American People Destroying America

I have seen a scary trend in America with small groups of people and many politicians; it really makes me wonder if the people are really this ignorant and our politicians so wrapped up in their own arrogance that they cannot see reality in front of them till it smacks them in the face. We have many people who have zero national pride because that is what the liberal agenda pushes, we have few politicians who will do for their country but sure want their country to do for them. When you have the First Lady saying the only time she was proud of her country was when her husband was elected, something is wrong. And last, when you have a liberally ran company like Sony tucking tail and running, it wasn’t because the cared about the peoples lives, it was because they feared what other embarrassing emails they could release that are probably worse then the ones currently released. If you can’t tell the truth, be honest, and stand behind what you say weather its an individual, politician, or a company, you are a coward.

I was walking through a farmers market when I was stopped and handed a piece of paper to read, what I read on it was disturbing so I started asking the lady who was white and handed me the paper questions. First, on the paper it stated “Cops Murder 400 Blacks a Year” so I asked her what that meant and she said “You know, they have shot and murdered 400 blacks.” I asked her if the cops were “Murdering” blacks, how many whites, Asian, and Spanish have they murdered, she went pale for a second then said, “That doesn’t matter, they murdered 400 blacks!” She had said several names, two of which I recognized and that was when I realize two things, first they were all killed by white cops and the ones I recognized were either shot by the cops returning fire in defense or to saving another’s life. I asked her why she didn’t mention Aiyana Jones a little girl shot by Detroit police Officer Joseph Weekly, I asked the lady, “Doesn’t all lives matter, not just black ones?” I then told her that it was a total of 500 people killed by cops, not just black and all were not shot. She was getting pretty irritated with me by this point;  she tried to grab the paper back (she didn’t get it) and left.

I went to look up this group to find out what they were about and I was shocked. What I thought was going to be some type of racist site turned out to be a pro-communist, pro socialist site which called for the overthrow of the US government and the US Constitution by any means necessary to make it fair for everyone. Their site, like most wacko sites didn’t have any place for you to comment on the Anti-American propaganda that they were pushing because they wouldn’t be able to win an argument. I found an email link and sent them some questions like “Have you ever lived in a socialist or communist country?” Of course I have not received any response and if they are like most leftist liberals (socialist), they have probably blocked me because they haven’t been there, haven’t seen it, and don’t understand it but it is what our collages teach and preach today. I cannot believe there are that many people who just want to throw their freedom away; the politicians have brainwashed them into mindless zombies.

The politicians have done more than just brainwashing people, they have purposely put us in more danger then in anytime of our countries life. John Pistole, the longest serving Transportation Security Administration head says we are facing a much higher threat from terrorist then we did on 9/11; that is scary. What is our politicians doing, nothing! As we watch the world lessons on terrorism our politicians arrogantly believe that we can’t be touched; did they forget about 9/11? Look at what just happened in Pakistan, 148 killed including 132 students with another 121 wounded. Did you forget about Russia having 385 hostages killed in what is known as the Beslan School Massacre by Muslim Terrorist? Britain, France, and many others are being attacked regularly as are we but the news won’t carry it. It has already happened over here, we were attacked by Muslim Terrorist like Pakistan and Russia on 9/11 not to mention the DC sniper, the Fort Hood attack, and many others, but our government labels it “Work Place Violence” to cover up the truth. The politicians who aren’t bowing to the Muslim establishments are bowing to the illegal establishments; What do we do? I give it under five years (more like 2 years) and we will have another 9/11 if not worse because many have returned to the 9/10 mentality. Our politicians are not protecting us and attack any state that tries to do the right thing; political correctness is killing us; and soon it will be literally.

Many of our politicians want to give the most corrupt organization on earth, the UN, the ability to govern and force Americans to fall under the UNs authority, give up all guns, and even pay them a tax. Do you want this, I don’t! Just look at what Adam Schift said about the Benghazi attack; he knowing lied along with our administration calling 4 Americans deaths a “Red Herring”, and there are many others. Are we going to start protecting our citizens or wait for another 9/11 and burry our head in the sand denying the truth. Are we going to let North Korea tell us what we can watch? Has political correctness gone so far that a Muslim born in Arlington County, Virginia can join the military and on his business cards have SOA (Soldier of Allah) which is a phrase the used by terrorist. The Army officer was even in contact with Anwar al-Awlaki, a known terrorist but deemed to not be a threat by the FBI. This person who was not a threat, Major Hasan then murdered 13 of his fellow soldiers and wounded 32others while shouting “Allahu Akbar, a phrase which literally means "Allah is greater" and is yelled by ever terrorist carrying out an attack and political correctness murdered all 13 of these people. Than to add insult to injury, our liberal politicians call it “Work Place Violence!” So we have Communists/Socialists openly calling for the over throw of our government, we have politicians and companies bowing to threats from other countries, and we have political correctness allowing terrorist into our military to kill our military; this doesn’t count the 35 terrorist camps identified by the FBI inside America; does this look like we are headed in the right direction?

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