Ferguson-Looking for a Modern Day Lynching

It amazes me how people want justice but only on their terms and only if it goes the way they think it should. Our country has a history which in some cases is not something to brag about. The Democrat created and controlled KKK was the military arm of the Democrats who murdered southern Republicans politicians as well as thousands of minorities, mainly blacks in not just southern states, but any state they were allowed in which at one time was all the states. What many may not realize is these lynchings were not only carried out by a mob but many times by the government officials trying to appease their people, they would cry wolf even when no wolf was around like what happened in Rosewood Florida in 1923. A white woman after some said being denied attention by a black man claimed she was raped, the white people, many associated with the Democratic party and KKK without checking any facts or even caring about the evidence set out and murdered all the blacks in Rosewood, only 9 survived.

Today, it is ironic that we have the same type scenario playing out again in Ferguson and the once oppressed are doing the oppressing. Michael Brown, a black man who with drugs in his system had just committed assault and robbed a store, allegedly then attacked a cop and was killed. He did commit a crime unlike the people at Rosewood but yet many on his side are calling for the officer, Darren Wilson, a white man to be lynched no matter what the evidence says. Ask yourself a question, if this would have been a black cop would this be going on, NO. Do the thugs who descended on really care about Michael Brown, NO, if they did, they wouldn’t have destroyed and looted the store owners and residence property, most of whom are minorities themselves including the store owner who Michael Brown robbed; they only care about stealing and raising chaos. Their leaders have caused this, no matter what happens, if it was done at the hands of a white person it was unjust, but more blacks are killed by other black with no other group coming close and nothing comes from the leaders to try and fix this problem.

The problem is the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson type of leaders are not leaders, they are instigators and scam artist, they don’t care about Michael Brown, they only care about stoking up the flames of the race war, because without it, they are nothing. They have a very long history of doing this and if you allow racism from any race to taint the judicial process then don’t complain the next time a Rosewood happens. Eric holder is already accused this man of being guilty without any evidence but wouldn’t indict the New Black Panthers of Voter Intimidation even with video evidence; wasn’t the purpose of the KKK to intimidate voters? Would you like it if a white president with a white attorney general did the same for the KKK? I don’t think so and I would not be on their side either, many out there including the Ferguson protesters have to realize something, injustice is injustice; no matter what race is committing it. Calling for the lynching of Darren Wilson and destroying the businesses at Ferguson makes the Ferguson protesters no better than the members of the KKK who in 1923 massacred, all but 9 of the people at Rosewood.Two wrongs do not make a right.

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