The Next Cold War Coming

When the first Cold War ended in 1985, the two leaders were President Ronald Reagan of the United States and Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union and no one knew more about what a Cold War was, then these two. President Reagan has since passed away leaving former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev as one of the most knowledgeable people on the historic causes of the cold war and the effects it had on the world. Mr. Gorbachev has come out on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall that the world is on the brink of a Second Cold War. Although he seems to have an ulterior motive for his comments, I do believe he is correct.

When you have one Superpower in the world which is strong and capable, you will have relative peace throughout the world, but if that superpower becomes weak or perceived to be weak, the wolves will come out to try a take that superpower down just like a wounded animal. Cold War was from 1947to1985 with the average percentage of the US budget (from 1962-1985) being spent on Defense being 33%; today we are spending 14.9% while our advisories once again build up their militaries. Not counting the 1947 to 1963 years which Defense spending was in the 50% arena, after the cold war ended we have cut our military by over 55% and we are wondering why we are about to have a new Cold War.

In our history, the military has contributed and given back more to support and strengthen America than any other area in our society including the academia world. We have a large problem with American not having any skilled labor and one reason is because when the draft was installed in America, the military trained people in a skill and if they used it and stayed in the military or left and used it in the civilian world, they still had a skill. When the draft ended in 1973, the military had been training virtually every male in the American society with a skill they could use in the civilian market. Due to public resentment to the Vietnam War the Democratic led congress passed a law ending the draft; but as does most legislation passed using feelings instead of logic, they had not thought out how to replace the skill creating force the military had been creating for nearly fifty years. We were one of only two World Powers fighting to be the only Super Power which under President Reagan we received and the Soviet Union admitted defeat.

As long as we had a strong military we could help and defend weaker countries, but the Democratic leaders in both houses of congress, along with the Democratic and Republican liberals didn’t like a strong military or country and started gutted the military. President Carter was the first to start gutting the military; he didn’t stand with our allies and allowed Iran to fall into the hands of Muslim extremist and capture 66 US personnel and held them for 444 days until President Reagan took office and immediately released them. President Reagan built the military back and it shined through letting all know we were the best during Desert Storm. Then when President Clinton took office, he started where President Carter left off. Due to his gutting the military, when we went to war in the second Gulf War our soldiers did not have the best equipment and were getting killed left and right. President Bush put money back into the military and greatly limited the deaths through technology and improvements which once again showed the world we were the best, but in his last two years in office, he allowed another Democratic congress to dictate the cutting of the military; apparently neither the Democrats nor Republicans had learned anything from our history.

Once the 2008 elections were held, both houses of congress and presidency were held completely by the liberal Democrats, more money was taken from the military even though they were in two wars going on. The replacement for the old, out dated F-15, the F22 was cut and diverted for even more entitlements; all the technology that was being developed to protect and save our troops was halted. The wolfs in the world, Vladimir Putin from Russia, Xi Jinping from China, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from Iran, and all the Muslim terrorist leaders from everywhere
Who were wondering if the new US President of the United States was going to be as weak as it seemed; now they knew it was to be, it only took a short time to validate what they had thought. It wasn’t long before President Obama and the liberal Senate was making deals with our adversaries, getting nothing in return for America and our adversaries took everything they could. Now we have this liberal president lowering our military to pre WWII levels, changing the standard to be able to fight a two front war to only being able to fight one war.

You need to ask yourself, is Mikhail Gorbachev correct and another Cold War is right around the corner; I believe so. All the progress made for a peaceful world since WWII has been wiped out, all the lives sacrificed now meaningless, and all the wolves held at bay set free. President Obama refused to listen to his military leaders and pulled out of Iraq promising to help if problems arises but never did, he only sends a few bombs to say “see, I’m helping” ; this has allowed a Muslim extremist caliphate state to be created, he has allowed the Russians to invade a sovereign country without raising one finger, and he has allowed Iran to further develop nuclear bomb technologies which they will use once they get it. Our nation will be eaten and destroyed unless something isn’t changed, we cannot keep electing people into office that will not support and protect America and in many cases are anti-American. When you have people in our congress who are more for the illegals aliens in this country then the Americans, you have a problem. We are headed for a new Cold War and the other question you must ask is, will we win it?

What do you think?

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