New Hampshire Fishing Industry Targeted By Liberals

You didn’t learn, did you New Hampshire, and now you’re about to lose 75% of your fishing industry due to the liberals you keep voting in office who care more about special interest groups then you; but don’t worry, the rest of New England is in the same boat not to put too fine a point on it. I told you a while back that once the liberal’s special interest groups started targeting industries like the coal and oil industries your fishing industry would be next, I guess I was right. The liberals, mostly Democrats care more about the special interest environmentalist groups then New England’s livelihood which is the fishing industry. The New Hampshire people voted liberal activist Maggie Hassan back in as Governor, Jeanne Shaheen in as Senator, and expected them to stand up for the people over the environmental groups who fund them; good luck on that one. New Hampshire, your State Senate and State House are more liberals and for special interest group, both Republican and Democrats than for the people so you lose again by your own vote.

You need to start reading, watching, and checking what your politicians are voting for, it can greatly affect you as it is doing right now. I don’t believe what any politician says; I look at their voting record to see what they stand for and who they stand with. In this case, your liberal politicians have shown their priorities with a six-month ban on fishing and a next year fishing catch cut of 75%; your politicians are with the far left leaning environmentalist, not you. The question is, will you learn from this overreach and elect better people? The Fishing Industries are going to be screwed for the next few years due to these liberals taking your freedoms, but will you learn from this or keep giving your rights away? If you want more government control over your life, if you want to live as a subject instead of a citizen, if you want your children and grand children to be enslaved by all the government overreach that creeps in and slowly takes your rights every year, keep voting for the liberal Democrats and Republicans and you will achieve your goal.

If you want your freedoms, you want the government to stay out of your business; you want to be a citizen instead of a subject, then do not vote liberals like Jeanne Shaheen who voted against the Constitution many times. She voted against the 1st Amendment violating religious rights, gun owner’s rights (2, 3, 4), 4th Amendment violations EPA non-warrant search, and more then I can list here; so she is not for your Constitutional Rights. But let’s ask, what did she vote against; nay to the balance budget amendment, nay to the prevent earmarks, nay to not allowing government internet censoring, nay to the Keystone Pipe Line, nay to the not allowing the president to raise the debt limit without congress, and nay to smoker’s rights, and there are many more. I am a health type person and would like to know what is in the food I buy at the store but she voted against the requirement of food being labeled when GMO; Monsanto’s is the biggest GMO special interest groups who gives massive amounts of money to liberals. I don’t have the room to put them all but you can look it up at or the congress GOV site. Does she support the ability for the poor to get a better education, the answer is No; if she did she would help sponsor S. 1968, “Scholarships for Kids Act” but she nor any liberals will because the big business unions are more important and worthy then our children.

It is really simple to me, I am not a Democrat or Republican but I am an American and I am tired of our politicians putting socialistic agendas before our country and its citizens. The reason alternative fuels doesn’t work is because there are so much regulatory crap holding back what we could do that we can’t reach our potential; regulations which are supported by your liberal Senator Jeanne Shaheen. You only need to ask yourself, what is best for America and the American people as a whole to come up with the answers. The liberal politicians from both sides of the isle only want more power and money; this is the reason they have now targeted the Fishing Industry because those environmentalist will give them more money.

I believe in 100% taking care of the environment but not killing our country in the process and sending all our jobs overseas to let others pollute there area instead. We import more from China than any other place yet they pollute almost 2 times more, have more slave labor, and refuse to comply with any emission standards. If our politicians are seriously want to cut worldwide pollution, then they need to have the balls to ban the products coming from the countries that produce the most pollution like China and India until they use the same standard as we do. This will not happen because China is the number one political contributor to both parties in US elections. Our fake environmentally champion (our politicians) are hypocrites, they will keep hammering Americans like the Coal and Fish Industry but they won’t touch their number one contributor, China.

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