel have started another attack on our military because “We Shouldn’t be the Best” in their liberal minds.

The political correctness and liberal degrading of our military and what was once the best core value of any military on earth is epitomized in Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey. After President Obama found out he could not force Admiral Michael Mullen (which is the same rank as a four star general) to go along with his nefarious plans, he made him retire and appointed General Martin Dempsey in his place who would tow the political line; this is something no true military leader would do for any party. Here is a good example of how having a stool pigeon for a "leader" will blow up in your face; on 21 Aug 2014, General Dempsey says, "ISIS is a direct threat to the US" which is the truth but turned around on 25 Aug 2014 due to political pressure and said, "ISIS isn't a direct threat to the US". No general worth their salt changes his assessment when people lives are at stake, but a liberal one doesn't care. President Obama told us “Bin Laden is Dead” and “Al Qaeda is on the Run and on the Path to Defeat” yet Al Qaeda managed to break 500 Al Qaeda members out of Abu Ghraib. When you add the fact that the “US Domestic Threat Assessment” from the FBI has removed or omitted the radical Islamic threat, this can be nothing but liberal politics. The Secretary Of Defense, Chuck Hagel who is a liberal to the core even said ISIS “Clearly Poses a Long Term Threat” to the US, which he is correct but as with Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, I am waiting for a retraction to line up with the president’s political agenda. 

We have people hanging ISIS/ISIL flags in front of their house, in front of the White House, and now you have an Islamic Imam saying Sharia Law is coming to US and that we will have no choice; yet liberals still treat radicals with kid gloves. It might be because President Obama was instrumental in training ISIS in 2012 and once again, his arrogance will not let him admit he and his ideology is wrong even when King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia warns President Obama that 'ISIS Could Hit US.

At home is where we need to worry, we know the border isn’t secure so ISIS/ISIL can walk over the border anytime they want. They have flown flags in front of the White House and their own house. We have Al Qaeda reportedly targeting the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, there is a rise in the US of Christian Churches being vandalized with Muslim Scripture, and there are Christians being pelted by Muslims throwing stones in Dearborn Michigan, where the largest population of Muslims live, because they don’t believe in everyone having religious freedom, only their religion allowed religious freedom and the police do nothing. The Christians in Dearborn had video tape but the police and DA refused to prosecute, so unless you are Muslim in Dearborn Michigan, you civil rights mean nothing. Is this what our Founding Fathers had in mind or is this another political correctness which is going to bite us in the butt; or has it already? Ali Muhammad Brown who is Muslim and a one of many self proclaim Jihadist in side the US has been linked to four murders, when questioned his response was, “just doing my small part”. This is common place in the US but the news won't report it because it is not politically correct. I know we are going to be attacked again but with all the liberal politicians in our government, we will probably get thousands killed because you can't profile. We need to get back to putting American first, get away from political correctness, and start jailing or booting terrorist and terrorist enablers who is in our country out or soon we may no longer have a country.

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