United States Secretary of Defense-No Takers-Why?

President Obama has accomplished many things, civil unrest, economic hardship, none protection of the home land, but the worse of all removal of the military and its defense. I was in the military for 27 years, was an Arabic translator, and I do believe I have a good handle on what is going on in the Arabia Peninsula; that being said, I would listen to my military leaders and use their experience and knowledge to make the best possible choices. From day one all President Obama has cared about is marginalizing our military; he has no ideal about the workings of the military and would never even of thought of enlisting to give anything back to our country because it is beneath him. He as most liberals, hates the military and undermines the massive years of experience to do what he believes in his academia mind will work even though history has already shown it will fail.

When President Obama first took office, he kept Robert M. Gates as Secretary of Defense, he was trying to figure out his policies and when it came to the military, he listen to Secretary Gates until it was time to switch from policies to politics. President Obama put into action the withdraw of troops from Iraq over the protest of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (all the lead generals) and Secretary Gates, it was explained to him that a great vacuum would happen and Al Qaeda could come sweeping into Iraq. He and Secretary of State Clinton used President Bush’s time line as the excuse, but could of moved it at will; while leaving they promised Iraq’s leadership that if they had problems they would come right back in to help. To add insult to injury to the US military, while driving out from Iraq, the military by executive order was not allowed to engage any hostile forces from which they took fire. Secretary Gates, who started January 2008 after finding out the details of the president’s plan on 1 July 2011, turned in his resignation, he didn’t want to be a part of any unnecessary military deaths due to a reckless policy; 72 were killed and more than 170 wounded.

Leon Panetta took over and soon found out that President Obama was micromanaging all aspects of the Department of Defense even though he had no clue about the military and making catastrophic blunders which would hurt our military for years. The number of killing sharply rose in Iraq and ISIS/ISIL started killing Iraqis in January 2012 (yes, they have been around that long) and Iraq asked for our help but it fell on death ears; the promises made by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton were not honored and began the death of tens of thousands of men, women, and children. When confronted about ISIS/ISIL, President Obama laughed them off as a “Junior Varsity team” and nothing to worry about. After fighting with the president about the true threat presented by ISIS/ISIL and being ignored, Leon Panetta resigned on 27 February 2013.

President Obama frustrated with the picks for Secretary of Defense who deserted him decided to pick a liberal yes man ringer so as not to have any more problems and Chuck Hagel was put into place. Chuck Hagel was not qualified for the job and knew the best way to succeed at the job was to listen to his military leaders and use their experience and knowledge to make the best possible choices, this was an excellent move but President Obama didn’t want a producer, he wanted a “Yes Man” in his Secretary of Defense’s seat to push whatever agenda he wanted to push. After looking at the data and talking to his military leaders, Secretary Hagel understood that ISIS/ISIL was a huge threat to the US and kept voicing his concerns to President Obama but it kept falling on death ears. After starting air strikes to appease the public, Secretary Hagel confronted him again on the limitations placed on air strikes, 900 would easily be carried out before on a day and we were only doing about 300 a month. Chuck Hagel openly defied President Obama expressing his true evaluation to the media about the dangers of ISIS/ISIL to the US and was immediately asked to resign and did on 24 Nov 2014.

Now we have a bigger problem, we currently have not had a Secretary of Defense from 24 November 2014 to Present and everyone that President Obama has requested so far (three of them) has turned him down. Would you want to be in a position where you were micro managed, had no say so in actions taken, but would be the skate goat if anything went wrong? We currently have an open boarder with a very versatile and barbaric enemy who want to kill us at any chance but every time a Muslim terrorist attacks us stateside, it is called “Work Place Violence.” Is it going to take another 911 for us to wake back up? What will happen if we have one under President Obama, will he surrender? President Obama and the liberals have successfully gutted our military, bringing it to below the WWII level and now they can’t even find someone to run it; do you feel safe?

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